The True Moon Sign Meaning: Your Hidden Key To Attract Love, Decode Emotions, and Improve ALL Aspects of Life

moon sign meaning

I meet many people who don’t resonate with their Sun sign, and fall into a sea of confusion when they try to use astrology to deepen their self-knowledge.

And even if you draw your chart to find all your placements (the positions of your Sun, Moon, and other planets in the different signs of the zodiac), they will still be less than helpful if you don’t understand their true meaning.

Astrology shows you a map of your personality, revealing an enormous amount of information not only about your personality traits, but also about hidden potential that can be unfolded and used in constructive ways in your life.

Imagine how much more easily you would manage relationships if you better understood the other person and their hidden needs and desires.

Imagine how much easier you would navigate every emotional endeavor if you better understood your subconscious patterns that drive you towards certain behaviors and action (or inaction).

Imagine how much more easily you would find a job if you discovered hidden talents you never knew about.

Believe it or not, gaining a deeper understanding of the true Moon sign meaning will empower you to do all this and so much more!

moon sign meaning

If you keep reading, you’ll know why!

And most importantly, in the end of this material I will show you exactly how to use this knowledge to improve all of your relationships and other aspects of life!

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Moon Sign Explained

Individuality in the present life is built on the foundations of the past.

Just like the 4th house (ruled by Cancer and the Moon) represents the lowest point of the birth chart, the foundation on which we build our whole individuality, so does the Moon represent our fundamental feelings towards ourselves.

The principle of the Moon is similar to what many psychologists call an “image of one’s self,” although the sense of one’s self presented by the Moon is not so conscious. Astrologers have traditionally associated the Moon with the past, with past lives (reincarnations), or simply with what we have already experienced in this life and the related conditions of early childhood. Including the relationship with our parents (especially the mother).

moon sign meaning

Sun Moon and Rising

Many astrological works have determined that while the Moon shows the past, the Sun shows the current orientation, and the Ascendant shows the direction of future development.

There is no doubt in the logic of the reasoning behind these parallels, and – on an abstract level – they are quite accurate in most cases. And yet, everything comes together in the present; what we have been continues to influence our orientations, positions, and actions in the present. How we feel towards ourselves and what patterns of expression arise most naturally and feel most comfortable for us (the Moon) – all this has a huge impact on our way of life, which is in the present. Just as the Moon in our solar system reflects sunlight toward the Earth and thus concentrates life force on practical goals (symbolized by the Earth), so the Moon in astrology represents the general reflection of what we are.

It is an image of learned past experience and behavioral patterns with which we now feel comfortable.

Because they are familiar to us and because we – in fact – have served as an example of these qualities in our very essence. In other words, the Moon symbolizes – especially in accordance with her position in the signs – special mental and emotional karmic patterns that either hinder us or help us in our attempts of self-expression and adaptation to the outside world.

Why the Moon sign meaning is so important regarding relationships

moon sign meaning

If the Moon is strongly positioned in the chart and the aspects of the Moon are harmonious, they show past conditions and spontaneous reaction patterns that can help you adjust to life and society and to express yourself in a confident, constructive way in your relationships – both intimate and professional ones. If the Moon aspects are tense, they symbolize an inability to easily adapt to life and / or a negative image of one’s identity.

Negative Moon aspects show these emotional predispositions must be outgrown.

It is important to note that the Moon symbolizes such spontaneous reactions and behavioral patterns that these orientations are evident mainly in childhood, when a person’s behavior is quite pure and not suppressed. Therefore, the Moon sign and aspects are most effective in the early years of life.

As a person gets older, it is possible to outgrow some old emotional patterns to such an extent that the emotional blockages represented in the birth chart through the lunar aspects may no longer matter.

By this I do not mean that the Moon sign ceases to be important, because it will always symbolize the dominant tone in the fundamental way of life of the individual. But I emphasize that the problems and conflicts related to the aspects of the Moon and the expression of the qualities symbolized by the Moon can be almost entirely outgrown, or at least regulated in a reasonable way. Because the Moon is such a complex symbol, and because its meanings are so numerous and varied, the most appropriate way to explain the following is to present

The 8 Steps To Understanding The Moon Sign Meaning

moon sign meaning

1.The Moon symbolizes an image that the person sees reflected in his communication with others. Therefore, the disharmoniously aspected Moon may show an inability to project harmoniously so that other people can react in a positive way.

2. The harmoniously aspected Moon often shows that the personality can be expressed harmoniously when communicating with people and that there is a correct sense of what the other person likes. In other words, when a person intuitively responds correctly to others, they in turn do the same(respond in a positive way). The harmonious position and aspects with the Moon show and area of easy and free projection.

3. The disharmoniously aspected Moon usually shows a noticeably inaccurate image for oneself, because what the person feels about themselves, relying on past habits and past individuality may not be an accurate description of their true nature in the present. This inaccuracy of one’s own image is usually expressed in behaviors such as: wrong attitude towards things, hypersensitivity, excessive reaction to trifles, manner of dress that does not correspond to the inner nature and true individuality, unnecessary defensive position.

moon sign meaning

4.The position of the natal Moon in the houses shows the area of vital activity, where we need to receive feedback, where we can see ourselves in a more objective way, and where we can fine-tune the perception of our individuality in order to gain inner peace.

5.The sign in which the Moon is located shows how we instinctively defend ourselves. For example, the Moon in fire signs reacts with anger; The Moon in air signs – by rationalizing the situation and communication; or with discussions and disputes; The moon in Water signs – with withdrawals or emotional outbursts of feelings; The Moon in Earth signs – with endurance and stability.

6. The sign of the Moon symbolizes the way of expression that comes naturally and the way of behavior in which we feel confident, as it shows an old pattern of life, which is usually very comfortable (if the aspects are not too tense).

7. Because the Moon is a strong urge to express a form of existence that is a natural and inner part of the personality, the sign of the Moon also shows what you need to express in order to have good self-confidence.

As Grant Levy says, the Moon shows “heart desire.”

Aspects with the Moon simply show how easily you can express this way of existence and how easily you can achieve this sense of well-being.

8. The sign of the Moon symbolizes the practical application of solar energy and purpose. That is why the Sun and the Moon in a trine, sextile or to some extent – conjunction (and also Sun and Moon in compatible elements) is a very stabilizing and potentially creative influence in your life; in these cases, solar energy can be easily expressed in a practical way.

How to use this knowledge

moon sign meaning

From all that has been said so far, it must be clear how important the sign, home, and aspects of the Moon are in any consideration of how easily a person will form emotional connections, respond to conflict in relationships, and use their self-confidence and self-expression to attract what they truly desire.

Poor understanding of your Moon sign, its aspects and positioning in your horoscope can give you a skewed self-perception and an inability to pinpoint your true desires in life. This can in turn make it impossible for you to find inner peace and happiness, or to attract the right kind of partner (i.e. if you feel like you keep attracting the ‘wrong’ partners, or the ‘wrong’ zodiac signs – this could be due to a hurt Moon or unconsciously living by your Moon sign!).

The good news is that by gaining a better understanding of your Moon by sign and by house position, you can take appropriate action!

One, by gaining a more realistic and objective view of yourself; two, by better understanding your emotional reactions and making a conscious choice to change them if needed; and three, by feeling empowered from knowing your hidden resources, you can more easily attract anything you want – from partners to dream job and money.

By understanding your Moon and its true meaning you can consciously achieve a complete transformation of your self-esteem, how comfortable you feel in your life, and how much pleasure and good experiences you are able to attract in your life!

You will gain a better understanding of the root of your emotions and those of others. The mere understanding already gives you the power to live in a more conscious way and to better navigate the relationship with your partner (especially when you understand their Moon sign, too).

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