Taurus Man in Love: What A Taurus Man TRULY Wants? How To Win him Over And Keep Him For Life

taurus man in love

The typical Taurus man is meek, practical, sensible and down to earth like a pair of old shoes.

He is careful and cautious. He never hurries.

All logic speaks that the Taurus man in love wouldn’t be romantic.

However, this is not so. Not at all.

Logic does not help when it comes to deciphering this strong masculine sign, ruled by the calm and loving Venus.

A Taurus man in love will wrap you up in their warm, calm love and offer you emotional and financial stability, only if you know how to appreciate it.

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What kind of woman does a Taurus Man fall in love with?

taurus man in love

A Taurus man would fall in love with a girl, who knows how to appreciate nature, good food, and a simple life with no excessive drama.

He loves a sensual woman, who can indulge his desire for beauty, harmony, and closeness. A Taurus man would love a woman, who cuddles, knows how to touch him and how to awaken his physical sensations.

A Taurus man in love doesn’t like rude, loud women, who wave a whip left and right. Do not interrupt him in front of people, do not tell his jokes and do not point out how much smarter you are than him.

If you hurt his male ego and ruin his reputation in front of friends or relatives, you will have to face his fury. Even if you have managed to this with a simple remark that no one else perceived as abusive or intrusive.

Do not succumb to the impulsive desire to immediately fix things by falling silent. And by no means try to seek solace and protection in your father’s home. Mother-in-law’s intervention is the last thing a Taurus man in love can bear. The first attempt to say “I’m going home to my mom” will probably be the last one.

I know a Taurus, whose wife is very aggressive. He did not divorce, but found a solution to the problem -he just stopped going out with her.

So, be careful with a Taurus man. He loves his partner in life and he can have great patience on many occasions. Still, a Taurus man in love is quite ‘traditional’ in nature and likes a woman, who knows when to stop talking and make him feel like ‘the man’ in the family.

A Taurus man in love is infinitely tolerant and still will not let you lead him by the nose. He respects his freedom too much to stay with a woman, who will cling to him like a leech and squeal about this and that.

No one can be kinder, gentler and more patient than Taurus when his masculinity is intact. He will do anything for the woman, who he loves, he just won’t let her wear his pants.

How does a Taurus man fall in love?

taurus man in love

The Taurus man will never jump blind in the pool of love to discover that someone has forgotten to fill it with water.

He falls in love slowly and cautiously, but deeply. If a Taurus man picked YOU after he carefully examined you, he will do the impossible to win you over.  

The Taurus man in love romantic behavior can overshadow even the loving Leo and the passionate Scorpio. He will kindly and tenderly patronize you. The Taurus man in love will be sending you a red rose daily until you capitulate.

The Taurus man in love may even compose poems for you and secretly put them in your pocket. Because he is so sensitive to physical sensations, he will melt from the touch of your smooth skin, your silky hair and your enchanting perfume.

A Taurus man takes his time when choosing a woman and never behaves like an adventurer in love.

He can take a girl out for walks and meals for months until anything happens. The Taurus man needs time to fill the steam boiler and then run the locomotive at full speed.

Once he falls in love, though, the Taurus man stops being sensible and cautious.

The more his friends warn him about possible incompatibilities with his chosen one, the more he is stubborn and does not want to hear anything about it. And no one can match his stubbornness.

So, Taurus man can often get attracted to fire and air signs, but actually feels better with earth and water signs. Because opposites attract, such a marriage may exist and they may remain in love. But if the marriage fails, Taurus will not recover easily and it will take him a long time before he decides to get together with a woman, who better fits his personality.

How does a Taurus man behave in love?

taurus man in love

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The Taurus man in love will shower you with expensive gifts, take you on romantic walks on country roads and secluded places.

His Valentine’s Day card will be the biggest you’ve ever received. You will have dinner at luxury candlelit restaurants with soft music. He will never forget the date you met or any general anniversary. Do you need more evidence of his love?

A Taurus man in love will most certainly make you happy if you are a woman, who values financial security.

If you are someone, who can appreciate the calm, unpretentious temper of a Taurus. The wise woman would embrace the stability he offers and win his love.

Because satisfaction and luxury surely await her.

The Taurus man in love is not talkative and he won’t constantly express his feelings in words, but you will feel the trembling in his eyes. He loves to use music to set the tone, so he will often play your favorite songs.

How does a Taurus man show his love?

taurus man in love

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The Taurus man in love is not a mad dreamer like Aquarius. He will not suddenly subdue you like a Leo and will not promise you a life in a fairytale castle with pink clouds around, like an Aries would.

More likely, one Saturday night he will just show you the design of the house he will build especially for you.

And because a Taurus man usually takes good care of his savings and finances, he would have paid for your mutual home by himself. As he carries you through its door, he will wrap you in a warm cozy blanket, and this will be the safest you’ve felt your whole life.

The Taurus man is always planning for the future.

He very much resembles a squirrel that collects hazelnuts and walnuts all summer long, so that the cold winter doesn’t catch him unprepared. Interestingly, most spouses who can afford to take their wives on vacation in January are born in May.

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How does a Taurus man break up?

How does a Taurus man break up?

Taurus men are very patient and persevering.

They rarely take the first step to breaking up with someone unless their patience is seriously stretched. They may not show you their discontent with the relationship for a long time, but once they’ve had enough, they will just suddenly leave and never look back.

Is a Taurus Man Loyal?

Is a Taurus Man Loyal?

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Unless there are other influences in his chart that may lead him to stray (like a Venus in Gemini or strong Uranus aspects), a Taurus man will be extremely loyal and stable in his feelings.

It’s not in the nature of a Taurus man in love to look for flirtations and adventures out of the relationship. He values safety and stability in both his emotional and material life, and would rather spend time and energy on strengthening your relationship rather than looking for emotional and physical comfort out of it.

How to keep a Taurus man in love?

Is a Taurus Man Loyal?

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To keep a Taurus man in love, surround him with coziness. Let your house be full of beauty, tranquility and quiet music. No annoying noise, cluttered objects or TV shows constantly running on the TV! Be his wife – and you could not dream of a better man. No one else will treat you with so much care and kindness.

Of course, not everything in your life together with a Taurus man will be honey and butter. You will have to comply with some of the peculiarities of his personality.

A Taurus man in love is generous to his wife – he will never deny her beautiful jewelry and perfumes. Still he will not let his money easily run out between his fingers. He spends, because he loves luxury and appreciates the value of things.

A Taurus man is often fond of football and likes to spend the weekends fishing, in the countryside or on a tent trip. A Taurus man in love also loves flowers, gardening and long walks.

Everyone knows how much Tauruses appreciate food. A Taurus man loves rustic homemade dishes with lots of potatoes and sauce, as well as traditional apple pie by recipe of his mother. You need to get the best cookbooks. Still, he will often take you out to a restaurant.

Taurus Man in Marriage

taurus man in love

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A Taurus man is a wonderful father – patient and gentle. He dreams of a son, who will continue his family, but may love your daughter even more. He will shower his children with expensive gifts, but he will also teach them to appreciate things.

A Taurus man will be strict and firm, when he must, and will not spoil them. He will spend all the time needed to gradually direct their young minds to learning and maturity. His children will be happy with such a loving father.

Only in the rare moments of his outbursts the whole family will have to hide somewhere.

A Taurus man in love will work a lot to provide for his family and therefore needs more rest. Make sure that he gets it, because otherwise he becomes sour and evil.

Don’t tell him he’s lazy or try to rush him into anything.

A Taurus man is not used to moving at high speeds. His rhythm is calm and measured. It’s hard to get him out of the house if he himself has not decided, to spend his precious time with people.

A Taurus man prefers to welcome guests at home and if these are old friends or people with whom he has common interests, he will be an extremely kind host.

A Taurus man in love, with his faithful heart can offer you emotional security. If you add it to the financial one, you simply have nothing more to dream about.

Indeed, a Taurus man can be very stubborn, but when this stubbornness is re-educated, he becomes patient.

Buy your Taurus man a solid rocking chair, wrap him in a fluffy blanket, play soft music and serve him a large bowl of his favorite food, and you will have a real man, content and happy, ready to protect you for the rest of your life.

Please don’t forget that the exploration of one’s personality by sun sign is one aspect of a bigger picture only! To fully comprehend one’s love language and behavior, we need to examine their entire natal chart, and especially their Venus, Mars, and Moon placements.

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