Why Zodiac Signs Can Mislead You About Love Compatibility And The FULL Guide To Unlocking The WHOLE Truth

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We all know what falling in love can do to us – weaken our senses, make us completely blind to the flaws of the subject of our affection, even drive us into an illusionary state of happiness by projecting our dreams and hopes onto the other individual. It has happened to all of us, and we all know how much it hurts once our eyes begin to open and we start observing our relationship from a more objective point of view.

Even then, however, we find it hard to come to terms with our newly found reality, as we had dived in so much into the fairy tale we had created in our own minds. This is not the scenario for everyone, of course, but it would save us a lot of hurt and pain if we were able to examine our intimate relationships from a more objective point of view sooner rather than later.

One tool for that is The Love Synastry App, which you can use completely free on this web site – it is a tool, which has been tested on thousands of couples, and can give you extremely accurate pointers as to the true potential of your relationship by deeply analyzing four important factors – Life Path Compatibility, Long-Term Domestic Partnership potential, Responsibility factor, and Karmic load compatibility.

Another effective tool to help you see your relationship from a more objective point of view is astrology. NOT the mainstream astrology that only tells you to look at your person of interest’s zodiac sign, though, as this can be completely misleading.

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A person’s Sun sign (their zodiac sign) can in fact tell you very little about how they love, how they behave in a relationship, and how truly compatible they are with you

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Why is that?

The zodiac sign of a person actually shows you in which zodiac sign their Sun is placed, and this is only one aspect of their personality. The individual’s Sun placement shows the main mission in their life, and in fact the Sun sign, simply put, is what the individual was born to strive to achieve. Or more precisely, the Sun sign just gives the ‘framework’ of one’s life.

For example, if you are a Leo, in this lifetime, you should be striving to unleash your creative potential, as well as be the center of attention in a constructive and inspiring way for others. You should be striving to be generous, positive, outgoing, to develop self-respect and dignity without being arrogant.

Your Sun sign is the spirit, and you will likely possess all of these qualities, but still, you might be expressing yourself to the outer world in a completely different way, depending on your Moon and Venus placements. The individual’s Venus placement is what actually shows how they give and receive love, and the individual’s Moon placement is what reveals how they give and receive nurturing; as well as where and how they feel most comfortable.

Venus and the Moon are also the two planets which show if you and your loved one will actually be able to enjoy your company in the long run

zodiac sign love compatibility

Here is an example for you to better understand the concept. You meet someone and they tell you they are a Gemini. Now, Geminis get a very bad rap for being inconsistent, over-sociable, flirty, shallow, and they are not really famous for their fidelity, either. However, it turns out that your Gemini boyfriend has their Venus in Cancer, making a trine to Saturn, and their Moon in Taurus, for example.

This will tell you a whole other story about how they will behave in a relationship

The Venus in Cancer will make them more of a homeboy than a social butterfly, and they will certainly love to enjoy good food, cozy nights in, and the trine to Saturn will likely make them look for a serious, long-term relationship. They will surely still possess a lot of Gemini qualities like curiosity, the need to move around, meet new people, and explore new things, but they will by no means be a ‘typical’ Gemini when it comes to relationships. Their behavior will greatly be influenced by their Moon and Venus placements, and in fact ALL three planet’s placements and aspects – Sun, Moon, and Venus have to be closely examined in order to get a true understanding of the love compatibility between two people.

Today we will look at Venus, since Venus is MOST closely linked to what a person truly desires in love and relationships

zodiac sign love compatibility

As well as what they are willing and able to give. First, I will cover the different Venus placements, and then I will answer commonly asked questions about Venus placements, how to find yours, and which Venus placements are the most compatible.

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Venus in Aries

venus in aries

Venus in Aries is extremely impulsive, straight forward, and at times they may even come across as too pushy and strong-willed. Venus is not in its ‘comfort zone’ in Aries, and may find it hard to get in touch with its feminine qualities. Such a person will likely make the first move, whether they are a female or male, and they like to be the ‘hunter’ rather than ‘the hunted’ – again, regardless if they are a woman or a man. They may likely want to move things too fast in a relationship, be impatient, and would somehow like to be the ‘knight in white armor’ for the person they love. This means that they would like to be a protector of some sort. They may also express child-like qualities like impulsiveness, a very energetic and adventurous attitude towards relationships, and love at first sight.

When Venus is in Aries, the person either falls in love with you at first sight, or friendzones you forever!

Don’t expect to ‘grow on’ a Venus in Aries person – the flame has to be lit up with them immediately, or the fire of love will never burn between you two. They will be extremely open and frank about their feelings for you, too (or the lack of them). Venus in Aries is generous, likes to be treated with respect, and will give you their all if you treat and respect them for the knight that they are.

Venus in Aries thrives on adventure, enjoys high adrenaline experiences, and is very competitive in nature. They will expect you to be on top of your game, too, and it will be your own problem if you find it hard to put up with their hectic lifestyle (this might be softened if their Sun is in Pisces or Taurus).

If you don’t respond to their feelings or affection straight away, though, they may get insulted very easily, will turn their backs and never again try to win you over. They will be loyal if you are, and if you show them that they are THE ONLY ONE.

Which are Venus in Aries BEST Love Matches?

All other fire Venus Placements – Leo and Sagittarius, as well as someone with strong Aries or Leo in their chart. Air placements like Aquarius and Gemini may work well, too.

Which are Venus in Aries WORST Love Matches?

Cancer, Pisces, Libra, Virgo

Venus in Taurus

venus in taurus

Venus is on its throne in Taurus and this is an extremely strong position for the planet. You are quite lucky if you have this position in your own chart, or if your loved one does!

Venus in Taurus is loyal, sensual, and extremely physical in nature. They strive for harmony, are not ones that will pick up fights, and love to share all types of beautiful experiences with their loved ones – from delicious food, through concerts, gallery visits, to walks in nature, gardening, and anything that has a ‘nature’, musical, or art element to it. Venus in Taurus people are often great dancers, singers, or even poets!

People with this Venus placement are exactly the opposite to Aries Venus placements when it comes to falling in love – it may take more time for love to ‘grow on them’, but once they realize they have feelings for you, they will be long-lasting. You can rely on a Venus in Taurus’ stability and their ability to push through any hardships the couple may encounter together.

One weakness they have is that they may hang onto a relationship that has long given its toll, just because they are very inert in nature. They may be extremely stubborn to win someone over (even if it takes years sometimes), or, try over and over again to make a relationship ‘work’ even if it clearly doesn’t. (this may be weakened if the sun Sign is in Aries or Gemini).

Venus in Taurus usually develop extremely deep feelings for their loved ones, but since it is an Earth element, they may find it hard to properly express these feelings. Often they may be misunderstood in the way they show love, and this is why they may do it through some sort of physical act of kindness, like cooking, buying you presents, and/or constantly touching, kissing, and hugging you. Physical touch and sex are extremely important for them, and this along with sharing beautiful experiences together is more important to them than long conversations, words, and empty promises.

Which are Venus in Taurus BEST Love Matches?

Venus in Cancer, Venus in Pisces, Venus in Scorpio, Venus in Capricorn

Which are Venus in Taurus WORST Love Matches?

Venus in Aries, Venus in Gemini, Venus in Sagittarius, Venus in Aquarius

Venus in Gemini

venus in gemini

Venus in Gemini people are extremely curious, bore easily, and are most stimulated by intellectual encounters and conversation. Those with Venus in Gemini and the other two air signs – Libra and Aquarius – are among the least sexually-driven and stimulated signs of the zodiac (unless they have a strong Taurus, Scorpio, or fire influence).

Those with Venus in Gemini need to be constantly entertained with engaging conversations, short trips, social encounters, and more often than not it is very hard to get their undivided attention – they will constantly be on their phone, chatting, reading articles, or exploring their next subject of interest. Indeed, loyalty is not one of their strengths.

They are also extremely mental-driven rather than heart-driven in their approach to love. They are more likely to consciously or unconsciously weigh your qualities in their mind, rather than have an intuitive approach to relationships. They expect their loved ones to join them in their mental exploration of the world and to provide them with a surprising, stimulating, unpredictable day-to-day routine, otherwise they will not hesitate to look for this type of stimulation elsewhere. They will not accept someone, who is timid, overly introverted, and/or does not have their own social circle.

Venus in Gemini people are one of the least likely to settle down and to actually enjoy being in a long-term relationship. The thought of being ‘tied’ by wedding vows usually scares them, and they will try to avoid it at all cost. They love to woe others with words, though, and may often mislead you about their true intentions with the eloquence of their verbal expression. All these may be weakened if they have a strong Cancer and/or Taurus influence as well as an aspect with Saturn.

Which are Venus in Gemini BEST Love Matches?

Venus placements in Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Which are Venus in Gemini WORST Love Matches?

Venus placements in Cancer, Taurus, Capricorn

Venus in Cancer

venus in cancer

People with Venus in Cancer are some of the MOST empathetic, caring and nurturing individuals you will meet. They LOVE to take care of their loved ones, and they are those from the funny astro memes, who want to skip phase one of the relationship and go straight to moving in together (unless they have a strong Virgo, Gemini, and/or Sagittarius influence).

Those with Venus in Cancer are very family-oriented, and are very protective of their children and loved ones. They thrive on cozy nights in, good food, shared experiences and deep-heart conversations. Extremely intuitive, they will catch even the slightest shift in your attitude or mood, and they will ache deeply if you manage to hurt their feelings in any way.

Venus in Cancer individuals are very emotion-driven, and they will selectively remember bits and pieces from your intimate encounters – they can be as unforgiving of the hurt you’ve caused them as they can be loving and caring, when you shower them with the love and attention that they crave and desire so much.

Venus in Cancer people can only be won over if you show them long-term potential and once you do, they will build a deep, strong soul-to-soul connection with you. They don’t like shallow conversations and experiences, and you often need to show them some depth before they let you in their heart. And indeed, before they do that, they can look as cold as ice – only the right approach will crack their shell and get them to show you their soft side.

Which are Venus in Cancer BEST Love Matches?

Venus in Cancer, Taurus, Capricorn, Pisces

Which are Venus in Cancer WORST Love Matches?

Venus placements in Virgo, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Gemini

Venus in Leo

venus in leo

Venus in Leo is one of the vainest Venus placements it can be in terms of the fact that they wish to present and ‘wear’ their loved one like a trophy. Very much like Venus in Aries, they tend to fall in love at first sight or not fall in love at all, but their approach after that is very different.

It really is most important for them that their partner is not only presentable in social situations – indeed, they need to feel proud of you and look at you like an asset. They can be extremely generous, shower the object of their affection with expensive gifts, luxurious experiences, and attention, as long as you play your role well – and that is to admire, support, and get the Leo Venus placement person feel like they are the center of your world.

Venus in Leo can be very selfish in love and may often forget to cater for the true needs of their partner. They can be extremely self-centered and focused on their hobbies and passions (be it work, or any other interest they feel truly passionate about), and you may feel like you are just part of the puzzle which makes their world even more glamorous.

Venus in Leo love to experience the thrill of falling in love, and they desire a person, who can keep the butterflies in their stomach for a long, long time. They love to enjoy life, have intense experiences, and can find pleasure in taking risks, so you two won’t be a good match if you cannot keep up with this intensity of life.

Venus in Leo, similarly to Venus in Aries can be loyal as long as they feel true adoration from you and you manage to keep them on the edge at all times.

Which are Venus in Leo BEST Love Matches?

Venus in Leo, Aries, Sagittarius, Scorpio

Which are Venus in Leo WORST love Matches?

Pisces, Cancer, Taurus

Venus in Virgo

venus in virgo

A Venus position in Virgo is one of the most practical and down-to-earth Venus placements you will find. If you are looking for ‘blind love’ from a person with a Venus in Virgo, chances are it will not be there. A person with this placement will be very analytical when they choose a partner, and they may tend to even be excessively picky without setting the same high standard for themselves. I can think of someone with this position from the top of my head, who is nearly 40, doesn’t have much experience in relationships, and has a fair amount of emotional baggage to deal with, but still has extremely high expectations when it comes to finding a partner, and often aims for women, who may be ‘out of his league’.

A person with Venus in Virgo loves to plan things in advance and can take them forever to move forward in a relationship before they weigh in all the pros and cons of being with you. If you want to go on a road trip, they will have everything mapped out in advance and will leave very little space for spontaneity or surprises. If their Sun sign is placed in Libra, this mental approach towards love will be further emphasized.

Someone with a Venus in Virgo placement will appreciate you as a partner if you are hard-working, organized, down-to-earth and can stimulate them on an intellectual level. They will express their affection in the same way – by helping you with day-to-day tasks and activities, and being in service to you in various ways. They will almost always choose their partner, based on mutual understanding and the ability to help, serve each other and be helpful to each other in your daily life, rather than look for passion, romance, and an intensity of emotions.

Some of the pros of being with a partner with this Venus Placement include the fact that they will most likely be loyal, very consistent in their approach to you, and might also be quite the handyman when it comes to fixing things around the house.

Which are Venus in Virgo BEST Love Matches?

Gemini, Capricorn, Aquarius

Which are Venus in Virgo WORST Love Matches

Pisces, Aries, Sagittarius

Venus in Libra

venus in libra

Libra is the other sign, which Venus rules (along with Taurus), which means that it is very strongly positioned there. However, someone with a Venus in Libra has a very different approach to love, compared to the Venus in Taurus individual. While Venus in Taurus thrives on earthly pleasures and is also extremely sexually-driven, someone with a Venus in Libra will be extremely relationship-oriented in a more romantic, conversation-based way.

While you can appeal to a Venus in Taurus person with some good food and a huggy personality, the Venus in Libra will need to be woed with beautiful words, engaging conversations, and exquisite experiences that stimulate their senses in the most graceful of ways.

They can also be extremely indecisive in love, and you may need to be the one doing the heavy lifting in the relationship. Very much like Virgo, they may take forever to think things over and weigh in all the pros and cons of your partnership. This also applies if you’ve already been together for years – they may take forever to propose, or on the contrary – leave a relationship that does not feel fulfilling.

Someone with a Venus in Libra will always strive to keep the calm and harmony between you two, and will always communicate their wants and needs in the most diplomatic and tactical of ways – sometimes they can even be so diplomatic that you don’t catch the hint. They will very much need to feel that the give-take balance between the two of you is good, and they are most likely to leave when they feel like this balance is being disrupted.

Venus in Libra are extremely flirty, charming, and friendly with everyone, so you can often mistake their courteous ways for the wrong type of affection. You can rely on a Venus in Libra person to really seek balance in the relationship, spend time with you, and look for activities that bring pleasure and joy to both of you.

Which are Venus in Libra BEST Love Matches?

Leo, Gemini, Aquarius

Which are Venus in Libra WORST Love Matches?

Taurus, Aries, Scorpio

Venus in Scorpio

venus in scorpio

Here it comes – possibly the most intense, extreme, and passionate of all Venus placements. If you are not prepared for a rollercoaster of emotions, feelings, and soul-shattering situations, a Venus in Scorpio partner will surely give you an experience to remember. The most important thing to note for partners with this placement is that they are usually at the two extremes – either they are exceptionally loyal and committed, or they are hopelessly polygamous.

One thing NOT to expect with a Venus in Scorpio partner is a sense of peace and calm – whether they are madly in love with you, or they are insanely jealous and possessive – you will always be kept on the edge. They are extremely intuitive and overly sensitive – they are able to unconsciously grasp all your emotions, subconscious desires and needs, but also your fears and weaknesses – so, prepare to feel totally exposed in front of them. Having this type of power in knowing and sensing their partner’s deepest needs, desires, and weaknesses can make them extremely manipulative, and this spreads to their sexuality, too. They can use sex to keep their partner attached to them or to get you to fulfill their desires.

Venus in Scorpio loves someone, who keeps them guessing, and who will always be a mystery for them in one way or another. They will get bored very easily if you aren’t a riddle that’s challenging enough or if you aren’t able to provide the depth of feelings and emotions that they crave so much.

Venus in Scorpio people are possibly the hardest to break up with, since they are the ones, who naturally play the ‘hot and cold’ love game, and get you hooked up on them. They like to get to the bottom of things and will only end a relationship when it has gotten to an extreme where no other option is available. With their strong survival instinct, they will cling onto you if they’ve decided that you are ‘good for them’, but they will suddenly break things off if their intuition tells them otherwise.

Which are Venus in Scorpio BEST Love Matches

Cancer, Scorpio

Which are Venus in Scorpio WORST Love Matches

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Venus in Sagittarius

venus in sagittarius

Sagittarius is known as the ‘bachelor’ sign, and not surprisingly so – with a free-loving, adventurous nature the Venus in Sagittarius is always too optimistic that there will be a ‘next one’. They thrive on exploring new horizons, and this applies to relationships as well.

Venus in Sagittarius love to be appreciated for their philosophical attitude towards life, their bubbly personality, and their loud sense of humor. They are very focused on a mutual sense of purpose and they appreciate an optimistic, light-hearted attitude towards life in their partners. They are extremely sensitive if someone tries to put limits to their movements, which can be very tough for partners, who are more security-driven.

Venus in Sagittarius thrives on travelling far and wide and will often meet their partner while doing so, or even end up with someone from a completely different culture. They can be romantic in a poetic kind of way and may love to play the role of a spiritual ‘guru’ in a relationship. They can often be very passionate about a religion or an ideological system, and look for someone, who shares the same values as them.

A Venus in Sagittarius partner can be a rough ride for Cancers and Taurus, for example, with their wild spontaneity, quenchless thirst for adrenaline and headstrong attitude. Their candid, bubbly nature attracts a lot of friends, followers, and travel companions, so their loved one will have to put up with an overly busy social schedule, too.

Which are Venus in Sagittarius BEST Love Matches

Gemini, Aries, Aquarius

Which are Venus in Sagittarius WORST Love Matches

Cancer, Taurus, Scorpio

Venus in Capricorn

venus in capricorn

Venus in Capricorn is possibly one of the most curious Venus placements in the zodiac. Although they are an earth sign, and are indeed drawn towards a good social status and practically-appealing relationships, they are very soul-sensitive people. Despite the fact they may find it hard to express their feelings, they can love deeply, be very loyal in their relationships, and provide the sense of stability their partner desires.

Venus in Capricorn are extremely thrifty when it comes to showing feelings and emotions and they can even come across as cold and indifferent (but if they’ve chosen you as their partner and have introduced you to their family and friends – they are certainly not). Their initial approach will always be more business-like rather than romantic in nature. They will often look for a partner, who is of a higher social status than them, and will never stay with someone, who doesn’t dress well or somehow makes them look bad in public.

Pursuing a career is very important for Venus in Capricorn, so you will always have to keep this in mind and accept that work tasks may often come first. Super ambitious and goal-driven, your Venus in Capricorn partner will take it slowly and like to have a plan ahead, rather than jump into rash decisions like moving in together too soon or having kids before they’ve conquered their career goals. This is why it is not unusual for Venus in Capricorn people to marry and have kids later in life. They have a sense of maturity and wisdom that other signs often lack.

Very traditional in nature, a Venus in Capricorn will most likely insist for an official marriage and will only accept someone, who is as organized and disciplined as them in their approach to love and life.

Which are Venus in Capricorn BEST Love Matches?

Virgo, Cancer, Taurus

Which are Venus in Capricorn WORST Love Matches?

Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Venus in Aquarius

venus in aquarius

Venus in Aquarius is the quirkiest, friendliest type of Venus there is, and possibly one of the less romantic in nature. Venus in Aquarius people are the ones who can suddenly find out they are in love with their best friend, and who certainly need to be best friends with their lovers.

Venus in Aquarius people are free-spirited, original, extravagant, but still very altruistic and idealistic in their approach to love. Very much like the other air signs, Venus in Aquarius are a lot more mentally stimulated rather than passion-driven in relationships. They are the ones who like to talk about space, astronomy, chakras, auras, new age-y stuff, astrology, and basically have mind-stimulating conversations with their loved ones. Tech-savvy and future-oriented, they may spend hours on their phone, researching a new idea they got or simply updating all of their social media accounts. You can find them on Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp, but also in all sorts of group gatherings that share an interest, cause, or ideology.

They easily get bored and can often stop listening to you in the midst of a conversation. With a very strong individuality and a sense of freedom, you will have to be very free-spirited yourself in order to feel happy in a relationship with them. They can experience a sudden change of heart or a need to break free and this can come as a shock to their partners.

Venus in Aquarius thrives with lovers, who can be their ‘partner in crime’ and really give them a sense of friendship and mutual understanding. Someone, who will walk next to them in their quest for the unusual, without trying to tie them up or attempt to fit them into a framework.

Venus in Aquarius often make very unusual choices in love, and they never label people in terms of class, religion, or race – they have a strong sense of equality and embrace unconventionality.

Which are Venus in Aquarius BEST Love Matches?

Aquarius, Sagittarius, Gemini

Which are Venus in Aquarius WORST Love Matches?

Cancer, Taurus, Libra

Venus in Pisces

venus in pisces

Venus is exalted in Pisces, and this is probably the most romantic, empathetic, and sacrificial Venus placement there is. Venus in Pisces is gentle, dreamy, and extremely mystical. They love to feel like they are at one with their partner, and will seek deep spiritual experiences with you, so that they can plunge into the sea of mutual emotions.

Sensitive and intuitive, a Venus in Pisces will notice the slightest change in their partner’s feelings, and will find it hard to practice emotional distancing, often feeling overwhelmed with whatever their partner is experiencing. Like a sponge, they will absorb the energy of their surroundings, and can easily feel drained and exhausted with partners, who are not operating at the same wavelength as themselves.

Venus in Pisces are extremely caring and benevolent towards their partners, and often wear their pink glasses in relationships. They can find it hard to grasp their partner’s true nature and may often fall prey to manipulative behaviors. This often puts them in the role of a victim, especially if they’ve fallen into the trap of ‘saving’ someone from an alcohol or drug addiction, which is another scenario, which often plays out for people with this Venus placement.

Venus in Pisces will only feel fulfilled in a soulmate relationship and yearn for a deep love that goes beyond appearances. Easily wounded, forgiving, and dreaming of a fairytale-like romance, they easily fall in love at first sight and may not notice the red flags passing right in front of their eyes.

There is something extremely mystical in Venus in Pisces people, which makes them extremely attractive and alluring in an almost out-of-this-world kind of way. Their genuine kindness, graceful demeanor, and vivid imagination makes them extremely magnetic and very engaging conversationalists. However, being a mutable sign, their loyalty will depend on the other influences in their chart, since their desire for escapism can lead them to plunge into new relationships or sexual experiences as soon as the harsh reality that their partner is not a prince on a white horse strikes them.

Which are Venus in Pisces BEST Love Matches?

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Which are Venus in Pisces WORST Love Matches?

Aquarius, Aries, Leo

Venus Signs FAQ

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Which Venus Sign am I?

You can check your Venus sign simply by putting your date and place of birth in an astrology chart calculator like this one.

Which Venus Sign is the Best?

There is no such thing as ‘Best’ and ‘Worst’ Venus signs – the important thing is that when knowing your Venus placement, you can purposefully try to develop its positive qualities, and work on its less positive ones. For example, if your Venus is in Cancer, you can try to develop your caring nature without being too clingy and over-protective of your partner.

And, if you are a Sagittarius, you can pursue your travel adventures with someone, who shares the same desires as you do, rather than try to settle with someone, and then cheat on them. Embrace who you are and try to make the best of it!

Similarly, if you partner is not a match, don’t try to change them – accept them for who you are, and also accept the fact that your relationship might not work in the long term. Look at this as a great lesson of self-love and exploration, make your conclusions, and move on with the sense of having gained some invaluable wisdom.

See an in-depth analysis of how well you truly match with your partner long-term with our FREE Love Compatibility Calculator, tested on thousands of couples.

Which Venus Sign is the most attractive?

This question, again, has no right or wrong answer – all signs can be attractive in their own way, and we should not forget that the ascendant plays a very important role in one’s appearance, too.

The traditionally ‘attractive’ Venus placements are the signs, in which the planet is on throne – Taurus and Libra. However, I have seen people with such placements, who are not necessarily beautiful or attractive in my eyes. You should always remember that beauty lies in the eyes of the observer, and usually the combination of planets in one chart gives one a more attractive appearance or a special charm. Genes have a big role in that, too!

Which Venus Sign Should I Date?

It is best to date and look to build a long-term relationship with someone, who is compatible to you both with your Venus sign, and their Moon and Sun signs – otherwise, you may find you are only compatible in certain areas of your relationship, and very incompatible in others.

It is also important what aspects your planets make in your synastry chart, since your Venus, Sun and Moon placements may seem somewhat compatible, but some of the outer planets may make hard aspects to your partner’s personal planets or vice versa, and this can cause a lot of hardship and unexpected circumstances in your union. Sometimes we get into karmic relationships, because we need to learn  certain lessons, and once we do – we need to move on.

If you require further in-depth analysis of the type of relationship you are in, please send an email to venusonthrone@lovesynastry.app.

Back to Love Compatibility

Now that you know the main traits of each Venus placement, you can not only get to know your partner better, but yourself, too. Often we think that we know what we want in love, only to find out these are only beliefs that have been instilled on us by external factors like society, family, friends, etc. Getting to know your true heart desires will get you that much closer to finding your true soulmate! Becoming super intimate with your soul is what will attract someone, who will want to get intimate on a deeper level, too.

Don’t forget that the Venus placement works in combination with your Moon and Sun placement to fully form the way you give and receive love, the way you behave in relationships, as well as the biggest culprits to finding true happiness in love.

If you would like to receive an in-depth analysis of your Venus, Moon, and Sun placements as well as some practical, actionable advice on how to improve you relationships or attract a soulmate that truly matches your soul purpose, order a personal in-depth reading:

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