Pluto Aspects! How To Deal With Strong Pluto Aspects/Influence In Your Natal Chart

pluto aspects

How to turn strong Pluto aspects/influence into a blessing, rather than consider it a curse.

Do you feel like life is serving you a challenge after challenge?

Do you feel like you can never put your legs up and just rest?

Can you remember your life about 10 years ago and say to yourself ‘OMG it’s like this was a whole other me in a whole other lifetime’?

Congratulations! You are a Plutonian person or at least have strong Pluto aspects in your natal chart. And yes, this is rather a privilege, because it means you have been chosen to go through phenomenal evolution and self-development. Possibly even help and inspire others to look deep within, achieve better self-knowledge and teach them how to overcome crisis in their lives.

Because you are a master at that! (or, you will become one after reading this material in full)

I will also give you a unique and very powerful tip on how to deal with any Pluto crisis that you might be faced with, so make sure you read this article until the end.

What it means to have strong Pluto aspects?

pluto aspects

So, let’s start by clarifying what it means to have strong Pluto aspects in your natal chart? This is basically when Pluto touches a personal point or planet in the chart like the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, or the Ascendant. Or, if you have a Scorpio ascendant to some extend. You can read more about Scorpio rising (ascendant) here.

If you have ANY type of major aspect like a trine, square, conjunction, or opposition with Pluto with any of the personal planets or the ascendant, then you have a strong Pluto influence in your horoscope and the sooner you are aware and conscious of it, the better.

The most important KEYWORD to remember with strong Pluto aspects/influence

pluto aspects

in the horoscope is Phoenix. I know that most people say it’s transformation, but I find this word particularly weak for the type of experiences Pluto is likely to take you through during your lifetime.

The word Phoenix best describes the fact that you have to experience death in some way or another, and then find the power to revive from your own ashes and be reborn, as a stronger, even more beautiful person from the inside-out.

This is if you are consciously striving to live by the higher manifestation of the planet.

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So, the best way to deal with Pluto aspects

pluto aspects

is to come to terms with the concept of death.

But remember that this is the death of old thoughts, old emotional patterns, old behaviors and beliefs that are no longer serving you. With a strong Pluto influence, life is going to put you through challenging and sometimes painful situations and experiences that teach you to embrace the cycle of death and rebirth many many times in your life.

Therefore, it doesn’t mean that you will die, but rather you will have to face pieces of your shadow side, and transform them one by one, by going through a death-like experience in the process.

These ‘Pluto aspect experiences’ may be caused by all types of situations in your life:

  • Close relationships that force you to be brutally honest with yourself, facing your shadow in order to transform your own darkness into light. For example, with Pluto-Venus, Pluto-ascendant and Pluto-ruler of 7th house aspects, you may have to deal with a manipulative, jealous, aggressive, or even violent partner.
  • Losing a loved one relatively early in life (it may not be in childhood, but it may feel like too early for you; for example, I lost my dad when I was 35 and he was 59. It felt too unexpected and early). And having to deal with the concept of death again.
  • Being forced to constantly face new life situations that require you to change and adapt, like having to change place of living, job, career.

Any Pluto aspect has a remedy

pluto aspects

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Which we are going to talk more about when we examine each specific Pluto aspect.

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But the most important thing to remember and repeat to yourself with strong Pluto aspects is the following:

‘I have the power to overcome anything.’

Because you actually do! Pluto is immense energy, and by making an aspect to one of your personal planets, this energy, this power, this ability to go to the greatest darkness and turn it into the greatest Light is within you!

You have the power and it is YOUR choice to use this power for your own good, for your own evolution, and for your own development.

Remember that a strong Pluto in the natal chart is a predisposition to become someone, who leads others and helps them transform. If you are living by the lower manifestation of the planet, you will do this by causing them a great amount of pain – being a ‘teacher’ to them by being manipulative, jealous, trying to overpower them, and crush them with your influence.

But since you are reading this material, I don’t believe you are that type of person.

Rather, you can use your own experiences to become someone, who gets to the core of things. Someone, who is deeply inquisitive, self-explorative, and able to transform pain into power.

Once you come to terms with this concept and embrace your Plutonian power, your life experiences, related to your Pluto aspects will also change.

Yet another way to deal with strong Pluto Aspects in your natal chart

Is to get to the deep meaning of their nature by associating them with something very illustrative. Because once you comprehend something from the inside-out, it no longer scares you, it actually inspires you, because you are now able to grasp it in its fullness.

pluto aspects

So, a life situation that perfectly represents Pluto aspects is giving a birth to a child. If you experience this, you know what a Pluto experience is. It is an absolutely magical process where you give birth to a whole new being, but also a painful one, because you are never the same person again.

So, on the one hand, an ‘old you’ dies and you have to come to terms with the ‘new you’ of being a mother and someone, who now lives with the responsibility of raising another living being.

It really is a rather complex process and a much deeper one than it initially seems. A lot of forces come at play, but it is a good illustration of the Pluto energy – a lot of love, power, and energy is required of you to carry the child and give birth.

At the same time, you need to go through a fundamental transformation on the inside, where you say goodbye to your old self and embrace your new self, which includes motherhood.

If you haven’t given birth or do not intend to, there is another way to grasp the idea of the Pluto influence in your life.

This is

A phenomenal tip on how to feel inspired rather than crushed when going through a Plutonian crisis in your life.

pluto aspects

It’s something I believe you haven’t heard anywhere else, but it’s a great method, although it sounds very simple. So, this is it – watch a movie with a character, who is forced to go through such crisis and transformations, to even face death and overcome it!

One such series I can recommend you watch in full is His Dark Materials – it carries so many messages and if you are able to connect to its deeper meaning, it is going to give you the inner strength and inspiration to deal with the challenges Pluto is taking you through!

The whole movie is extremely Plutonian in nature with all the mysticism it carries, and if you have strong Pluto aspects in your chart, you are going to love it!

This is just one example, but you can find other movies that represent the Scorpio/Pluto energy and watch them for inspiration when you feel like you are going through a plutonian experience. Pluto energy movies include magic, mysticism, overcoming impossible obstacles, and even winning over death. You might be surprised, but Harry Potter is plutonian to a certain extend, too.

This is an extremely simple, but powerful technique to deal with natal and transit aspects of the outer, heavy planets, and if you try it, I promise it works!

For example, if you are experiencing a strong Neptune transit or activation of your natal chart, it would be amazing for you to watch the second Avatar movie or the movie Inception with Leonardo Di Caprio.

By doing this, you activate the energies of the planet within you in a powerful, inspiring way, and you bring subconscious patterns to your consciousness, which is the key to dealing with these strong energies in a constructive, evolutionary way!

Just try it and you’ll see how powerful this simple method is!

 Now let’s move on to the different Pluto aspects, their meaning, and ways to live by the higher manifestation of each of these aspects.

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