Sun in Libra – What Others Won’t Tell You About Your Libra Zodiac Sign (Significance, Characteristics, Personality)

sun in libra

Welcome my dear Sun in Libra person and be prepared to be blown away by the new perspective you are about to gain about your Libra Sun sign!

I am here to talk to you about the true significance of your Sun in Libra placement, because it represents the pure essence of your being, your life force, and the hidden potential that you are meant to fully unfold and take advantage of in this lifetime.

Let me start with this:

Yes, I am fully aware that you might not be resonating with your Libra zodiac sign and you might be looking for answers why that may be.

Yes, I am here to help you gain new depth into your Sun in Libra placement, which is going to give you a much more profound and well-rounded understanding of your personality and your biggest strengths and weaknesses.

Yes, I am going to provide the resources and explanation needed for you to understand what is the true role of your Libra zodiac sign and how it fits with your Moon and Rising sign placement.

Sun in Libra – Why This Is The Most Important Placement In Your Horoscope

sun in libra

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Each of the planets in our horoscope represents a certain type of energy that flows within us. A very specific type of energy that shapes different aspects of our personality.

The science of astrology is built on the assumption that we, as human beings are a mini-representation of the universe itself, and that we experience the influences of all 10 planets within us – through our life and consciousness.

Now think about the role of the Sun in our solar system – it is the only celestial body that shines with its own light. It is the ultimate force that gives light, warmth, and life to ALL other planets and forms of life.

It is a never-ending creative source that nourishes and lights up the whole solar system!

This is why, although it is correct when modern astrologers say we need the whole natal chart drawn up in order to fully understand and comprehend one’s personality, we cannot belittle the significance of the Sun, and put it on the same plane as our Moon and Rising signs.

The correct approach would be to understand the more profound meaning of your Sun in Libra placement and to consciously strive to live by its higher manifestations.

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Sun in Libra – Let’s Start With THE SUN

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The Sun is the central figure in the solar system, the source of light and heat.

Light – figuratively and literally – gives us an opportunity to see and comprehend the world.

This is why your Sun in Libra placement is the equivalent of your consciousness. It is the pure source of your vitality and life-force.

If you better connect with the true meaning of your Sun in Libra placement, you will be able to literally improve the quality of your life and your well-being.

You will be able to accumulate more life force, which you can put into each of your endeavors in life!

Your Sun in Libra placement supports your life and your psyche, your, perception, your will, and actions.

The Sun ‘charges’ all other planets in your natal chart with energy. As a main driver of your conscious creative energies, its placement by sign, by house, and the aspects it makes with other planets are all truly significant.

Your Sun Placement represents:

sun in libra

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– Your will, ambitions and desires. Aspiration to impose yourself in life, to succeed, to realize yourself.

– The principle of power over yourself and over the forces that govern your life.

– Symbolizes the image of the father in a horoscope. It also embodies the image of powerful male figures in your life.

– Indicates the general vital forces of the body and temperament in general.

– Responsible for the heart and spine.

– Your own right to choose your own path, and not being thrown into different directions by outer circumstances.

– Shows how harmoniously or problematically your spirit will manifest itself

Little-Known Facts About Your Sun in Libra Placement

sun in libra

Your Sun in Libra placement is the solar center in your horoscope, which is active; it is like a spring that flows and does not depend on other forces.

There are personality traits, connected with your Sun in Libra placement that cannot be changed through upbringing, education or experiences.


Your Moon placement is something that you can ‘work on’ and adapt as your mature and you grow up.

Every action that you initiate independently comes out of your Sun in Libra placement – this is the most independent power in you! Only the Spirit can have free will.

Each planet has four levels of human personal development.

The 4 Keys To Happiness Your Sun In Libra Placement Gives You:

sun in libra

  1. Your Sun in Libra shows the path you must take to develop a healthy ego and feeling of individuality. 2. By developing the positive and constructive qualities of your Sun sign, you will feel happier and fuller.
  2. Finding different activities and fields of life, where you can express and radiate the qualities of your Sun in Libra placement.
  3. Your Sun in Libra placement is a symbol of what you have to consciously strive for and achieve, not qualities that are instinctively emerging.

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The Aspects towards your Sun in Libra provide the following information

sun in libra

1. Each planet in aspect with the Sun represents energy or archetype, associated (in a positive or negative way) with the development of our individuality, personality and self-expression.

We need to find constructive ways to incorporate this energy into our lives (perhaps through vocation, inherent to the same planet). For example, a person with the Sun in aspect with Neptune must in some form meet Neptune in the process of individualization. They should express the planet in the form of Neptunian career, such as healing, music or art.

2. It is possible to feel the aspects of the Sun through other people in our lives (especially in oppositions). For example, a man with the Sun in opposition to Saturn will see others as limiting and blocking.

Ultimately, we will have to embrace and integrate these qualities, which we usually project on others.

3. The nature of the planet, aspecting the Sun, colors the problems with the father and the animus.

Now, that you better understand the role and significance of your Sun placement, we can move on to specifically talk about

Sun in Libra Characteristics

sun in libra

Your Most Likeable Trait CHARM

Motto: I hesitate.

Day: Friday

Stone: aquamarine, opal


Sun in Libra people like to always say ‘no’ first, and then, after some re-consideration, they change that to ‘maybe yes’.

The seventh sign of the zodiac marks the beginning of the upper hemisphere – the collective. They perceive a new impulse from the collective and within the old seed, sowed in Aries, a new life arises.

For sun in Libra people love and intimacy are very important, especially for women. They are able to dream of romantic intimacy their whole lives. They are first and foremost looking for partnership, love, friendship, closeness, readiness to smooth out and coordinate things.

Libra is a sign of balance. In Egypt, integrity was the equivalent of justice.

Sun in Libra people often judge, weigh in everything and want everyone to respond with justice and integrity.

They strive to feel balanced and aim to avoid any conflicts, they are a compromising sign.

Sun in Libra people try to create harmony and beauty in human relationships; they lack the criticism of Virgo. They always look at things realistically, but they always justify everything when they love.

Hatred is not a characteristic quality for Libras, they are a very mental sign. They are very much drawn towards the arts, history and philosophy. On the outside, Sun in Libra people are very soft, flexible and adaptable, but internally they are exceptionally unyielding.

If they love, then this becomes their support and strength. Sun in Libra people have a chosen circle of friends, as they like to communicate in an intimate, elegant atmosphere. They don’t find big gatherings appealing, as they prefer the company of emotionally close people – this is ideal for them.

Sun In Libra True Meaning

sun in libra

Libra is the seventh sign of the Zodiac and marks the beginning of the second half of the astrological signs.

If we put Aries on the ascendant, all the signs we talked about in the previous articles, beginning with Aries and reaching Virgo, would be in the lower part of the circle below the horizon, while all signs from Libra to Pisces would be in the upper part, above the horizon.

This division of signs “below the horizon” and “above the horizon” has a great esoteric meaning. Simply said, the signs from the lower hemisphere are mainly concentrated on the formation of their individuality. Their energy is mainly directed inwards.

When the Sun is placed in the upper hemisphere, it re-creates the energy of all the lower signs, only one octave higher. Then the energy, flowing from the Sun is directed outwards towards the partner. Therefore, those born under these signs receive information about themselves through the energy dissipated by their partner. Their individuality is formed by reflecting their essence in the behavior of others.

To illustrate, let’s imagine that we are trying to look at ourselves just like that or we look in the mirror. In both cases it is the same person, but it makes a difference which method we are using. Some of our body parts can only be seen in the mirror. For example, ears, back, face, etc.

This unity and struggle of opposites is expressed in each opposing pair of zodiac signs. The energy is always the same, but in the signs of the lower hemisphere, it is directed inwards, while in the signs of the upper hemisphere, the same energy is directed outwards, towards others. This is actually the only difference between them.

This is the case with the Aries-Libra couple. At first glance, these two signs have nothing in common. But on closer inspection, we will realize that this is not the case.

Since Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, its main purpose is to build a new personality. This is why in most astrology books, you will read that Sun in Aries people are distinguished with a certain amount of selfishness.

And what is the purpose of Libra? Absolutely the same, but here the individuality is manifested through the behavior of the partner. Their desires become our desires, their tastes become our tastes, their aspirations become our aspirations. This is why Sun in Libra people have the reputation of dedicated, generous and loving individuals, who often neglect their personal desires and aspirations for the sole purpose of satisfying those of a partner.

What would happen, though, if we explore this in more depth and ask what actually motivates Sun in Libra in their behavior? Why do they neglect their personal interests to satisfy those of their partner? The answer is simple. Because in this way they satisfy their own interests.

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Libra is actually the same energy that emanates from Aries, but is reflected in a mirror.

sun in libra

Aries directs all its energy inward, therefore, has the glory of being selfish. Libra has exactly the same type of energy, but directs it outwards to the mirror, where they think they see themselves.

The Sun in Libra partner, who they strive to please simply reflects some of their hidden qualities. Therefore, although Libra has a reputation for being selfless, they are actually just as selfish as Aries. However, this quality of theirs is masked and manifests itself in an indirect way. It is good to understand that the motivation that drives Sun in Libra to take care of their partners and compromise is purely selfish in nature.

To better understand this dynamic, let’s imagine the relationship between the mirror and the person, standing in front of it. Usually the image in the mirror repeats the actions of the actual person. We raise our hand and the image also raises its hand, we turn and our image also turns.

In short, we know in advance exactly what to do to make the image in the mirror behave in a certain way. This is typical Sun in Libra behavior. They know quite well what the other will like and behave in a certain way to achieve the desired effect.

But imagine that the connection between the man in front of the mirror and his image is broken. Then the image does not repeat the movements of the ‚real person’, but leads, so to speak, its own, independent life. This happens when the partner realizes that they have been cleverly led into serving someone else’s needs.

Sun In Libra Best Traits

sun in libra

Sun in Libra are extremely charming people. They smile kindly, they will compliment you a thousand times, they are tactful, diplomatic and charismatic, until they finally achieve what they want to satisfy their own interests. This is how the Aries energy works through its opposing sign.

However, we should not imagine Sun in Libra as some kind of villains, who secretly make up plans to deceive us. Exactly the opposite. The vast majority of them have no idea what the hidden subconscious motives that govern their nature are. They sincerely believe that they are doing everything in the name of beauty, harmony and love.

Sun in Libra are always trying to be fair. They seek the truth, the right answer, after considering and weighing in all possibilities.

Of course, this is a very good quality, as long as you don‘t overdo it and lead yourself into a state of constant indecision.

Sun in Libra have a wonderful ability to comply with others, to calm the nervous tension, to balance negotiations and be mediators.

Libra loves the harmony of sounds and colors. They have an innate sense of using words beautifully – both in writing and orally. That’s why they have great respect for books and usually have rich libraries at home. Sun in Libra prefer luxury and beautifully published books to cheap pocket editions.

Sun in Libra love everything good, clean and beautiful. They are artistic souls, who are usually in the center of cultural life and events.

This is evident, for example, in the frequent change of their moods. At one point they are full of enthusiasm, cheerful and satisfied, and in the next they are irritable, silent, and angry. Any event can unpredictably tilt their scales in one direction or another.

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Sun in Libra Worst Traits and Personality Challenges

sun in libra

Perhaps one of the biggest problems for Sun in Libra representatives is their indecision. They do have the gift of seeing both sides of the coin, but that can become their drawback. Some of their favorite words are “but”, “on the other hand” and “however”.

For example, imagine a Libra woman going to the store, to buy a new dress. The following monologue begins: “Ah, what a beautiful dress. This is my favorite color. I want to buy it! On the other hand, however, it is not appropriate for the occasion. What about this one? I really like it as a design. But alas, this is not my size. And what about this one? It is my size and is beautifully sewn. However, it is very expensive … ”This internal discussion can go on indefinitely.

She goes home in a few hours with empty hands.

Sun in Libra are also known to be extremely peaceful people, who want to keep the harmony at all costs. This, however, is not entirely true. They do wish to keep the peace, but on the other hand are able to create serious conflict situations.

They often do this in their relationships mostly unconsciously, just to ‘test’ the power of their partner’s feelings. Sun in Libra wish to see how much their partner loves them without realizing that such ‘checks’ may wreck long-term havoc to the relationship.

In general, the duality of Libra is represented by the two dishes of the scales, which can be tilted either to the left or to the right. It is wrong to think that Libra is an inherently balanced sign. In fact, they are people who are looking for balance.

They want to find the golden middle way, but before they mature enough to achieve that, their lives swing from one extreme to the other.

Sun in Libra Career

sun in libra

Sun in Libra love luxury and a high standard of living, so this can be a strong motive to earn good money. It is very important for them to work in a harmonious, friendly and aesthetic atmosphere. They do not tolerate confrontations and try to avoid them at all costs.

This is how Sun in Libra are known as compliant and always compromising people. In fact, if they consider something to be unfair and wrong, they will oppose it with all their might, but in an outwardly diplomatic and tactical way.

Sun in Libra also have a strong sense of justice. If any injustice has been done, they are the first to rebel against it.

Sun in Libra love to communicate and have a wide range of acquaintances and friends. Their work can be related to beauty and cosmetics. Some of them are attracted to professions, related to the opposite sign, Aries, and make a successful military career.

Venus is not depicted in any myth, legend, statue or painting, engaged in a certain activity. In a similar way, those born under the sign of Libra try to avoid “black work” as much as possible. They also like to postpone particularly difficult tasks as much as possible.

Sun in Libra Children

sun in libra

Even in childhood, they begin to show the typical qualities of Libra – charm, charisma and beauty. At the same time, parents need to be vigilant to ensure that their Sun in Libra children do not develop excessive laziness and desire to postpone today’s work for tomorrow. Because if this is the case, measures must be taken early.

Sun in Libra parents should also try to encourage the child to make their own decisions.

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Sun in Libra Parents

sun in libra

As parents, Libra is considerate, kind and caring. They do not always succeed in imposing discipline and can resort to bribes to “buy” peace. For example, if the child arranges a scene in the store because he wants a toy, the Sun in Libra parent is willing to buy it for him, just to keep the peace.

In fact, once they succumb to this pressure, parents become a permanent victim of manipulation and blackmail from their children. That is why Libra parents need to stand firm on their principles, when necessary. Their hesitation and indecisiveness can also lead to problems. “Wait for your father to get back from work and then we will decide what to do” – may be a typical phrase of a Sun in Libra mother. Constantly avoiding their responsibility to make decisions can infuriate children.

Sun in Libra Health

sun in libra

The greatest danger to the health of Sun in Libra is their addiction to something. If they overdo it with sweets, it will bring them stomach complaints, obesity and acne. Excess alcohol leads to kidney and bladder diseases.

Severe headaches or migraines often occur, too. The chest is their weak spot, leg problems are less common. The ulcer is the result of their lifestyle – emotionally confused nature and indigestion.

Libra can be healthier than others if they try not to burn out and follow a precise alternation of work and rest. When they are sick, they need complete rest without any emotional tension. Light music, a good book and pleasant words of encouragement will help them unwind.

Sun in Libra may like the idea of ​​retiring and not having to do anything, but they have to be careful. If their lives are not filled with new activities, they will notice that they start aging quite quickly.

It is traumatic for Sun in Libra when they have to move from one home to another. The whole thing of collecting, packing, moving, unpacking and arranging can take up all their energy.

Sun in Libra need rhythmic, musical exercises, performed regularly. They have a great weakness for spicy food and well-aged wine. A lot of them also find it hard to give up sweets. Therefore, they should be very careful about their diet and figure. Stagnant life and abundant food can lead to weight gain and the health issues associated with it.

Sun in Libra Love and Relationships

sun in libra

Venus governs relationships and partnerships between people. Therefore, for Libra, choosing a partner is extremely important. It can even be said that many of them live in the name of falling in love and being loved.

And how does their indecisiveness manifest itself in choosing a partner? The answer is – in exactly the same way.

In my practice I have noticed that there are two groups of Sun in Libra when it comes to relationships.

The first are committed to one partner from an early age and generally remain faithful to them. Depending on the placement and aspects of Venus, there may be a falling apart and a second and third partner may appear. In general, these people are extremely attached to one person only and are quite consistent in their feelings.

The scales of the second group of Sun in Libra people simply cannot make a decision for the rest of their lives.

They may like different traits in different people and be attracted to different partners for different reasons in every different moment. This group of Libra representatives can have several parallel and independent relationships at the same time. All of these relationships can be at different stages of development, starting from the relatively harmless exchange of numbers to dating, purely sexual relationship and a long-term one that may have stopped satisfying their emotional needs.

Libra cannot live without love at all. However, this is not about the universal, boundless love for everything and everyone. This is a quality of Neptune. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus and rules the last sign of the Zodiac.

When it comes to Venus, love is directed to one partner (or as we noticed above sometimes to several at a time). The partners actually appear as reflections of one’s own image. Venus loves herself. However, she does not do this by directing her love right to herself, like Mars. She directs her love towards her image in the mirror. And this image reflects itself. Manipulating the image in the mirror, she recognizes herself.

Under the law of attraction, the partner usually represents precisely that part of us which is dark and unlit. If we are extroverted, we will most likely attract an introverted type. If we are generous, we will attract someone, who likes to save. If we are optimistic, we will attract a pessimist, etc. Our partner shows the qualities, which we do not like in ourselves and for this reason we try to suppress them.

Since this is such a vast topic to cover, I have dedicated separate articles to it.

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Please don’t forget that the exploration of one’s personality by Sun sign is one aspect of a bigger picture only! 

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