About Us

My dear soul family,

My name is Dawn and I am a spiritual seeker, astrologist, Love Life Coach, and soul healer. I have recognized it as my deepest mission and desire to use my knowledge and experience to help as many people as possible find TRUE HAPPINESS IN LOVE.

The information I provide here on LoveSynastry.app is unique in a way that it blends astrology, numerology, and spirit guidance in a manner that is actionable and easy to understand. In my own quest for inner peace and True Love, I noticed that we are often given forecasts, readings, predictions, analysis, but never SOLUTIONS. This is why I have created this platform with the main purpose to not merely provide valuable information on your journey, but real, easy to apply SOLUTIONS and REMEDIES that will give you a FAST TRACK to True Love and Abundance in all its forms!

You can reach out for a personal reading at venusonthrone@lovesynastry.app.

My Daily Love & Spirit Guidance Posts will equip you with the knowledge you need to tune in with the Universal Energies of this particular day, which will make you a powerful co-creator of your own happiness, rather than a helpless observer of the energies that come to play and make things happen in your life. By being better aligned with the planetary and Universal energies, you can powerfully manifest ANYTHING you desire within weeks or even days as long as it serves the Higher Good.

The Manifestation Techniques and Relationship Tips I post on the blog are time-tested powerful methods that will help you to finally attract your soulmate, recognize them and build a valuable, meaningful relationship with them, or ‘magically’ transform the relationship with your current partner by enabling you to shift your consciousness, recognize the inner blockages and external behaviors that have been stopping you to experience True Love, Happiness, Self-Love, and Abundance so far.

About The Love Compatibility Calculator

The Love Compatibility Calculator on LoveSynastry.app combines a number of ancient numerology methods to give you accurate, time-tested results.

This love compatibility method has been rigorously tested on thousands of couples over the course of over 25 years by me and one of my teachers, to finally enable us to develop this one-of-its kind Love Synastry app.

This time-tested application of Love Compatibility is NOT just another fun test you will find online.

This unique, reliable love compatibility calculator has proven time and again to be giving extremely accurate, reliable results that show the true long-term potential of any relationship. It provides the practical, sober approach towards love that is an essential ingredient if we are looking for a long-lasting union that will not only make our hearts burn with excitement the first few months, but will ensure life-long happiness until death do us part.

We have all gone through our fair share of failed relationships and romances that have turned out to be nothing but an illusion. We have been in toxic relationships, we’ve had partners that are abusive, narcissistic, cheating, or simply immature. We have gone through unrequited love, and we have gone through the pain of longing for ‘the right one’, and it has seemed like they will NEVER come!

This EXACT numerology method has been a guiding light for me personally, and a lot of my clients, and has helped us find partners that provide the loving care, long-lasting connection, passion, and love we have so long dreamed of! Having been through ALL the pain, we feel it as our mission to specialize in Love Synastry, and help others to actually start thriving in their love lives.

The famous Pythagoras once said “All things are number”, and indeed – numbers don’t lie!

Testing this exact numerology method on thousands of people, as well as on a good number of famous couples, who have spent their lives together in love and harmonious companionship has clearly demonstrated that numbers can, indeed, shed light on your relationship and help you foresee the true long-term potential of it.

We can often be blinded by strong emotions, initial passion and attraction that make us ignore the early red flags that show us this person might not be “The One”. Or – exactly the opposite – just because someone isn’t exactly what we expected them to be, we can ignore them and let our biggest true love pass us by!

Here comes the ‘Love Synastry’ app! With its proven accuracy, it can give you a quick, realistic snapshot of the biggest strengths and weaknesses of your relationship, along with some actionable steps on how to make it work (or just move on).

The Love Synastry Compatibility Calculator is the BEST starting point if you are dating someone, and you are not sure whether it is worth investing more time in them. We all know how confusing and frustrating today’s dating world can be! Stop wasting your time on people, who are not compatible with you long-term, and you immediately increase your chances of finding true love sooner!

The Love Synastry Compatibility Calculator will give you the answers you need if you have doubts about your partner, or if you simply cannot figure out what is lacking in a relationship that seems to be going all right.

The Love Synastry Compatibility Calculator can also help you confirm that you have made the right choice, and feel even happier and more fulfilled with your loved one!