Cancer Man in Love: What A Cancer Man TRULY Wants? How To Win him Over And Keep Him For Life

cancer man in love


You will need some time to read a Cancer man in love.

He is silent, evasive, and ambiguous. A Cancer man will not try to enchant you with stories, and in no way should you expect him to pour out his thoughts and heart out on your first date.

A Cancer man does not give away his trust easily. He keeps secrets even from friends.

You need time and a lot of patience to get close to the Cancer man.

If he starts out in a protective mode, there is a good chance that your desire for intimacy will quickly disappear, but don’t give up so easily.

A Cancer man in love can be extremely devoted and sentimental.

Once you win his trust, his sour grimace will be surprisingly replaced by a kind smile. From dissatisfied and rude, a Cancer man in love will become attentive and responsive. He is able to make you feel so sad and thoughtful that you will want to hug him and comfort him.

A Cancer man in love is sentimental in nature, but he combines that with calculation and practicality. Try to understand it.

His volatile behavior is not about any radical mental or emotional changes, but simply about frequent change of his famous “lunar moods”.

Even when he is in a certain mood, a Cancer man in love remains true to himself. His character remains the same, although his facial expression changes so often. You should not forget that although a Cancer man may look rough and reserved, it is only an external protective shell.

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What kind of woman does a Cancer Man fall in love with?

cancer man in love

A Cancer man in love is looking for someone reliable, trustworthy, and mentally stable. In love, he is very devoted and always treats his beloved in a special way.

Despite his moody, touchy nature, a Cancer man in love has a charm that hardly any woman can resist. And then, she, herself will not want to part with him for a minute.

A Cancer man in love is in search of real perfection, which is quite rare in real life.

His beloved should have the best qualities, be able to cook perfectly, work and give him constant attention. If this does not happen, then he may fall into the deepest depression. This is a pessimist, who finds it difficult to get out of a depressing mood, even if everything around is just fine.

A Cancer man in love is still quite reluctant to replace his mother and make you his new queen.

He is strongly attached to the comfort of his home, although sometimes he is overwhelmed by a desire to travel, and if his mother has turned the home into a cozy, warm place, you would hardly tear him away from there.

Cancer men are either deeply connected to their mothers, or completely separated from them. There is no middle ground.

If your man is a typical Cancer, however, it is most likely that you would have to deal with the influence of his mother on your relationship.

If you truly appreciate your Cancer man in love, you will have to try and pamper him the way mom used to pamper him.

How does a Cancer man fall in love?

cancer man in love

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A Cancer man in love will always represent himself gallantry. He will behave like a gentlemen until you decide to take the first step.

A Cancer man has very high demands towards women but still, when he meets someone he finds special, he behaves gallantly and tenderly, showering her with gifts and admiration.

A Cancer man in love is very cautious, because a failed marriage for other zodiac signs might mean only a few sad weeks for readjustment, but for him this would turn into a fatal catastrophe.

A Cancer man in love is capable of suffering for years if he breaks up with the woman he has decided to bond with.

The indecisive nature of Cancer prevents him from moving fast in love, but once he gains some self-confidence, he can hardly be repelled. He is easily given the role of a romantic lover.

Once he has revealed his feelings and sees a chance to win you over, he suddenly becomes stubborn and you understand that you are being courted by a persistent man who doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. It would be hard to slip out of a Cancer man in love’s claws, but you probably wouldn’t want to

How does a Cancer man behave in love?

cancer man in love

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A Cancer man in love’s heart remains soft, sentimental and vulnerable. If he feels affected, he withdraws into his comfortable internal world in order to shake off the unpleasant sensations.

A Cancer man’s reactions can shock you with their extremeness. You may often wonder whether to keep cool with him or to heartily open up your arms. He gives you the coldest look in the world, and a moment later he showers you with love and attention.

A Cancer man in love can also sometime behave surprisingly inadequately, although he can be extremely successful in his life.

A Cancer man in love experiences his love very deeply and strongly. Therefore, if any disagreements happen, the bad mood can spread to other areas of life. Others can rarely understand his feelings and constantly changing moods. In view of this, a Cancer man in love needs an equally sensitive and attentive partner, who will try to create a harmonious relationship.

A Cancer man in love does not like to change women often and remains devoted to only one.

How to keep a Cancer man in love?

cancer man in love

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A Cancer man in love often behaves quite repulsively when he feels threatened to lose something or someone.

So, you should often reassure him that you only belong to him. Your words will sound like music in his ears.

How does a Cancer man show his love?

cancer man in love

A lot of women dream of just such a world as his – flooded with moonlight, in which their dreams can fly and where someone hugs them tightly and defends them from the dangers outside.

A Cancer man is quite secretive, tries to be in the shadows, but when Cupid’s arrow touches his heart, then everything changes dramatically.

He tries to always be in the view of the girl he likes. He will also try to be as close to her as possible, which may make him a bit annoying.

A Cancer man in love unconsciously violates the personal space of the object of his interest, hanging over her. It is also interesting that he can hover in his own world, but when she appears, he completely changes, trying to seem like the soul of the company.

Sharing secrets and desires with you is another way for a Cancer man to show his love for you. Usually he is a very private person, but has he started to open up, this is a clear way to show love and trust towards you.

This man is an introvert by nature, so most often he is interested in his emotions, thoughts, but if he listens to you, and not only listens, but also hears, this suggests that he is seriously in love.

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Is a Cancer man loyal?

cancer man in love

If there are no other strong influences in his horoscope (i.e. Uranus square Venus), a Cancer man in love is loyal, trustworthy, and devoted.

Cancer Man In Love Dark Side

cancer man in love

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To achieve harmony in a relationship, a Cancer man in love must learn to control his constant mood swings. Of course, this is very difficult to do, but worth trying.

A Cancer man in love hardly gets over any disappointment and may hang onto past relationships for a very long time. He may even become vindictive – something that his partner never expected of him.

One of the most difficult things to deal with when it comes to Cancer men is their constantly changing mood. In a minute, from affectionate and gentle, a Cancer man in love can become rude and even violent.

At the same time, a Cancer man in love rarely tries to explain his moody behavior, believing that his partner should understand him perfectly without words. And if this does not happen, he may even get angry, accusing everyone of callousness.

In addition, a Cancer man in love’s beloved should get used to his constant patronage. He loves to show concern and worry about the smallest thing, but this behavior can aggravate and annoy his partner. Soon she may even want to escape from all this, but find it very difficult to, because the dark side of a Cancer man in love is his manipulative behavior.

The Cancer man in love can indeed be described as a quiet, calm, but very deep body of water.

His beloved may never learn what is happening in its depths, as he is very reluctant to share his emotions and thoughts. The fact that he doesn’t often share exactly what he wants and needs can easily hurt the relationship.

Therefore, a Cancer man in love should tell and share his feelings with a loved one, which will help establish a more harmonious union.

Cancer Man in Marriage

cancer man in love

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A Cancer man loves security almost as much as he loves you. This applies for money, too. When it comes to finances, even his notorious sense of humor remains in the background. In his opinion, money is not a topic for jokes. Many Crabs first learn to count, and only then learn the alphabet as children. Don’t be surprised if you see the piggy bank they gave him for his fifth birthday, still unopened.

Unlike other zodiac signs, Cancer men don’t accumulate money for the sake of social affirmation. They do it out of love for the sense of security money gives them. No matter how rich he is, the Cancer man is always trying to belittle his financial success. He may even speak of himself as “A poor man trying to make a living.”

This is why in marriage, you can rely on financial and emotional security provided by your Cancer man.

Even the most dreamy and poetic Cancer representatives have a special sense of the value of money.  Cancer men also have a flair and creative talent. This helps them to reach the top in whatever profession they decide to pursue.

If you are wondering if this is all worth it, remember that a Cancer man in love has many qualities that are sometimes enough to balance your relationship. The most common is that he can cook well. He is also loyal, caring, protective, and a good father.

What kind of parent would a Cancer man be?

cancer man in love

This is the best news. All Crabs are mothers at heart. Even men.

He will be an ideal parent precisely because of all the qualities you liked him in the first place.

A Cancer man will be infinitely patient with the children and will be greatly moved by whatever excites them.

Every birthday he will dress like a clown, go crazy with the guests and enchant them for hours. Cancer fathers are proud of their sons and caring for their daughters. While the children grow up, there is no better father than a Cancer. But entering adulthood can cause excitement in the relationship.

A Cancer man likes to be involved in everything that happens to the people he loves. And if they decide to show independence, he can turn into a sour, stubborn Cancer and resist their desire to get to know the world.

Please don’t forget that the exploration of one’s personality by sun sign is one aspect of a bigger picture only! To fully comprehend one’s love language and behavior, we need to examine their entire natal chart, and especially their Venus, Mars, and Moon placements.

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