Fast Track To Astrology Cheat Sheets

astrology for beginners

34 Printable Cheat-Sheets with the MOST EXHAUSTIVE keyword list for EACH AND EVERY Zodiac Sign, Planet, and House!

Astrology for beginners zodiac signs keywords

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You can use these to:

  • Learn astrology basics FAST

  • Learn the TRUE MEANING of each zodiac sign – both higher and lower manifestation of each sign!

  • Quickly and easily check true zodiac compatibility (I have included links to free guides on how to do it, using these cheat sheets).

  • Easily make simple predictions for yourself and know what to expect each month!

  • Gain better self-knowledge that empowers you to overcome weaknesses and strive for the higher manifestation of each of your placements.

  • Empower your monthly Moon Manifestation ritual, based on which house in your own chart the New Moon is happening each month!

And there are so many creative, empowering ways you can use these to better understand the astrological forces and make them work at your advantage!

download astrology basics 1

Trying to understand astrology can feel overwhelming, I know!

And the internet space, flooding you with Mc. Donald’s-type astrology that aims to quickly win your attention and give you half-truths only to satisfy a short-term curiosity yearning can make you feel emotionally drained.

These cheat sheets give you the astrology foundation you need to start an exciting journey of self-exploration and self-discovery!

Expanding your self-knowledge equips you with the power to live more mindfully, live by the higher manifestation of your placements, and start attracting people and partners, who live by their higher manifestations, too! It also equips you with the power to be the creator of your life, rather than simply being pushed and pulled by the astrological forces!

How to use the Astrology cheat sheets?

  1. Learn the FULL meaning of each of your placements. You can easily calculate each of your placements here. Then you can use these cheat sheets to learn what they mean for you. For example, if your Moon is in Taurus, you take the cheat sheet for ‘Moon’ and the cheat sheet for ‘Taurus’ and combine the keywords to gain a better understanding of your emotions, feelings, and true needs. Gaining this self-knowledge first hand is a lot more powerful than simply having it interpreted for you by someone else. Unlike other online sources that give you three to ten keywords, here is a very long, detailed and exhaustive list for both the higher and lower manifestations of each zodiac sign, planet, and house in astrology.
  2. Use the cheat sheets to better understand the compatibility between you and your partner. You can see the specific guides I have posted for this on the blog.
  3. Use the cheat sheets to better align your intentions and manifestation ritual with each Moon Cycle. For example, if you know that the New Moon is happening in your 5th house, you will look at the 5th house cheat sheet and know what type of things you can most easily manifest during this New Moon! To learn how to better manifest with the Moon, click here.
  4. Use the cheat sheets in a similar way for any other transit you may currently have. I.e. if you know Saturn is transiting your 7th house, you take the Cheat Sheet for ‘Saturn’ and the Cheat Sheet for ‘7th House’ and you combine the meanings for possible outcomes of this transit.
  5. Use the cheat sheets to learn the Astrology Basics, which are absolutely critical to truly understand astrology and the astrological forces in order to use them at your best advantage!

download astrology basics 1