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In-Depth Birth Chart Reading

In-depth general analysis of your birth chart, highlighting main strengths and challenges. Close examination of subconscious patterns that might be leading to self-sabotage as well as  karmic load. I can pay more attention on certain areas of life or difficulties you need to overcome. Report is solution-oriented and provides personalized remedies plus actionable steps to manifest your dreams!

Children’s readings accepted.

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Roadmap To True Love

This is a very special and extremely thorough report, solely focused on your love life. The goal is to help you finally thrive in your relationships in just a few months! I deeply examine the subconscious patterns that are undermining your happiness in love and provide actionable solutions.

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In-Depth Synastry Analysis

I closely examine both birth charts to give you an honest, objective overview of your relationship.

Does it have true long-term potential? How can you improve it? What are the main challenges you will need to overcome?

I look at both birth charts separately, and use 4 different methods to give you a thorough, objective view of how compatible you two really are.