Today’s Venus Greeting Ritual That Will Bring Love And Money Into Your Life In The Next Month!

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As I promised in yesterday’s Daily Love Forecast and Guidance, I am about to give you a very powerful Venus greeting ritual, which you can do today in order to powerfully manifest Love, Abundance, and Passion into your life in the next thirty days. I say passion as well, as Venus has just entered the sign of Aries, which is a fire sign, and also signifies new ideas, new beginnings, as well as love at first sight, love that is passionate, generous, and extremely dynamic.

If you live in synchronicity with Venus’ cycles, according to where it is currently positioned in the Zodiac, you will be able to quickly and effortlessly attract the love experiences you desire in your life!

Yesterday, Venus entered the sign of Aries, which means that love can fire up very quickly. At the same time, it can burn out quickly, too, but this is of course dependent on personal charts and circumstances. Venus in Aries can easily attract for you very intense pleasurable experiences, and it is in ideal position to attract your wishes and desires through powerful emotions. Unlike in Pisces, where vivid imagination was your best friend, with Venus in Aries, actual, tangible action is required to get these emotions rolling.

Here is an example of what I mean.

If you are into the habit of visualizing the activities you would do with your soulmate in order to attract them, with Venus in Aries, it is a good idea to actually go out, do these very same activities, and experience positive emotions, as if you were doing them with your soulmate. For example, go out for a walk, and intensely feel the pleasure and happiness you would experience if you were holing hands with your soulmate at this very same time.

Aries likes action, so always combine action, visualization and emotion to more powerfully attract love this next month!

Now back to the Venus greeting ritual

As I have mentioned in previous forecasts, performing a short ritual to connect with the energies of Venus and greet her in the new sign is an extremely powerful way to continuously attract the love and abundance you desire in your life!

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Before performing the ritual, take a shower and make sure you clear out the space in the room where you are about to do it. Find at least 15 minutes of the day when you will be able to sit in calmness, undisturbed and uninterrupted by anybody. For the ritual you will need two red or pink candles, but they should by all means be two.
After you have taken a few deep breaths to connect with your center, light up the candles and as you concentrate on the warm light formed by them in the room, connect with all the energies that Venus represents – love, pleasure, kindness, friendship, beauty, arts, music, money, abundance. This is an amazing time to connect with the core center of your femininity and let the feminine energies grow within you.
You can then greet Venus in whatever way you feel inspired to do so – you can say a greeting in your mind, or even out loud, after which you ask Venus to bring you what you desire. It is best to write down your wishes on paper, which you then put somewhere hidden, far from curious eyes.
IMPORTANT – remember that you must NEVER EVER try to write wishes, mentioning a specific person. This is coercing someone else’s will, and will have the exact opposite effect on you. For example, you must not write down ‘I wish that John loves me and accepts me as I am’. You can, however, write down: ‘I am being loved and accepted by my true soulmate.’, letting the Universe drive your soulmate to you.

Write down all your wishes in present tense as if they have already come true

Venus is is all about beauty and harmony, so you can even prepare to write on a special piece of paper, which you can decorate or draw on. Do with the paper whatever you feel like doing as long as it brings out feelings of pleasure, beauty and harmony within! I personally don’t do any extra drawings or decorations simply because this is not a strength of mine, but I still try to write with the best handwriting I am capable of.
Send your love and Blessings to Venus, and thank her for her support and guidance. Remember that in Aries she is fiery, passionate, even a little impatient, so feel free to ask her for things like more intense sexual experiences, for a stronger drive in everything you do, and overall for a more optimistic and passionate approach towards everything in your life.
Spend just 15 mins of your time to perform this simple ritual and see miracles happen to you in the next month!
Love and Light!
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