Gemini Man in Love: What A Gemini Man TRULY Wants? How To Win him Over And Keep Him For Life

gemini man in love

Would a Gemini man in love give you the comforting feeling of warmth, safety and security that being in a relationship usually does?

Well, in all honesty, you might not get the answer you are wishing for.

Your sense of blissful peace and the belief that you have someone to always rely on may soon be cooled down by your Gemini man.

A Gemini man in love is not the typical always-by-your-side boyfriend, and it is likely there are days even weeks without you knowing where they are or what they are doing.

Once you are used to a Gemini man in love’s volatile nature, you can hope for some success in your relationship. However, you have no chance if you try to feel that warm security and rely on the fact that they will be around you most of the time.

Plus, you will have to get used to all of your Gemini man’s personalities, as usually at least two of them co-exist in him. It is possible that your partner carries three or maybe even five twins. In that case you may easily find yourself in a rather crowded company.

A typical Gemini man in love likes to be among many people, so don’t be surprised if your company is never enough for him.

The more friends, relatives and even total strangers he is surrounded with, the better.

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What kind of woman does a Gemini Man fall in love with?

gemini man in love

A Gemini man in love likes a woman, who isn’t boring, and who can maintain his interest in her without rebelling against his volatile nature. Be prepared that to keep a Gemini man in love, you will need to change yourself.

Show the same curiosity about life as he does. Otherwise, your relationship may fall apart.

A Gemini man most of all seeks mental connection with his partner – someone with a similar intellect, who even occasionally surpasses him, because a Gemini man in love is not selfish. He is a realist and the spiritual challenge stimulates him.

The last thing a Gemini man in love desires is that his partner becomes a silent doll with no individuality.  

Let your mind come to the fore. This will not startle the Gemini man like other men, but will only turn him in the right direction – facing you.

When a Gemini man hangs his hat somewhere, he already feels at home. Rarely does he feel a lasting attachment to old memories, places, people or things. If he stays alone for a long time, he may shed a sentimental tear, but the reason for this lies in loneliness rather than nostalgia for the past days.

A Gemini man is constantly looking for company and does not like (he is even afraid) to be alone for a long time. If you can convince him that as his partner you will always be by his side without fully trusting him, nor will you expect anything like that from him, he may be willing to stay for the long term.

And yet, always remember – men of this zodiac sign often marry more than once, although this is more common in Gemini men who married too young.

Not every representative of this zodiac sign has two women, but usually there are two of everything else – for example, two cars, two homes, two educations, two professions, two dreams, two pets, two razors, two hobbies, two ambitions. The number two is a favorite for Gemini.

How does a Gemini man fall in love?

gemini man in love

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It’s usually the other way around!

A Gemini man is extremely skillful at entertaining you with his words.  These men own exquisite taste and a rich stock of wit, and their glamorous compliments seem to pour straight from their hearts. Gifted with such refined manners and being excellent communicators, a Gemini man usually is the soul of any company.

If you meet your Gemini man at a party where he has shown the charm of his unpredictable, curious nature in all its glory, you are doomed.

You will definitely be left with the impression that this is the most entertaining, interesting and intelligent man you have ever met. And no one would dispute such a claim. Probably this is all true. No wonder you are so excited and amazed.

How does a Gemini man behave in love?

gemini man in love

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А Gemini man in love tends to instinctively hide his true intentions, concealing his motives under the veil of an erratic behavior.

They may intentionally or intentionally try to confuse you by suddenly turning 180 degrees and becoming unrecognizable.

It’s nice and fun to be with a Gemini man in love, as long as you don’t try to get too close to him. Deep in his heart there are things that he keeps only for himself. He will not reveal them even to you. A Gemini man in love does not like extreme passions and drama.

A Gemini man in love can show his duality when it comes to finances as well. Today he can be extremely generous, and tomorrow he may be uncle Scrooge. Yet, the former inclination will most likely predominate, because Gemini do not like to accumulate money or knowledge. They prefer to arrange and improve them.

How does a Gemini man show his love?

gemini man in love

For a Gemini man, love does not necessarily mean physical intimacy.

With his senses he hears, sees and feels more than others. Mercury’s rich imagination helps him capture even the most fleeting impressions. His love is light and ethereal, but he seems to lack the earthly passion of the other zodiac signs.

If you do not dream of wild passions and much physical intimacy, you should be satisfied with the love of a Gemini man.

A Gemini man in love will confess his feelings with romantic and gallant words and will feed your heart with the extraordinary beauty of his idealism.

If the mind and heart of a Gemini man in love unite with yours, very soon passion will follow them. This time may seem long, but it is the only route to his soul.

You have to get used to the word “if.” He often likes to say, “If I love you, we can both …” or “If you love me, maybe we’ll have … ” Sometimes he doesn’t even finish the sentence. In such cases, you may have to trust your heart and see his thought. Don’t pay attention to the word” if. ” He uses it only as a precaution.

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Is a Gemini man loyal?

gemini man in love

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Yes, but in his own special way. The man of this zodiac sign likes to talk and communicate with people. In addition, when surrounded by women he likes to show off his charisma, and he may become object to suspicion.

However, you can be sure of one thing – a Gemini man in love will rarely lie to you when he senses that you trust him. His mercurian mind can easily read your thoughts and feel your doubts.

Still, you cannot expect him to turn his back on other women just because he is in a relationship with you.

A Gemini man loves the attention he gets from people, including women. For him communication is critical for survival, and it doesn’t matter whether the other person is a man or a woman. This does not mean that he will be overly flirtatious with them.

A Gemini man in love feels truly distraught if his partner doesn’t believe in him or doesn’t understand him. This discourages him and makes him feel depressed, for which reason he starts trying out his luck here and there. It’s a way for the Gemini man to get out of the emotional slump.

When a Gemini man in love doesn’t feel spiritually lonely and doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone, his urges to experiment and give freedom to his fantasies immediately disappear.

A Gemini man in love is not jealous by nature nor is he possessive unless there is a wounded planet in his horoscope. Some amount of jealousy is normal, but for a Gemini man in love it is usually not excessive.

How to keep a Gemini man in love?

gemini man in love

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In order to achieve perfect spiritual harmony with a Gemini man in love, one should not fear emotional or physical infidelity. The Gemini man does not like to be “cultivated” for no reason. Expect that if someone gives him a smile – no matter child or adult – man or woman, he will not respond with the same. Otherwise it’s like expecting let the sun to stop shining.

A Gemini man’s cheerful and good-natured character is constantly looking for company. Don’t try to eliminate this need for it. If anyone tries to lock a Gemini man in love’s spirit in a cage, he does becomes restless and changeable like the wind.

What can truly drive away a Gemini man in love are violent expressions of dissatisfaction, frequent hints and excessive emotional outbursts. Try squeezing a drop of mercury in your hand. What happens? It instantly splashes into hundreds of glittering balls that slip between your fingers.

Gemini man in marriage

gemini man in love

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Before you let a Gemini man in love put a ring on your finger, consider whether you can embark on an uncertain future with a partner who changes his whims with the speed of the wind and who may change his mind on your future dreams before your honeymoon is over.

One day the Gemini man shower you with presents, invite you to a weekend escape, warming you up under the rays of his cheerful nature, his gallant charm, and his witty jokes.

A Gemini man in love will find the most unpredictable, eloquent ways you express his feelings for you. Then, on a Monday he will call you and postpone your next meeting for no apparent reason, throwing you in painful guessing.

Is a Gemini man in Love truly in love? Is there someone else? Your fears may be confirmed, but they may also be completely unfounded.

Next time you see your Gemini man he may have completely transformed into an irritable and sarcastic being. He may be impatient, critical and demanding. Your Gemini man in love may suddenly start finding flaws in your looks and personality, as well as express doubts about your joint future.

Or he may be gloomy and worried, his mind wandering to unknown places while he acts cold and reserved. Don’t bother asking why – you’re unlikely to get a meaningful answer.

If you are able to survive your Gemini man’s bad moods, in a few days you may find yourself with him in an art gallery, theater, museum, or a simple walk in the park, completely enchanted by his vast knowledge and bubbly nature. Your Gemini man in love will be extremely kind, full of tender dreams and winged hopes for the future.

And in one of these moments, you might succumb to the temptation to say ‘yes’ to him, believing the good moments will last a lifetime. However, be aware that if you are a Cancer-type romantic, who dreams of a cozy family life and peaceful harmony, a serious danger looms over you.

No matter what the rest of his birth chart says, a man whose sun is in Gemini will change his behavior often and may not even remember the last oath of faith he gave to you.

If you like gambling, it is possible that you come across a Gemini man, who you share a long and happy marriage with. If you like to play it safe, though, a Gemini partner may not be your first choice.

Gemini man as a father

gemini man in love

The Gemini father is a true friend to his children. He doesn’t like to teach them discipline, but he likes to teach them a lot of things even before they start going to kindergarten. In most cases, he wins their trust because he rarely expresses indignation or excessive discipline towards them.

The Gemini father knows how to love without suffocating with that love of his.

He builds very close, albeit slightly vague, relationships with his children, no matter how contradictory it may seem. The Gemini man does not always succeed in persuading his children to adhere to certain rules, perhaps because he himself hates the rules. Today he scolds them and tomorrow he will praise them for the same thing, and this confuses them.

You won’t be mistaken if you perceive the children’s upbringing as your own duty. Gemini fathers usually pamper them.

The boundless imagination of Gemini can cause them to say things they are unable to perform. That’s why it’s good to remind your partner that he has to keep his word. No matter how good his intentions, he may still fail to keep some of his hasty promises. If children do not restrict his freedom and do not distract him from his many pursuits, they give him great pleasure.

However, you must be aware that although he is opposed to strong punishment, his tendency to speak sarcastically can hurt children and offend them for life. At times, the father shows some reluctance to hug and kiss the little ones and must make a conscious effort to overcome this typical for the zodiac restraint.

Still, there are Gemini fathers, who give children all the human warmth they are not able to show to adults. So, make sure that the children do not restrict his freedom too much and don‘t force him to spend time with them.

Please don’t forget that the exploration of one’s personality by sun sign is one aspect of a bigger picture only! To fully comprehend one’s love language and behavior, we need to examine their entire natal chart, and especially their Venus, Mars, and Moon placements.

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