Your Road-Map To True Happiness in Love

Hey there, it’s Dawn here!

You have landed on this page, because you are seeking answers and actionable steps that will finally give you TANGIBLE results in your love life. Maybe you feel like you are going in circles and not getting anywhere. Or you are just ready to finally have the life and love experiences you are craving for! I know too well how this feels, and this is why I am here to ‘crack the code’ for you.

Please keep reading if ANY ONE of these feels right for you:

  • You are looking for a solution to improve and enhance your love life on all levels – sexual, spiritual, and mental.
  • You are in a happy, loving relationship, but feeling scared that  everything might fall apart.
  • You are in a relationship, but feel like your connection could be improved.
  • You are in a relationship, but struggling to make a real connection with your partner.
  • You are in a relationship, but not feeling 100% confident that they are ‘The One’.
  • You are stuck in a relationship rut, where things aren’t moving forward, and you are not sure why
  • You are in a relationship, but still feeling the grip of past relationship trauma.
  • Or struggling to keep the attention of your partner.
  • You have a history of break-ups that has left you emotionally drained.
  • You have a history of break-ups that has wreak havoc on your confidence and self-esteem.
  • You have a history of abusive relationship(s).
  • You are struggling with getting over an ex.
  • You have a history of dates and/or relationships that end suddenly and you are left unsure and confused of why this happened.
  • You feel tired of waiting for your ‘happily ever after’.
  • You are not sure what the problem in your love life is, you just know something is not right.
  • At times you feel utterly confused which the right path is for you.

If ANY ONE of these applies to you, and you feel like you are ready, willing, and powered up to make a HUGE, permanent change in your love life, then THIS is for you.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a ‘quick fix’ or simply a prediction of when the situation will improve, without doing any internal work or putting any effort of your own, then maybe this is not the right page for you.

Sometimes the key to relieving a very troublesome and complicated situation is right in front of you, but you just need to be able to see it!

Astrology can give you the key, if used in the RIGHT way, and this is EXACTLY what I would love to do for you!

Let me properly explain what this means. Each of us is here for a reason, and I hope you believe this with all your heart. If you don’t, just look at nature and observe the perfect synchronicity that exists in it (when there is no human interference). When you think of the perfect Universal rhythm in which everything exists, you will come to the deep realization that there is nothing random in the Universe – not even ONE act of ANY creature that exists is random – everything exists for a reason and has come to life for a reason – SO HAVE YOU! Your natal chart gives you a very thorough explanation of the VERY reason you were born, the VERY lessons you are supposed to learn, and therefore giving you THE EXACT KEY to successfully dealing with ANY TROUBLE you have in your love life (or any other area of your love life).

In short, by properly understanding your natal chart, you have A SHORTCUT TO HAPPINESS

This sounds super simple, doesn’t it? Well, it is stupid simple, and at the same time quite complicated, too. Let me give you an example. I have a client with Saturn, ruling her 7th house and Neptune, placed in her 7th house, too. At the same time she has Saturn in opposition with Venus, and her Moon, making hard aspects with Venus, Jupiter and her True North and South Node. The interpretation of all this is that she will be struggling to find true love in her twenties, and more likely meet her true love in her thirties, more likely after her 33th birthday. At the same time, she has trouble accessing her true feelings and expressing them, has very unrealistic expectations about her partners – she is looking for that perfect ‘Mr. Dreamy’, projecting her desires and wishes onto some very very troubled individuals with mental and psychological issues (Neptune in 7th). She has also been in a few abusive relationships (with Pluto in her 5th House), and overall going from one extreme to another – either giving her all to someone she loves, trying to ‘save’ them (Neptune in 7th again) or locking herself out completely and refusing to open up to new potential partners (Venus opposition Saturn kicks in when she sobers up and realizes this is just another disappointment). She also had the issue of looking for matches in all the wrong places (which weren’t in accordance with her natal chart). Now, all the above is 100% true for her, and this is EXACTLY what was happening in her love life a few years back when she first came to me for advice. However, how could all the above information be helpful to her if I just ended with that? Do you think that by simply describing her wrecked love life and ‘guessing right’ I was able to help her in any way?

NO! The only thing this would have done to her, and would do to YOU if you were in her place, would be to give you a feeling of doom and desperation!

When an astrologer is able to read your chart correctly and describe your life with great precision, you may start trusting them, but are they able to really help solve your issue? Because simply stating your problems is just that – reminding them to you, while sending you down on a very bumpy and dangerous road of self pity and desperation! This does no one good and does not reveal the whole truth!

Why? Because we have the astrological knowledge NOT SIMPLY TO PREDICT, but also to extract the solutions as to how to CHANGE the situation and make it all TO YOUR ADVANTAGE.

Long story short, I ‘de-coded’ the natal chart for her and gave her THE EXACT PRACTICAL STEPS she had to do in order to counteract the difficult aspects and positions in it. This means the following – your natal chart provides the information for all the ‘programming’ you have in your subconscious mind – ALL the subconscious patterns that drive you to behave in certain way. It gives you both the ‘constructive’ and the ‘destructive’ subconscious patterns, and if you have deep, profound knowledge of the planets and their positions, you know how to ‘re-program’ your subconscious mind in order to fight those difficult aspects that make them work FOR YOU, rather than AGAINST YOU.

She is now married to the love of her life, and here is how we achieved this together:

  • I helped her STOP looking for her love match in ALL the wrong places (based on the information in her natal chart).
  • I gave her the exact practical steps she had to follow in order to 1. Stop hanging onto a past relationship that was hindering her current love life. 2. Open up to new potential matches that she was ignoring, because of unrealistic expectations.
  • I gave her the exact affirmations she had to say (again, based on her natal chart). These affirmations started counteracting the difficult aspects she had, and turning them around to her advantage.
  • I gave her the exact behaviors she had to adopt in order to be successful in her new relationship (because she did find a wonderful partner only three months after she started incorporating the above mentioned advice into her love life!)
  • I gave her the exact steps she had to take in order to make her new relationship her ‘happily ever after’.

And many many other actionable, practical tips I gave her, based on her natal chart that helped her turn her life around and experience something she had never experienced before!

We started from ZERO. She was single, desperate, and feeling like she was racing with time, going in circles, going on awful dates with awful matches while her happiness was right in front of her eyes! But she wasn’t able to grab it, because of all the subconscious programming that were leading her to self-destruction!

And this is just ONE example of how properly using your natal chart can help you go from HELL to HEAVEN in just THREE MONTHS.

Would you like to experience this for yourself? Are you ready to finally find all the internal blockages that are stopping you from finding and experiencing TRUE LOVE, and dealing with them? Are you ready for happiness?

If the answer is YES I know I can help!

Here’s how:

  1. I will thoroughly analyze your natal chart to find the key aspects that are hindering your happiness in love.
  2. I will discover all the subconscious patterns that are driving you to self-sabotage your love life.
  3. I will discover all the unconscious behaviors that are driving you to choose the wrong partners OR drive away the good ones.
  4. I will discover all the unconscious behaviors that will potentially ruin a deep, meaningful relationship with the RIGHT partner.
  5. Most importantly, I will give your THE SOLUTION to dealing with these subconscious patterns and behaviors.
  6. I will give you very specific steps and actions that will stop and transform these subconscious patterns and behaviors.
  7. I will carefully craft the affirmations that will help you counteract these subconscious patterns and fight the difficult aspects in your natal chart.
  8. I will carefully craft a meditation/visualization JUST FOR YOU that will help you transform your difficult aspects and turn things around in your advantage.
  9. I will tell you where and how to look for the RIGHT relationship.
  10. I will give you very specific steps and actions that will help you find and recognize your true love match.
  11. I will give you very specific steps and actions that will help you keep your love match and form a long-lasting bond and relationship with them.


All will be mindfully crafted for you in a neat report you can refer to, daily.

I know you are eager to know how you can get your hands on this! I do wish I could do it for free, as I feel it is my mission to help more souls experience the love and togetherness they yearn for in this lifetime! I do put a lot of effort in these reports, and it takes me between 20 and 40 working hours to hand-craft the analysis and your personalized road-map to success.

THIS IS WHY I AM CURRENTLY FULLY BOOKED UNTIL THE 15TH OF JANUARY. So, please note that any report you order now will be delivered to you after this date and I will prepare the reports on a first booked, first served basis. In the face of the Covid-19 situation, I have discounted these reports at 50% to make them more easily affordable to those, who really need them. As I realize, in these trying times, we all need a shoulder to lean on. And I do feel it’s my true call to help more people find that special someone!

Please only order if you know your exact time and place of birth.

To wrap it up again, you will receive:

  • A very thorough analysis of all the love aspects in your natal chart PLUS a working solution to all of your hard aspects
  • A thorough understanding of all the subconscious patterns and behaviors that are currently sabotaging your love life.
  • A very precise action list on how to combat all those
  • A personalized list of affirmations that will help you counteract all the self-destructive behaviors and literally transform your experiences in love.
  • A personalized meditation/visualization to help you quickly attract your true soulmate.
  • All this, in a neat report you can refer to daily that will be THE ULTIMATE KEY to unlocking true happiness in LOVE!


Once your payment is processed, you will receive an email with instructions on where to send your birth data for analysis. Please, only order this report if you know your exact time and place of birth. Looking forward to transforming your love life together!

Love, Dawn