Venus in Cancer! Do THIS Astro Love Spell Ritual by Sunday 9th To Attract Love and Money into Your Life

venus in cancer transit

Yay! Venus has finally moved into the deep, loving, nurturing sign of Cancer after spending four months in Gemini.

Venus is exhalted in Cancer, which means that it is very strong there and we are ALL going to feel this positive influence collectively, no matter where in your horoscope Venus is placed.

Venus spent four months in Gemini, as it was moving retrograde, and this may have manifested in various ways, depending on your own natal chart, but on the collective level it manifested as isolation and feelings of loneliness. A lot of us have also lost jobs and have had difficulties with money matters. Gemini is a sign, which is associated with talking, communication, joy, celebration, travel. However, this year, Venus retrograde in Gemini, in combination with other astrological influences and events, manifested in isolation, restrictions, and staying in one place for long periods of time.

Good news is this is now starting to change!

Venus in Cancer will bring more joy and positive emotions into our life! Venus will now bring us all more romance, wake up our intuition and will create more space and opportunities for new relationships and strengthening the old ones. This shift in energy will be particularly powerful for the water signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

Now is a great time to tie our bonds with family, children, our parents, and our roots. All relationships can be taken to a new deeper level, where the souls communicate in a new way with each other.


Click here for the full explanation of the ritual and exactly how (and why) to do it.

Take a deep breath and align yourself with the Venus in Cancer energies, which will bring more warmth and togetherness in your life!

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Written by Dawn Rose

I'm an evolutionary astrologer, focused on love, relationships and compatibility, helping you live your BEST life! Learn how to use the astrological forces at your advantage and manifest your dreams and desires with ease!

venus love spell ritual

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