Could Venus Retrograde Be The BEST Thing That Happens to You In 2020? (Check For Your Sign)

venus retrograde 2020

2020 has unfolded as a challenge for many of us with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, hitting off in January, which has caused turbulence and uncertainty both at the personal and the collective level. If we look at the course of events from another perspective, though, we can see this as the greatest manifestation of Universal Forces, pulling the strings back into balance. Each and every personal crisis or turmoil pushes us back into the greatest depths of our inner hidden resources, and when such a crisis occurs at the collective level, this is a sign that we all, as humanity, are being ‘re-aligned’ with the grand plan of the Universe (or to God’s Will).

And since astrology is just that – a tool for us to truly understand the Grand Plan of Creation in order to better align with it; to further grasp the interconnectedness of life – we can use this tool to not only instill meaning into our life, but to really turn every hardship into an opportunity.

By learning how to really take advantage of these planetary influences, we can live in a state of constant joy and satisfaction, no matter the circumstances.

How can that happen?

Well, first of all, we need to start understanding them. Today, I am going to shed light and help you gain a better understanding on some of the most important planetary influences this year that can help you turn your life around for good, no matter what circumstances you are going through right now.

Why is Venus Retrograde a Blessing in the current situation?

venus retrograde 2020

We are all used to hearing warnings and scary things when a planet turns retrograde, and you are most likely used to hearing that about Mercury going retrograde, since Mercury goes retrograde more often. The important thing to note here is that there is nothing bad or dangerous about retrograde planets (they are in fact NOT going backwards, this is just an illusionary state, as perceived from Earth).

As I mentioned earlier, when the conjunction of two slow planets like Saturn and Pluto shakes up things both at the collective and the personal level, this is an invitation for us to take a step back, and re-evaluate our life at the deepest level. Pluto is associated with psychology and the occult, except for being known as the dark ruler of the underworld, and when such a strong, forceful planet invites us to go deep within and re-structure the deepest levels of our consciousness, there is nothing better than being supported by other planets, too.

When a planet goes retrograde, it invites us to take a step back, re-evaluate, and gain new insights into certain areas of our life.

In the current situation, Venus going retrograde is re-affirming that THIS is what is required of us, and if we decide to align with the universal forces and energies, there is A LOT to be gained – not only spiritually, but also materially, financially, and on the personal level.

As we can see from the events so far, this is exactly what the Universe has been trying to tell us over the last few months – go back home, re-connect to your roots, re-evaluate your values and ideals.

Who will gain the most from Venus Retrograde 2020?

In general, everyone, who is willing and ready to shake up their perspective, to change their thought patterns, to adjust the way they think and talk about love, money and pleasure is going to see great things coming their way! I will speak about each sign separately below, but first of all I would like to emphasize that Venus will be retrograde in Gemini, the sign of communication, short travel, trade, education, curiosity, creativity. It is a very dynamic, impatient and even inconsistent sign, however, if we concentrate on its good qualities, we can gain a lot from it.

How to get the best out of Venus Retrograde in Gemini From May 14th to June 25th 2020?

venus retrograde 2020

– If you are in a relationship, it is a good time to communicate more and to re-visit themes and areas of your relationship that need re-evaluation. Are there things that were left unspoken? Is there anything in your connection that needs to be clarified or adjusted? The Venus retrograde period is an amazing time to talk things over and to reach a new level of understanding with your partner, because Gemini is not a very emotional sign and sometimes emotions are not your best friend. Both you and your partner would be open to explore new points of view and new ways to reach a consensus over topics that might be bugging you. You could entirely change or re-evaluate the way you perceive love and if you are being flexible, this could lead to new depths in your relationship.

Are you starting to doubt if this is the right partner for you? Venus retrograde will help see things into perspective, but our FREE Love Compatibility app can help, too! Check your true compatibility here.

– Venus retrograde in Gemini could also help you discover new playful ways to have fun with your partner – for example, being more witty, find new nicknames to call each other, or basically using this period to improve the way you speak to each other and the way you express your wants and needs verbally.

– If you are single, it is a good period to really get closure from a past relationship. An old, karmic relationship could come back, so that you can go over topics that might have been stopping you from moving forward. It is a good time to express gratitude and appreciation to a past partner in a verbal or written way. No matter how the relationship has ended, it happened for a reason, so during this Venus retrograde period, it is a great time to look at past relationships with new eyes, and to really change your train of thought about them if you have been thinking about past arguments or insults in a negative or bitter way. Now is a good time to see past love situations in a new light, which will immediately change your future love karma!

– Venus is about friendships as well, so this period can also bring back old friendships, make them stronger, and help you re-establish old connections that might have fallen apart. This might include cousins and other siblings, since Gemini signifies family members like cousins, aunts, uncles, as well as neighbors and anyone, who lives close by. Doesn’t it make sense, in the current situation to deepen and improve communication with those, living close by?

– If you have been an honest entrepreneur, or if you have approached with honesty all your previous dealings (including trade, contracts, anything connected with money), Venus Retrograde can even bring some money back to you! You can receive some unexpected payment or return of money from a previous dealing or purchase. When a planet goes retrograde, it becomes extremely karmic in nature, so anything you’ve done in the past – good or bad – comes back to you! By observing what happens during retrograde periods, you can evaluate your past actions and decisions, and adjust your behavior as needed in the future.

– You can find new pleasure in short travel (as obviously, long travel is not possible or recommended right now), or pick up a new hobby that has to do with beauty, art and creativity like sewing, painting, DIY, writing poetry, or even a novel.

– It is also a great time to finish off a course you have started, or any educational initiatives you have picked up – a great time to revise, read, and gain new depths into your studies or readings, no matter what they are.

The BIG No-Nos of Venus Retrograde 2020

venus retrograde 2020

Don’t get married

Don’t get engaged

Don’t start a new relationship

Don’t sign new contracts or make big purchases

Don’t make cosmetic procedures (including plastic surgery etc.)

Don’t start a NEW initiative connected with speaking, writing, public relations

Don’t launch any NEW project, related to art, beauty, public speaking, writing

You can re-visit old projects, get closure on past relationships, or get clarity in your current one, but DON’T start new initiatives with new friends and lovers during this period.

Venus Retrograde 2020 Horoscope By Sign

venus retrograde 2020


For you my dear Aries, Venus retrograde falls into you third house of communication, education, short travel and trade, which further emphasizes the general advice I talked about earlier. This period is all about re-evaluating your thought patterns connected to love and relationships, and turning them into your advantage.

The sign of Aries is well-known for being extremely frank, straight-forward and direct in their communication. This period might be a good time to possibly try and be more diplomatic in your approach, or to apologize for being too impulsive in past situations. You will win in love if you try to think before you speak and really dig deep to find the mistakes you have been making in current and past relationships when it comes to communication.

Are you too fast to raise your voice? Have your remarks hurt your partner’s feelings? Are you too fast to draw conclusions? Start with yourself and you will see your relationships transforming for the better!

It is a good time to visit a short distance destination you have always wanted to with your partner, to go over and clarify past issues in the relationship and really find new, fun ways to communicate and please each other verbally! The North Node in your third house, conjunct with Venus is making a trine (positive aspect) with the ruler of your sign (Mars), as Venus goes retrograde, so Aries, you can certainly be one of the winners in the end of this period! Equip yourself with your usual dose of positivity, re-evaluate the past in a more positive light and see yourself thrive! (if you need further help with that, and an in-depth analysis of your personal Venus placement, please send an email to


My dear Taurus! Venus is the ruler of your sign, and you might feel discouraged as it turns direction in your second house of money and possessions, but don’t be! It might seem like this will be a rough period for you, but it doesn’t have to be this way!

Taurus are known for their stubbornness and inability to make changes, but now, when Venus turns retrograde in your Second house (which is also ruled by Taurus), this is a double manifestation to go back and re-evaluate your own value system. It is an amazing period to really dive deep and explore what you truly value in life and in love.

The second house is a very materialistic house in a way, but in another, it has to do with your personal energy, your self esteem, and your own value system. Venus retrograde can really help you regain some of your power if you approach the period with the intention to do so! It is a good time to re-visit the things you value about yourself in love and in life in general, and write them down. Are you caring and nourishing in a relationship? Are you a great lover? Are you loyal? Give yourself praise for that!

Also, revisit what you most value in a partner. Do you most value their honesty? Is it most important to you that they keep their word? Or maybe having good looks is something you cannot make a compromise with?

Aligning your value system with this of your partner can be an extremely eye-opening practice for you, Taurus, during this period, and honesty plays a paramount role here. Be absolutely frank with yourself and with your partner about what are the deal-breakers for you and really dig deep how you can align your value systems in the future. If you need help, our Free Love Compatibility App will shed light on exactly this area of your relationship with the 4-Step report it provides. All you need to do is plug-in your birth data (we don’t save or keep your details).

At the same time, you might like to re-evaluate how important money and possessions are for you in relationships and in life. Have you been too materialistic in your approach towards love? Is it time to find and really appreciate other things that matter?

On the bright side, you can see some money flowing back to you, especially if you have dealt honestly with money matters in the past! This is true not only for Taurus, but for anyone with a strong Venus in their chart! (for an in-depth personal reading for your Venus, please send an email to


Lovely Gemini! The Venus retrograde 2020 falls into your first house, and into your sign, so the whole planetary situation can feel very personal to you! You may feel very tempted to change something in your appearance, but don’t! It’s a good idea to re-dedicate yourself to a fitness regime or program you have been following, but don’t fall into the temptation of making radical changes to your appearance – this is not the right time, and may not be favored by your loved one.

Falling into the 1st-7th house axis, Venus retrograde will have a very direct influence on your relationships, and it is not unlikely that past issues as well as past lovers surface or come back into your life. One of the biggest challenges for Gemini is to use their speech and the information they gather in a constructive way, so this is one thing that will make you a winner in the current situation. Strive for honesty in all your relationships. In the communication with your partner, don’t be elusive, but rather try to clear your conversations from all ‘empty words’ and get to the real point quicker. Re-evalue the way you have approached communication in previous relationships and apologize or set things right, whether it be verbally or in a written way.

This Venus retrograde, combined with all the other planetary influences can really make an impact on your outlook to love and relationships, and since Gemini are perceived as a sign that ‘slides on the surface’, now is a good time to find new depths within your soul as to how you want your love life to be! With your lively nature, you might be tempted to revisit old relationships ‘just for fun’, but you would do more good to yourself if you rather re-visit your old ways of approaching love, especially when it comes to your loyalty and your honesty. This Venus retrograde is giving you a chance to make a huge leap forward, Gemini, don’t miss out on it! (to get further help on that with a personal analysis and practical advice on your own Venus placement, send an email to


My dearest Cancer! What a month it will be for you!

Venus retrograde falls into your twelfth house of karma, spirituality, and hidden enemies, and you have the potential to be one of the biggest winners in the end of the period if you play your cards right! The twelfth house is one of the houses that can give you the MOST pain, but also the MOST healing and evolution can come out of it, if you know how to approach it right!

Representing our hidden enemies, the Venus retrograde in the twelfth house is inviting you to take a deeper look as to how you have been self-sabotaging your love and relationships in the past (or even currently), as usually, our greatest enemies are hidden within ourselves. You are being invited to dive very very deep within, Cancer, and finally heal old love wounds that have been stopping you from finding True Love, or from truly experiencing joy and satisfaction in your current relationships.

The work that needs to be done in the twelfth house is never easy, so working with a therapist makes a lot of sense during this period of time – whether you do it alone or with your partner, you will gain a lot of benefit from it!

On the other hand, Venus retrograde in your twelfth house can reveal some old secrets between and your partner you have to deal with, and this can also bring lightness and a sense of relief into your relationship.

You have the wonderful opportunity to re-connect on a much deeper, spiritual level with your loved one and even have transcendental experiences together, including sexual ones! It can really be an extremely moving period for you, Cancers, and this may be the last ‘push’ you need to make, as the North node just got out of your sign, before you really see the true gains of all your internal efforts! (if you need more help on this journey with a personal analysis of your Venus placement as well as practical remedies to really thrive in your love life, please send an email to


Wonderful Leos! Venus retrograde 2020 falls into your eleventh house of friendships, ideals, and dreams, and for some of you this could literally be your BEST time of 2020, as you can see an old dream of yours suddenly manifesting!

This, in the sign of Gemini, can happen quite quickly and unexpectedly, but will also depend on your personal aspects and past actions, as when a planet turns retrograde, it becomes very karmic in nature (as I mentioned before). So, expect a dream of yours coming true, if you have played your cards right in the past, being impeccable with your word, approaching each relationship with honesty and loyalty.

This Venus retrograde can also get you to re-evaluate the ‘friendship’ aspect of your relationship. We all know that Leos are extremely passionate when it comes to love, but a long-lasting love and relationship, always have a friendship component to it. Some questions you might want to evaluate during this time are: How have I approached my partner as a friend? Have I spend enough time communicating and sharing with them? Have I built a vision with my partner?

Venus retrograde 2020 is also a suitable time to re-visit whether you and your partner have a common vision for the future. Do you share the same ideals? Are you on the same wavelength when it comes to thriving together in a group environment? Are you able to have common friends and enjoy activities with them?

These are all topics that you should explore and re-visit during this period, and if you are single – ponder over these topics, with regard to past relationships. It is also very likely that you see a friend of yours in a new light (i.e. as a lover), or the opposite – if you turned a friend into a lover in the past, your ways with them may change again.

In any case, approaching any situation with honesty of your speech, flexibility in your mindset, and openness with your communication, will make you a winner in the end of this period! (if you would like further assistance with a personal analysis of your Venus placement and practical steps to improving your love life, please email me at


Dearest Virgo! This Venus retrograde can simply be life-changing for you, falling into your tenth house, and although it is considered as a career house, it has also to do with your social status. This Venus retrograde can really make you re-consider your place in a relationship, when it comes to your social status as well as your long-term goals together.

If you are a house wife, you might realize you are no longer finding pleasure in being ‘behind the scenes’ in your relationship, or, the opposite – if you have been standing by your partner to support his social face, you might no longer feel like this is your true mission. You might re-consider a marriage or another engagement that would have led to a change in your social status, and you might also re-consider getting married if you have never wanted to do so.

Venus retrograde in your tenth house can really drive you to take a more serious approach to your relationship, dear Virgo, and you might feel the need to re-evaluate how you have so far approached the balance between your love and career life so far – and since retrograde planets invite us for a re-consideration, you might likely need to make adjustments in this balance.

On the bright side, if you have been working hard on the career front, and approached this matter with honesty and open communication, you may see yourself reaping the fruit in with a long-awaited promotion or some money, coming your way.

In any case, Venus retrograde 2020, will drive you do take a down-to-earth look at your relationships and really dig deep within as to how you wish to be perceived in society – maybe you will let go of other people’s stereotypes about your relationship status, or you will embrace your current social position, or quite the opposite – take a new stance on marriage and relationships that will truly transform your life in the following year! (if you feel like you need further assistance on this journey with a personal analysis of your Venus placement and practical steps for your personal situation, please contact me at


My lovely Libras! With Venus, ruling your sign, and falling into your 9th house of its retrograde motion, this period could be truly transformative for you in the most philosophical and spiritual of ways!

Being placed in another air sign, Venus retrograde can lead you to some very deep conversations with your partner, mostly concerning your mutual long-term, ‘big’ goals in life. The period could shake you up quite a lot if you find out that you and your partner don’t share the same long-term vision and/or philosophy in life, and this can lead to some break-ups, but will also be an extremely liberating experience for you.

On the contrary, you can find new inspiration and depth into your relationship, as you dare to explore new topics with your partner, and really dive deeper into each other’s outlook to life. This Venus retrograde can prompt you to re-discover each other and help you see each other from another, broader view! It can prompt you to explore new depths in your partner’s personality and it is more than advisable to do so!

The best way to get your partner to open up, too, is through sincere conversations, and you might also be prompted to write poetry for your partner or give an expression of your feelings through another creative means.

The ninth house is also one of learning, so don’t miss the chance to re-explore your past relationships and re-visit the lessons you have learned from them. Experiencing a Venus retrograde in the ninth house can really prompt you to take a new outlook to love and your approach to it, if you have learned your past lessons right. (if you need help doing that with a personal analysis of your own Venus placement and practical steps on how to thrive in love, please contact me at


My dear Scorpio! With Venus, going retrograde into ‘your’ eight house of transformation and mystery, you are one of the signs that will have to undergo some of the greatest inner work (as if you haven’t been pushed to do that all your life!). At least you are kind of used to it.

This Venus retrograde period can really bring out past trauma and memories of turmoil you have experienced in past relationships, which you have to deal with. If you are married or in a relationship, you may be deeply challenged to change some of the thought models you have for your partner and the way you approach each other in your communication. Manipulation is one of Scorpio’s biggest temptations, and you are being challenged by the universe to overcome it during this Venus retrograde!

In fact, with the double manifestation of Venus retrograde, falling into the house of transformation, ruled by your own sign, you are being given no choice, but to overcome the ‘dark’ side of Scorpio – jealousy, manipulation, possessiveness, as well as being resentful and unforgiving.

You are challenged to look for forgiveness within yourself and to give forgiveness to past partners and lovers in order to move forward in a better reality for you and your relationships.

On the bright side, Venus retrograde might get you to explore new, deeper sexual pleasures with your current partner, which could really heighten your experience and give new depths to your relationship. Same goes for exploring new depths into each other’s personality and spiritual side, as the eight house is a very occult one. Take the chance to look at your partner as a new mystery on all levels of existence and you can really thrive during this period! (to get further help on that with a personal analysis and practical advice on your own Venus placement, send an email to


Dearest Sagittarius! The Venus retrograde falls into your seventh house of love and relationships, and this placement can really force your free-loving nature into unusual transformations.

This period can really put you into situations when you have to re-evaluate and re-think your ‘relationship potential’, and possibly make changes to your behavior in order to find a better balance and harmony in all your relationships (including intimate ones).

Sagittarius are known for their lightness, and positivity, but this Venus retrograde is prompting you to take a step back from yourself and really re-evaluate the needs of your partner. Are you really listening to them? Are you really connecting to them on a mental and spiritual level? Are you ignoring the tiny details that, in time, are causing break-ups and turmoil in your relationships?

This Venus retrograde is all about thinking about the needs of your partner and really taking a deeper look as to how you can better serve them. If you refuse to do that, it will be hard for you to move forward with your current relationship, or form any meaningful long-term relationship in the near future.

It really is time for you to learn from your past mistakes and find better ways to communicate and understand the wants and desires of your loved ones! (if you need further help on how to do that with an in-depth analysis of your personal Venus placement, please send an email to


Dearest Capricorns! With Venus retrograde, falling into your 6th house this year, it may seem like it’s all about getting practical and down-to-earth again. As if this isn’t already your true nature!

Well, yes, this is one side of the coin. You might be forced to re-evaluate the very day-to-day practical rituals you have in your relationship, with your partner, which is not to be underestimated at all. Which relationship can survive if you constantly fight over housework, who will do the dishes, who will watch the kids, etc? In a way, this side of a relationship can feel extremely boring to discuss, but if two people are not in agreement over these ‘tiny’ details, it can easily turn into a relationship deal-breaker. So, you might need to re-organize the day-to-day activities with your partner, or simply decide you are too different to live under one roof.

On the other hand, the sixth house is all about serving others. Being very career-oriented, during this period, you might also ask yourself, have you forgotten to serve the needs of your partner? Have you forgotten to actually be caring, and helpful, and has this caused problems and break-ups in the past? Has the way you organize your day been well-aligned with your partner’s needs, or you have always put your tasks and career priorities first?

These are all questions you may need to face and re-consider during this Venus retrograde, and most importantly – talk over with your partner. You may need to write down new ‘rules’ and priorities, to re-organize something, re-schedule something, but always remember – it’s about trying to shift your consciousness and be ready to change your viewpoint, so that a middle ground is reached! (to get further assistance on how exactly to do that with an in-depth analysis of your personal Venus placement, please email me at


Dearest Aquarius! Venus retrograde falls into your fifth house of love, children, pleasure, and creativity, and these are all topics very closely related to Venusian areas of ‘expertise’ so to say, which means this period will be strongly felt by your sign!

You will by all means be challenged to re-evaluate and re-consider your approach to love, sex, and the way you ‘play’ with your partner. Are you giving freedom to your creative expression towards your partner? Is it time to re-visit blockages you have about giving and expressing your love? Working on opening up your heart and heart chakra is a wonderful idea during this period!

You might also find out that having blocked the flow of love through your heart chakra is stopping you from experiencing pleasures in life, and deep spiritual work in this area of life might be extremely helpful for you.

At the same time, the fifth house is by all means a fun house, so if you are already in a loving relationship, it is likely that you and your loved one re-visit a hobby you have started before, re-discover ways to please each other, or pick up a creative project together. You may also be prompted to discuss your views on having kids, or re-consider how you are currently raising your kids.

If you are single, you might need to dive deep within and re-evaluate your approach to love and sex. An old partner might come back and might offer you to have ‘some fun’ together, but the best approach would be to find ways to get clarity and closure with old relationships in order to move forward. (if you need further assistance on all these, with an in-depth analysis of your own Venus placement, along with practical steps that will help you improve your love life, please contact me at


Finally, my dearest Pisces! Venus retrograde falls into your fourth house of family, nurturing, and deep soul-searching, as if it isn’t in your nature to already do that! For this exact reason, it will be a very emotional period for you, and an amazing opportunity for a big leap forward in your personal development and spiritual evolution!

This period will challenge you to re-explore the deepest corners of your soul and to find the true answers of how you truly need to be loved, taken care of and nurtured in a relationship. Are you currently feeling safe and protected? Are you feeling like you are ‘at home’ with your partner? These are all questions you will need answers to, and even if it may hurt at first, you need to find answers. Talk with your partner to find them, as this is what Venus in Gemini asks us to do!

You might be challenged to completely change your perception on family life, as well as how and whether you wish to build one. You might need to discuss this with your partner and truly evaluate if you will be able to reach a common ground on the issue.

You might find yourself re-evaluating your current home or family situation, and finding the need to make changes and re-adjustments that better fit with your true soul purpose and needs. Don’t be afraid to do that and to pursue your deepest, truest nature, as this is what the fourth house is all about!

If you are single, you might need to re-evaluate what are the deep needs of your soul that your previous relationships weren’t meeting and what you need to let go of in order to move forward. (if you need further assistance, with an in-depth analysis of your own Venus placement, along with practical steps that will help you improve your love life, please contact me at


Venus retrograde 2020 could be the BEST thing that happens for all signs if you play your cards right, as it strongly aligns with what the Universe pushes us all to do right now – take a new, deeper look into ourselves and transform the deepest layer of our subconscious mind in order to move forward to a new, better reality.

The march of retrograde planets, including Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter is further emphasizing this with a not-so-gentle push by the universal energies, prompting us to finally ‘grow up’. And since our relationships are what will always affect us at the deepest level – this is the arena on which we have to gain new victories during the next month and a half.

If you would like further insight into your relationship with a personal in-depth analysis and practical advice on how to speed up your evolution and growth, please email me at

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