Moon in the 7th House – Will It Be Your Greatest Virtue Or Your Greatest Vice?

Moon in the 7th House meaning

Why delve into the depths of your Moon in the 7th house?

Imagine you have a critical self-realization that helps you to transform your love life for the better. Forever.

Imagine you suddenly had a ‘light bulb’ moment for a lifelong inner struggle, which you can now deal with.

Imagine you bring to your consciousness hidden patterns that have been undermining all your relationships, and you can now ‘fix’ things for the better.

This is what profound knowledge of your Moon placement will give you. And so much more!

The Moon in our natal chart is all that lies below the tip of the iceberg – it’s our unconscious desires, habits, and instincts that can be ruining or building the blocks of our life.

The Moon in astrology can offer the answers and relief you may have been seeking your whole life!

All you need to do is read on…

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Moon in the 7th House Summary

People with their Moon in the seventh house can be hypersensitive or highly adaptable to the needs of the partner, excessively deriving their identity from what the other person wants them to be.

Another possible scenario is to look for a mother in the partner. Early emotional modeling by the mother can be projected onto the other, obscuring the objective perception of reality here and now. Many problems arise if the spouse (male or female) is confused with the mother in this way – not to mention the fact that even the thought of sex with the mother is taboo.

Marriage can be a goal for Moon in the 7th house people, because of the security it offers and the promise of a cozy home and family that give the person a feeling for affiliation. The moon is not so concerned about individualization. Most people get married – so why not follow them?

The difficult aspects of the Moon from Saturn or the outer planets can make the fulfillment of these basic desires more difficult: while the Moon in the seventh house is definitely prone to connection, other aspects of the personality may not be so cooperative.

The partnership itself will probably need the nourishment and care as if it was a small baby. The changing nature of the moon can manifest in many ways. Individuals with the Moon in the 7th house will experience a lot of moods and changes in feelings about the relationship.

In some cases this Moon placement describes a restless, unstable or emotionally insecure partner. As with any planet in the seventh house, one had to ponder why they have attracted these specific qualities through another person. What does the partner “experience” instead of them?

Moon in the 7th House Meaning

Moon in the 7th House meaning

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We have already mentioned that the 7th house governs our relationship with our spouse and family.

You could say that the initial reaction of people with such a Moon placement is to feel protected and confident by having a long-term partner by their side. Often they identify too much with the personality of their partner. His or her desires, aspirations and goals become their desires, aspirations and goals.

Through one such symbiosis Moon in the 7th house people seek to gain confidence and security.

That’s why they are looking for a strong partner who will always be with them and is ready to come to their ‘rescue’ at any moment. This is the traditional behavior of many women with this Moon placement.

Men with the Moon in the 7th house usually subconsciously seek to find a companion who has maternal and protective functions in their life. This is their way of feeling safe and secure. However, these instinctive aspirations can lead to a number of troubles for both sexes; it is possible, for example, to prevent partners from fully developing their personal qualities and abilities. For men, cohabitation with a woman, who performs maternal functions can lead to certain problems on a sexual level. These problems in most cases are completely unconscious and for this reason are difficult to fix and correct.

Since the Moon is characterized by extremely rapid changes, we should expect a certain variability and capriciousness in the characteristics of the areas of life, which the house symbolizes.

For example, to be able to check if this is ‘The One’, people with their Moon in the 7th house will periodically create emotional scenes and observe the partner’s reaction.

Will he rush to save them? Will he testify his true love? People with the Moon in Libra are most exposed to such issues.

After several such serious upheavals in a relationship, the partner is usually severely drained on an emotional level, refuses to “save” them forever, and the relationship may fall apart. In this case, the quick shifts of the moods of the Moon in 7th house person predispose some instability in married life and frequent change of partners.

Above all, however, this behavior is dictated by the unwavering desire to find such a partner, with whom one can achieve absolute solidity and longevity of the relationship. In reality, however, such guarantees can neither be given nor received.

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After all, those born with their Moon in the 7th house need to learn to build confidence and a sense of security within themselves, rather than looking for these qualities in their partners.

Moon in the 7th House Strengths

Moon in the 7th House meaning

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By adopting a more conscious approach in relationships, Moon in the 7th house people can see their emotions reflected in their partner, which can help them make more mindful choices and decisions in their life.

Any relationship can actually become an arena for developing one’s own self-knowledge and putting one’s instinctive reactions under the loop.

There is a heightened sensitivity for other people’s emotions, which make people with their Moon in the 7th house very responsive to emotional stimuli. With other stabilizing factors in the horoscope, this can make them wonderful consultants, life coaches, and psychologists.

Since the Moon in the 7th house also suggests an opposition to the Ascendent and a square to the Midheaven, one can experience many of the developments in their life as fated, as if they were ‘meant to be’. This position can also push them into similar circumstances over and over again, until they manage to change their subconscious patterns and attract different kind of developments in their personal and business relationships. This can prove to be emotionally and energetically draining, but it also strongly improves one’s self-awareness and the ability to control the rhythm of their own destiny.

They can also choose mere acceptance of what is, but the avoidance of effort and suffering is at the cost of emotional and spiritual growth.

Moon in the 7th house placement makes one really delve into their deepest needs and desires and ask questions.

What is in fact that I desire in a partner as qualities and traits?

Can I really recognize my own needs?

What is that I wish to receive in order to truly feel nurtured?

What are the things that I can offer to a partner, and what do they truly need?

Am I actually looking for a parental figure to take care of my hidden Peter Pan and make all the important decisions for me?

Am I sacrificing my true self, needs, desires and preferences, in order to meet those of a partner?

How many things do I actually feel uncomfortable with, but feel an inner urge to accommodate in order to satisfy my partner’s needs?

How much is my identity dependent on a partner?

Am I entirely shifting the focus towards my partner, entirely sacrificing my needs?

Moon in the 7th house Weaknesses

Moon in the 7th House meaning

As it has already been discussed, Moon in the 7th house people may become too sensitive to the needs of their partner, losing their own identity in the process. This can lead them to completely lose track of who they truly are and what gives them a drive and motivation for life.

Unless they become aware of this tendency, making regular ‘checks’ with themselves, Moon in the 7th house people can plunge into deep depression and loss of self-worth. Their overly adaptive, nurturing, and gentle nature can make them prey to manipulative individuals and energy vampires.

Still, this is a reason to look deep into their hidden motives in each and every situation, and provides an opportunity for self-exploration and growth.

This is also a challenge for them to control the influence their partner has on them. Moon in the 7th house people can be extremely dependent on their partner’s moods and emotional condition, which can affect their own health and mental state.

Giving so much power in the hands of someone else can make them feel helpless, like a boat being torn by the ocean’s waves. In order to avoid that, Moon in the 7th house people should use their strong senses to build inner strength and security through meditation, visualization, and spiritual practices that help them form their own spiritual shield of comfort and protection.

Moon in the 7th House Marriage

Moon in the 7th House meaning

Since the desire for a partner is an animal-like instinct with this Moon placements, one may tend to marry early in life. However, if this doesn’t happen, they do put a lot of effort and time into finding that Mr. or Mrs. ‘Right’, who would help calm down their restlessness. Indeed it’s not an easy task for Moon in the 7th house people to discover their’ better half’ and they can become pretty anxious in their quest.

Another paradox here is that since the Moon has a passive, magnetic nature, moon in the 7th house people are not usually too successful in ‘finding’ a partner. It’s actually the other way round – the partner finds them.

By being aware of that, the best route to take would be to develop the qualities and traits they want in a partner within themselves.

To work on their fears and vices, because the magnetic force of the Moon will strongly pull towards them a partner, who possesses hidden weaknesses, fears, and ugly traits that the person with their Moon in the 7th house has, but isn’t conscious of.

Therefore, the sooner Moon in the 7th house people start mindfully accessing the depths of their subconscious behaviors, the sooner they will be able to attract someone, who truly meets their needs and reflects the very best of their qualities.

Moon in the 7th house people usually enter into marriage and relationships due to deep feelings and emotions, and have a good intuition from the very beginning whether things will work out or not. This is why they must not underestimate any red flags very early in the relationship, and should better wait entering into a long-term commitment if they feel like something is off.

Moon in the 7th House and the Mother

A Moon placement in the 7th house signifies a very distinct type of relationship with the mother. There may have been an absent father figure early in one’s life, which puts the child in the position of a life partner for the mother. This can make her very controlling and emotionally overwhelm the child with her need for closeness and sharing with someone else.

Or, it is possible that the mother itself was absent in the child’s life, which makes them long for her warmth, caring and nurturing their whole life, therefore sending them on an infinite quest to find it in a partner.

Other factors in the horoscope will tell which of both is more likely, but with the Moon in the 7th house, the mother figure is more or less equal to harmony, joy, and partnership in the individual’s subconsciousness.

The Moon is also connected to our home, family, and roots, so even if Moon in the 7th house people don’t look for a mother figure in relationships, they will certainly crave for someone, who gives them a strong sense of home, family, and security – all associated with a stable domestic system.

Moon in the 7th House Remedies

The greatest opportunity for those born with their Moon in the 7th house is to become aware of all the issues mentioned above, and to direct the strong nurturing, protective energy of the Moon towards themselves.

They should start giving themselves all the care, protection and self-love, they have been so desperately looking to receive from a partner.

The best route to take is to behave with yourself, like you want your partner to treat and behave with you.

The 7th house Moon gives them an amazing advantage over others, as it allows them to observe themselves through the eyes of other people, and immediately make corrections and ‘fix’ subconscious patterns that may be sabotaging their relationships and their life.

The Moon gives very strong imaginative and visualizing skills, which they can use to regularly build protective shields around them in order to not feel so affected by other people’s energy.

In the same way, they can use meditation and visualization techniques to attract the type of partner they are craving for. This New Moon Manifestation Ritual can be particularly helpful.

Moon in the 7th House Celebrities

Moon in the 7th House meaning

Marilyn Monroe, Steve Jobs, Nicolas Sarkozy, Monica Bellucci, David Bowie, Megan Fox, Amy Winehouse, Jennifer Lawrence, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, Joaquin Phoenix, J. K. Rowling, Lionel Messi, Snoop Dogg, Cher , Colin Farrell, Aaliyah, Paul Walker

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