New Moon Manifestation Ritual Done Right. How To Set New Moon Intentions That Drive Results

new moon manifestation ritual

Did you know that the power of the Moon cycle in helping you improve your life is a lot greater than you imagined?

Astro-archeology findings give us proof that ancient temples, used to perform rituals (also used as observatories), were built in synchronicity not only with the Sun, but also the Moon cycles.

Although humanity has lost a major part of this esoteric knowledge, we are now starting to re-gain it, thanks to modern astrology, which enables us to tap into the power of the Universe.

Imagine you could manifest your deepest, innermost desire in the blink of the eye.

Imagine your mind, acting as a magnet to immediately surround you with the love and abundance you crave for.

Imagine you had a magic stick that quickly and effortlessly materializes your wishes and needs.

But right now, this feels like it’s a whole world away, doesn’t it?

  • You feel like universal forces are giving you one punch in the face after the other.
  • You put your best effort forward, yet you still feel like an observer, rather than a creator in your life.
  • You are a few Moon cycles away from giving it all up.

Take a deep breath and relax. The secret to making the astrological forces work in YOUR advantage are only a few scrolls away!

new moon manifestation ritual

I am going to reveal to you exactly how  I used the power of New Moon intention setting to finally attract the love and relationship I have been yearning for my whole life (aka my hubby).

In fact, I have been using it in combination with another ‘power spell’ that very few people know about, which I will reveal to you later on (so stick with me!)

And the sweetest thing of it all is that clients, close friends, and family, who have also been following this New Moon Manifestation ritual to the t have been able to drive real, tangible results in their lives and manifest their dreams just before they had given up to them!

Spoiler alert: THEE of my friends recently got together with their dream partner, after following this and other astrological advice I had given them!

OK, let’s get back to the point.

The New Moon Manifestation Ritual Done Right

new moon manifestation ritual

Step 1: Set your belief system straight

What does this mean?

Understanding why manifesting on a New Moon is so powerful, and having deep, genuine belief that it WILL help you manifest your dreams is the cornerstone of this ritual. Recently my hubby told me about an old university friend of his, who had problems with warts. He believed in some ‘alternative healing methods’, involving a woman, performing a special ritual with spells. His friend truly, deeply believed in the ritual and in the effectiveness of this healing method, and in the morning after the old woman performed it on him, the wart just fell of.

At the same time, my hubby decided to try out the old woman’s ‘magic’ on himself, in order to get rid of some skin issue he had himself, but he did so in disbelief. And guess what happened? NOTHING! The ritual did not work on him, like it did on his friend, who wholeheartedly believed the old woman’s healing method will work.

You got the point, right?

Manifesting with the Moon only works if you believe in its powers

So, why is it so powerful?

First of all, an intention, loaded with a good amount of emotion is already a magnet for your desires. When you put this intention on paper, dressed in the right words, expressed in the correct way, it already becomes a powerful weapon, destroying all negative forces that may be stopping your dream from materializing in your life.

Now add to all this this the perfect timing – the energetically loaded day of the New Moon!

Why are New Moons so powerful?

This is the time when the Moon is between the Sun and the Earth, which means that it absorbs all of the Sun’s light and energy, ready to spill it all onto the Earth. From this day on, as the Moon starts to grow, so our wishes and desires can also start growing and materializing into the physical world.

The New Moon energy also gives us clarity as to what serves our highest soul’s purpose and equips us with the mindset we need in order to perform the ritual. It is the time of the month when forces of the light have most prevalence over forces of the dark.

Step 2: Know your timing

Performing the New Moon Manifestation ritual within 24 hours of the exact minute of the New Moon happening gives you the greatest chance at harnessing its power. Your intention setting will be even more energetically loaded if you do the ritual within eight hours of the New Moon.

Spoiler alert: Click below to receive a monthly alert for your New Moon Manifestation ritual, including additional tips, based on what other astrological influences are happening in the sky during this time.

Step 3: Master the rules of New Moon Intentions Writing

The way you craft your wishes and desires is critical to the success of your New Moon manifestation efforts. Learning to correctly phrase and put your intentions on paper will help to slowly make a permanent shift in your subconscious mind, too, which is in fact the real reason behind the manifestation of your dreams and desires.

What are the rules of New Moon Intentions Writing?

1. Write down on paper your intentions every month. They must be handwritten and loaded with your own energy. You can use a pen, pencil, crayon – whatever resonates the most. DO NOT use a Word document, a Google Drive document or your phone to write New Moon intentions. They must be handwritten, no matter how ugly your handwriting may be (mine looks like a 5 year old’s who’s just started to explore the art of writing).

2. Start with your greatest, deepest, dearest desires, no matter what sign the New Moon is happening in and what other astrological influences there are currently at play.

3. Write down UP TO 10 intentions. Be consistent and patient, and write down the same intentions until they manifest (if you are still pursuing them, of course). THEY WILL MANIFEST!

4. Write down a separate intention for each separate desire of yours, i.e. don’t merge intentions.

(Example: Rather than saying “I meet my true soulmate and I get married to them”, write down two different, very specific intentions like that “I meet and get together with my soulmate and life partner, who I share mutual love and understanding with. (on a new line) “I get married to my true soulmate and life partner, who truly loves and respects me and I love him back.”)

5. This brings us to the next point, which is probably the most important one in New Moon intentions writing. You MUST write down your wishes in present tense. You MUST write them down like they have already manifested in your life, and this is the reality that is happening for you NOW. This sends the right signals to the Universe AND to your subconscious mind, as you are basically giving them NO CHOICE but to manifest whatever you are wishing for in your life.

6. NEVER EVER use negatives in your intention writing. Example: Rather than saying “I stop attracting the wrong men in my life.”, say “I only attract men, who love, respect me, and serve my higher soul’s purpose”.

7. Be very detailed and specific in your intention writing. As you can see from the examples above, these intentions are very carefully crafted to cover all aspects of a situation. For example, rather than saying ‘I meet my true soulmate, who loves me.’, I say ‘I meet and get together with my soulmate, who loves me and respects me and I love him back.‘ The final few words are absolutely critical, because if you don’t add them, you may end up meeting someone, who adores you, but you don’t feel the same way about them. You must be very conscious and aware as you write down your intentions, considering the situation from all angles.

A few more examples:

Rather than saying

“I get my dream job.”, say

“I discover my true life mission which serves the higher purpose of my soul.”

then, as a separate intention:

“I find the job that perfectly aligns with my true life mission and allows me to live in abundance.”

You see what I am doing there? I am considering all the steps required to reach a certain goal or dream of mine, and I am writing them all down, as if they have already happened.

It is unlikely that you will see your intention manifesting if you just write down ‘I earn ten thousand dollars each month.’

Rather, you should break down the final result into the ‘real life’ steps required to get to it, and write them down as separate intentions.

This is all critical, and is the secret juice to writing down New Moon Intentions that get results!

8. Listen to your intuition and only write down wishes and intentions that deeply resonate with you. Take a few minutes before starting the ritual to take deep breaths and cleanse yourself from all external influences that may be blurring your intuition. Say a prayer to connect with God and your True Self before you start writing down your intentions.

9. Another critical rule to follow! Never EVER set intentions for another person, or try to draw another person towards you! This is tampering with their free will, and WILL HAVE THE OPPOSITE EFFECT!

No matter how much you think you love someone, or how strongly you believe they are your true soulmate, you can never know God’s Plan. The Universe always always always manifests whatever is for the highest good of everyone involved, and this is what you should be wishing for.

If you try to attract a specific person towards you, this will actually drive them further away

Why? Because the energy of the New Moon is so strong, they will feel this as an external force, trying to tamper with their free will, so even if they are someone, who you are in a relationship with, or who loves you back – they will feel repulsed by this energy. Even if you wish to set an intention for your whole family, involving your husband, form it like that:

‘I build a strong, beautiful family with my true soulmate and life partner, with whom we live in mutual love, respect, and harmony.’

OR, if you are wishing that they propose to you:

“I receive a wedding proposal from my true soulmate and life partner, who loves me and I love him back.”

This gives you a greater chance at making this happen with the one you love, rather than trying to force them into your intention.

Tip: Rather than trying to attract a specific person, use our Free Love Compatibility App to gain true insight into your current and past relationships. This will help you see how you’ve evolved over time and what you need to work on to attract the love that you crave for in your life.

10. This is the final secret to really fine-tune your New Moon Manifestation Ritual and make it work for your advantage! It is the one tiny thing that can make all the difference for you!

Be humble, accept that you are human, and that maybe the Universe knows better what is BEST for you. As you write down your New Moon intentions, do it with the inner knowledge that maybe the Universe has a greater plan, and be patient. Don’t give up after one or two months! Show that you have faith, and finish your intentions with the line:

Let it be, or whatever else God’s plan says for me.

So, this is the New Moon Manifestation List of rules you need to follow, and I am super eager to hear your current experience with New Moon Manifestations, and using astrology to overcome obstacles and attract more love and abundance into your life.

And, possibly, you are eager to hear what is the ‘secret spell’ I have been adding to my New Moon Manifestation writing that has further enhanced my results?

Well, it is THIS Venus Greeting Ritual that is absolute magic to attract love and abundance into your life! The same principles about intention writing apply for that ritual, too, but it also has a few more details you will find in the article, linked above.

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I love you and send you all the blessings in the world!

P.S If you feel that you need further assistance in manifesting with the power of astrology, by better understanding your own natal chart and Moon placement. If you wish to dig deep and heal your Moon in a way that you become a living magnet for miracles, reach out to me at venusonthrone [at] and let’s talk!

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