Aries Man in Love: What An Aries Man TRULY Wants? How To Win him Over And Keep Him For Life

aries man in love

An Aries man in love will shower you with strong sensations, especially if you are a seeker of such.

Boredom will leave your life forever.

But if you dream of a quiet haven and trouble-free happiness, you’ve obviously got the address wrong.

For a moment, an Aries man in love can suffocate you with his fiery passion, and then suddenly become an ice-cold king.

Only dare to insult him or lose his interest, and the hearty, impulsive Martian nature will instantly freeze. If you want to change the status of your relationship, you have to start from the beginning.

An Aries man is full of creative energy and ideas and it may be tiring to follow in his footsteps, because most of everything he does not like to look back and rushes past all living things on his way.

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What kind of woman does an Aries Man fall in love with?

aries man in love

An Aries man seeks a woman, who is lively, explorative, curious and independent.

Here are the requirements of an Aries man for his chosen one: To be very feminine and at the same time boyishly naughty. To be independent and at the same time stand a few steps behind him. A woman, who constantly praises him and is very devoted, but not a submissive slave.

An Aries man likes to be admired and followed in his countless adventures, while being supported in all of his endeavors.

If you wish to stay in the world of an Aries man, you will have to make an effort and follow along with him at least mentally. He will thank you with a happy smile.

Aries men are brave and confident, so a phlegmatic woman greatly irritates him. If you win over his interest, an Aries man in love can be infinitely generous and give away time, money, sympathies and belongings. But he can also be picky, demanding, and intolerant when his desires are not fulfilled on time or when you’ve got the blues.

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How does an Aries man fall in love?

aries man in love

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An Aries man in love throws himself into any relationship with the firm belief that this is the truest, deepest love that can be. If things don’t work out, an Aries man gathers the broken bits, trying to re-glue his lost love. If what happened is irreparable, he starts over, finds a new Juliet and the story repeats itself.

No matter how many heart mistakes he has made, an Aries man is confident his true beloved is no further than his next dream.

His boyish appearance and demeanor are simply lovely. But attention! This childlike behavior penetrates so deep into his emotional life and thinking that he is obsessed with it until he grows up, which does not happen early in his life.

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How does an Aries man behave in love?

aries man in love

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With the exception of Scorpio, no woman could dream of a more passionate lover than an Aries man in love.

Although you may fall in love with a seemingly more meek representative of this zodiac sign, don’t be captivated by this delusion This external mask surely hides a fiery heart, perseverance and boldness.

When an Aries man is truly in love, there is no other more devoted than him. His honesty and idealism are a guarantee that he will not cheat. Dishonesty or petty flirtations are not for him. An Aries man in love seeks a fairy-tale love whether you believe it or not.

But if you don’t constantly nurture his illusions and turn your love into a fairy tale, an Aries man may look away. He feels such a strong need for love!

The moment you let your relationship lose its romantic flavor, it will begin to crumble.

In case you are not quite sure what a romantic touch is, remember: an Aries man does not like to be transported at night to the land of fairy tales with a woman, who treats her cough by covering her breasts with smelly lotions. Nor does he like her to do any type of beauty procedures like epilation, plucking her brows, etc. in front of him.

The good thing about an Aries man in love is that he’ll be the first to apologize after an argument and come first if you need him.

When you are sick or unhappy, he will tirelessly take care of you. He will generously spend money on your whims and shower you with compliments (just remember to respond to them).

However, if an Aries man is too tired or obsessed with a new idea, do not get angry and do not insist on his love and attention.

An Aries man in love wants to fill your world, but unlike other men he will only introduce you to his own if you are his equal partner.

How to keep an Aries man in love?

aries man in love

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To keep an Aries man in love with you, perfume yourself, and when he is not there, you can chat with your mother on the phone.

He wants to play the role of the Beautiful Prince whether he consciously admits it or not. And it won’t happen if you snore or frown when you wake up with a kiss. Would the Sleeping Beauty do that?

Try to look fresh in the morning, to show him your admiration and give him dreamy looks.

If you ignore romance, the Aries man will be overwhelmed at first. Then he will get angry and he will go looking for a princess, who does not snore and does not behave disgustingly. In this case, he is not acting meanly. You are the one, who violated the charm of the tale. He believed you were a sweet-singing lark, and suddenly he realized you were a squeaky magpie.

It will not be easy for you to convince and Aries man that you are superior to all women, but if you succeed, he will be completely devoted to you. And you will never have to worry about the future.

The magic key to his heart is in your hands. If you plan to play it with flirtations, you better give up. Your first lapse will probably be your last. Only a seemingly innocent look at another man, can be considered by him as infidelity.

Because he wants to be first in everything, this naturally includes the first and only place in your heart. An Aries man in love can indeed be pretty domineering and jealous. In this respect only a Leo man can surpass him. On top of that, an Aries man will never believe you blindly, as you expect him to.

On the other hand, you, yourself will have to come to terms with his lively conversations with other women, because he must have personal freedom.

How does an Aries man show his love?

aries man in love

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An Aries man in love will approach you directly.

Once he is interested, he won’t waste a second. But remember that he must realize it first. Don’t call, text, or chase him.

The fastest way to lose an Aries man is to take the first step. He has to do it. If you stop him, his interest in you will wane.

However, when an Aries man opens up to you, do not be too cool and indifferent. He is in danger of seeking attention elsewhere.

In general, love with Aries man is like walking on a tightrope, and you have to be an acrobat. Don’t run after him, but don’t run away from him either.

How Aries Men Break Up

aries man in love

An Aries man is not cunning and does not hide his emotions. You will immediately find out when he stopped loving you. He will tell you frankly, with coldness and boredom. The better option is that he explodes in a furious rage, because it shows that the anger is fleeting and love can be saved.

So, be more afraid of an Aries man’s icy cold behavior than of his fiery nature.

Is an Aries man loyal?

aries man in love

An Aries man in love will be loyal to you if you show him his appreciation and admiration, but he likes his freedom very much. Marriage is not a prison, and you are not his guardian, he thinks.

So, the Aries man in love is not a cheater. Before starting a new relationship, he has usually finished his old one.

It is unlikely that he belongs to two women at once, unless he has a Gemini ascendant or a very strong Venus in his chart.

Cheating would be contrary to an Aries man in love’s idea of ​​true and eternal love. All you have to do is keep him in the land of fairy tales. Learn to look dreamily when you wake up, try to never be boring, passive or too shy. Then he will ignore everyone else and will gladly stand by you.

Aries Man Hidden Weaknesses

aries man in love

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Aries is a rebel by nature. He doesn’t respect anyone and thinks he’s smarter than everyone. He often points out his ‘superiority’ recklessly and is often misunderstood by others. Because of his innate need to lead and a reluctance to follow another, an Aries man often receives lessons from someone, who is even stronger in character. Then his soul will be hurt, and he will seek comfort in the woman next to him.

Then you will find out that under his aggressive self-confident appearance hides an inferiority complex.

But an Aries man is ready to die rather than admit it. When such a moment occurs, do not make the mistake to stay impartial, or God forbid defend his opponent. Try to love what he loves and hate what he hates, because the man ruled by Mars requires the same deep and devoted fidelity to love and friendship as he himself is capable of. If you don’t understand this, you better find another man.

When an Aries man in love is hurt, he can tell you cruel and sarcastic things that he doesn’t think at all.

If you don’t understand this, you may feel utterly roasted by him. Then he wants you to forgive him and, like him, to immediately forget what happened.

An Aries man wants you to like all of his friends while he may have reserves towards yours!

Aries Man in Marriage

aries man in love

After the wedding, an Aries man in love will either become master of the house, or he will leave it. He will not tolerate remarks especially about how he spends his money.

Although an Aries man may not be doing very well with the family budget, he will not allow you to take his job. Don’t let him know you don’t believe in his financial genius. Let him keep the family funds.

If he is a typical Aries man, he will be generous and will buy you everything you need. He may be selfish, but he is not stingy. He can change jobs often, but he won’t let you starve. He will find a way to earn money for your household, although they immediately leak out again. That is why it will not be bad to secretly save some money on the side.

For his children, an Aries man is loyal, cordial, funny – a wonderful father.

But over time, his despotism may start showing and he may interfere with their career choice, in choosing a profession, forgetting that young people also need more independence.

Under no circumstances should he even assume that children are more important to you than he is.

If you decide to work after you get married, your Aries husband probably won’t mind, as long as, of course, you don’t overshadow him professionally. He has to feel more accomplished than you, because otherwise he loses his life meaning.

Try to maintain his masculine ego, but do not depersonalize around him.

Take a keen interest in his career and his work plans. An Aries will more easily forgive hastily prepared sandwiches for dinner than indifference to his ideas. Don’t try to command him, and don’t let him do that.

The Aries husband will not be fascinated by a woman, who finds work outside every night – either with friends or pursuing many other interests of her own.

But an Aries man will even less likely reconcile with a wife, who only stays at home and does house chores.

You have to be somewhere in the middle in order to keep an Aries man in love. If you succeed, in years to come you will be the only white-haired Juliet, whose husband still carries her in his arms, even at their golden wedding.

Please don’t forget that the exploration of one’s personality by sun sign is one aspect of a bigger picture only! To fully comprehend one’s love language and behavior, we need to examine their entire natal chart, and especially their Venus, Mars, and Moon placements.

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