All About Moon in Virgo! Karmic Predispositions, Love & Emotions, Strengths & Challenges

moon in virgo meaning

The position of The Moon in the signs is indicative of one’s emotional state, and Virgo is an earthly and practical sign.

Therefore, the emotional influence of the Moon in this sign will not be strongly expressed. Those born with the Moon in Virgo tend to hide and “bottle up” their true feelings.

For example, they can very strongly love someone, but find it extremely difficult to express it in words. Rather, they show their affection through actions. They prefer to testify their feelings through something material that can be seen and touched, rather than through explanations, gestures, and facial expressions.

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Please also note that this Moon in Virgo analysis is based on the Moon placement by sign only, and it does not take into consideration aspects and stelliums in your unique birth chart, which may be overriding the effects of your Moon Placement. Nevertheless, this is the most detailed and in-depth Moon in Virgo analysis you will find online.

moon in virgo meaning

Moon in Virgo Karmic predispositions

If you were born with your Moon in Virgo, you bring in your subconscious mind karmic experience, related to analyzing, judging, assessing, and summarizing. You were either someone, who worked with numbers, accounting, science and construction, or you were in the field of medicine, healing, herbalism, and natural sciences.

As a child, you possibly were a quiet, orderly, obedient one, who did not do much trouble, but on the contrary – you used to help out and be given different kind of tasks. It is also possible that you had a difficult childhood, where you had to take a submissive role, which left a mark on your psyche for life.

You have an inborn predisposition for humility and frugality.

You also have a very strong instinct on how to heal yourself when you get sick – all you have to do is trust and follow this instinct.

Moon in Virgo emotional profile

moon in virgo meaning

Order, discipline, cleanliness, and a good hygiene are the things that make Moon in Virgo people calm and emotionally stable.

As mentioned earlier, the Moon in Virgo doesn’t make it too easy for these people to express their feelings, and since Virgo is ruled by Mercury – a sign, related to the logical mind – Moon in Virgo people tend to rationalize their emotions and look for the logic in most of what they feel.

Everything goes through analysis. That is why the decisions that Moon in Virgo people make can be rather unemotional and do not bring emotional pleasure.

This inner pressure to analyze everything and put it into order can bring a lot of anxiety for those born with a Moon in Virgo

moon in virgo meaning

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To a large extent, the emotional instability of those born with the Moon in Virgo lies in their great doubts about their true value and their physical attractiveness. Virgo has extremely high criteria both towards others and towards themselves.

That’s why they keep asking themselves, “What really does he/she see in me? ”

While in their early 20s this can be perceived as a charming modesty, in the later stages of life this can actually turn out to be a psychological problem that can seriously undermine their relationship with the partner.

For example, if someone tells a Moon in Virgo person that they look charming, their initial reaction is, “He doesn’t really think that.”

If someone praises them for a job well done, their first thought is, “I could have done it even better.”

Or if someone confesses their love towards them, the following thought immediately creeps into their head: “What does he really see in me?”

The Moon controls instinctive reactions. Therefore, here we are only talking about their initial reaction. After a while, they will most likely adjust their behavior according to the qualities of their Sun sign.

However, this does not mean that this initially cold and distrustful reaction has left no trace.

That is why others may perceive them as insensitive and unemotional. This, of course, is not the case.

Those born with a Moon in Virgo, like everyone else, are passionate about giving and receiving love.

moon in virgo meaning

Only that they are not sure how to do it. Their own criteria are extremely high and therefore they do not see their own value. If they could look at themselves objectively, through the eyes of others, they would see that they are attractive, practical, hardworking, as they really are. They would also notice their many other positive qualities that they would otherwise overlook.

There is a well-known aphorism that we cannot get enough respect from others if we do not respect ourselves

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People whose auras radiate doubts about their own dignity and self-worth, sooner or later make others doubt them. Thus the vicious circle closes.

Therefore, the instinctive reaction of Moon in Virgo people is in many situations to criticize others and find faults in their behavior. Sometimes they do it completely unconsciously.

In other cases, they first criticize and then regret. The Moon’s instinctive reaction in Virgo is to achieve perfectionism. Unfortunately, this leads to hurt feelings and quarrels with others, who do not have such high standards.

It is good for those born with a Moon in Virgo to understand that it is possible to repel a lot of people, including their partners.

In fact, their partners are on the front line of their perfectionism.

If the Moon in Virgo want to solve this problem, they must be careful with the initial instinctive reactions that prompt them to perfectionism and pickiness. In this regard, the positive aspects of the Sun and the ascendant can be used.

For them, the most important thing in their lives is to have a structure, an order of discipline and goals to follow and to receive a social reward and acceptance for what they do. Lack of order in their lives confuses them emotionally and adversely affects their health.

The biggest challenges Moon in Virgo need to overcome

moon in virgo meaning

The Moon in Virgo gives extreme criticism, both to others and to oneself. It is a strong feeling of insecurity that people with this Moon carry within themselves, which could even cause physical tremors. This is because Moon in Virgo people feel good when there is order and discipline in their lives.

One of the main challenges for Moon in Virgo people is to overcome this criticism

moon in virgo meaning

Furthermore, people with the Moon in Virgo are constantly comparing themselves to others and this is a big drama in their lives. The comparison provokes envy, which can be extremely strong. It is good to realize that the lessons they receive in their lives and the path they follow are strictly individual. In life, one does not need to be a maximalist in every field.

Therefore, Moon in Virgo people should realize that the comparison with others becomes meaningless as people’s their lives are extremely individual.

When you share something positive with a Moon in Virgo person, it is not just information for them, but a reason for comparison. If they learn not to compare and not to envy, then the life of Moon in Virgo people will be much more easier and more pleasant.

It is difficult for people with a Moon in Virgo to find their emotional center and position themselves in it. Given that social, emotional, personal and collective life are separate things, people with a Moon in Virgo are confused about what to pursue. Very often they recognize the successes of others as their own goals or strive for them.

They usually do not turn to themselves to understand what makes them happy, and this can be a major challenge to finding happiness in life.

The biggest difficulty for Moon in Virgo people is envy. And this envy is self-directed aggression.

Moon in Virgo most positive personality traits

moon in virgo meaning

Moon in Virgo people can be surprisingly talkative when under pressure. Their potential writing abilities should not be underestimated, too.

They have the ability to analyze different situations and human behavior and to draw up a very effective and rational plan of action. Their full potential would be realized if they were placed in the service of others.

They are extremely conscientious, methodical and thoroughly perform the tasks assigned to them. To make their lives easier, they should develop greater tolerance and patience for the mistakes of others and for their own shortcomings.

People with a Moon in Virgo have an innate quality to follow diets and healthy regimes, measuring the amount of food and counting calories. However, their extreme self-criticism can cause them health problems. The very topic of health is very typical for them and often their health problems are masking emotional ones.

Moon in Virgo people really do need order and discipline in life. If they are present in their life, they can achieve everything and be very useful both to themselves and to others.

They can even be wonderful workaholics who will do everything in a perfect way. For them, social success is very important and only then can they be calm for a while, but they are generally not calm.

Moon in Virgo in Love

moon in virgo meaning

Usually women with a Moon in Virgo show their love as they prepare a delicious lunch, either by cleaning the house or by taking care of the clothes of the one they love.

Men with this Moon placement have a tendency to buy and give away items – fridge, washing machine, clothes, jewelry, etc. It is much easier for them to declare their love in this way than to embark on thousands of explanations.

However, they must not forget that nothing can replace the magical effect that the words “I love you!” have!

If they live by the higher manifestation of their sign, Moon in Virgo people can lovingly serve their partner, and show their love and affection through providing help and support in many life situations. They will always ask ‘How can I help’, which can indeed provide stability and care for their partner.

Moon in Virgo are loyal in love, but they tend to remember the wrong-doings and mistakes of their partner, and this can explode even after years of them bottling up emotions.

It is very important to have a very open communication with them, constantly inviting them to share their feelings and attitudes towards the relationship.

It is inevitable that they have a down-to-earth, practical approach to love, but once they develop feelings for their partner, they are long-lasting, stable, and backed up by actions rather than simply words.

Moon in Virgo compatibility

The Moon in Virgo can match well with others with a strong earth influence in their chart (not necessarily their Moon sign).

There are a number of factors to be considered for compatibility, and compatibility by Moon signs only is not enough.

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Written by Dawn Rose

I'm an evolutionary astrologer, focused on love, relationships and compatibility, helping you live your BEST life! Learn how to use the astrological forces at your advantage and manifest your dreams and desires with ease!

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