Secret Astro Ritual! Love Spell That Works Immediately To Attract Love and Abundance When Venus Changes Signs

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Venus is the planet of love, harmony and abundance and except for giving important indications in your own horoscope about what you truly love and desire, how you handle emotional relationships and what your true compatibility with your partner is, Venus influences us collectively at all times with her movements through the signs.

For example, when the transiting Venus (where the planet is currently placed) is in the sign of Taurus, where it is ‘on throne’, we are all more drawn towards nature, good food, beautiful views, musical outings, and we wish to form long-term, stable, deep relationships that may require some time to build, but will possibly last for a lifetime.

On the other hand, when Venus is in Gemini, the energy is a lot lighter and carefree – new relationships tend to be more ‘for fun’, we are all more sociable and enjoy curious conversations more than physical intimacy.

Each of us has our own specific Venus influences, based on our natal chart, of course, but we all feel the general, collective impact on our love life as Venus moves through the signs.

How can you benefit from this knowledge?

attract your soulmate

Each planet, including Venus, is like a living being. It has its own life and if we accept this as truth, we can take a huge leap forward in our evolutionary development, as we will be able to better ‘tune in’ with the planet’s energy and take advantage of the astrological knowledge on a whole new level.

For example, every time Venus changes signs, you can activate her energy into your reality with this special love spell. 

It is a wonderful moment to connect with the positive manifestations of the planet and to immediately attract more love, friendships, creative inspiration, joy from life, money and abundance (because Venus also rules money matters in your life).

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Do the following Astro Love Spell Ritual within 24 hours of Venus, entering a new sign

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Light up two pink candles (they can also be red or white, but they must be two) and imagine you are being wrapped up and protected by a gentle green-blue light. Imagine a powerful aura protecting you, while taking deep breaths and releasing yourself from all fear and negative thought patterns.

Then greet Venus with love and respect, like someone who is very close to your heart and ask her to bring more love, loyalty, fulfillment, beauty, warmth, and beauty into your relationships. Let the feeling fill you up, as you imagine that you already have all these in your life. Develop a deep feeling of joy and gratitude.


As you do this, DON’T FOCUS ON A PARTICULAR PERSON. If you do this, they will feel the energy as an aggressive infringement of their free will, which will push them away from you. Even if you are already in a stable, loving relationship, DON’T focus on a particular person. Just let the inner feeling of love, abundance, harmony and joy grow, grow, grow inside of your heart.

Imagine this feeling as a gentle, golden light and warmth that shines through your heart and spreads through your whole body, and then outside towards the whole world.

daily love astrology forecast 17th february

In case you are still looking for true love:

Ask that you attract someone who you can share true love and respect with; someone with a deep understanding of your soul, who loves you with full acceptance of who you are. Ask that you can give and share your love with the right person.

Ask that you attract as soon as possible the Love that was meant for you by God (or the Universe)!


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Each attempt to tamper with someone else’s free will unlocks a powerful wave of counteractive energies, trying to bring back the balance. This brings you negative karma, which you will have to pay back. It really is not a good idea to focus on a particular person – just grow the feeling of love and abundance, and ask for the Universe to decide which is BEST for you and your soul.

You can also write down your wish on a piece of paper and put it into your special book or box, where you are keeping your New Moon Manifestation intentions.

If you are into mantras and magical love spells, you can also write down the exact Godly name of the Venus sphere, to even better connect and resonate with the positive manifestation of the Venus Energy

The Godly name of Venus is:

Yahve, Yahue, Yod, He Vau, He Tsabaot Albafalana Karis

You can say it out loud 7, 14, 28 or 56 times, but again remember – you MUST do this only with the intention to serve your soul’s higher purpose. NEVER try to use your powers in order to coerce someone else’s will!

Whatever you wish for, end it with ‘If it is God’s will’ – in this way, you will make sure the Universe will give you the BEST version of your life!

Wishing you love, abundance and happiness!

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