All About Moon in Pisces! Karmic Predispositions, Love & Emotions, Strengths & Challenges

moon in pisces meaning

When The Moon is in Pisces, two exceptional emotional forces interact. Then the emotional nature of this person is strongly charged and seeks a positive vent for expression.

All instinctive reactions of those born with the Moon in Pisces are provoked by their strong feelings and experiences. It can be said that they have an innate ability to feel the auras of others.

Through astral symbiosis, they instantly absorb other people’s pain, suffering, joy, etc. Even when a stranger stands next to them, they instinctively feel their emotional state. They quickly adjust to the required frequency vibration and begin to resonate on the same emotional wave as the other. If he is hurt, they also feel hurt, if he is offended, they also feel that way. Their auras are like absorbent mushrooms. Through them, for better or worse, they absorb the emotional state of the people they are interacting with.

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Please also note that this Moon in Pisces analysis is based on the Moon placement by sign only, and it does not take into consideration aspects and stelliums in your unique birth chart, which may be overriding the effects of your Moon Placement. Nevertheless, this is the most detailed and in-depth Moon in Pisces analysis you will find online.

moon in pisces meaning

Moon in Pisces Karmic Predispositions

If you were born with a Moon in Pisces, you come with the past life experience of someone, who dedicated their time and energy into serving others. You could have been a monk, a priest, a spiritual leader, but also a healer, or someone who was helping the poor and helpless souls.

You were most probably devoted to self-sacrificial service to others, which has to a great extent wiped your own feeling of self-identity, which you need to get back in this life.

As a child, you may have had some psychic gifts, and you could have even had some outworldly experiences. You were most likely a timid, sensitive, and obedient child.

Often Moon in Pisces children suffer from many illnesses, which makes the very compassionate towards others later in life.

Moon in Pisces Emotional Profile

moon in pisces meaning

For those with a Moon in Pisces, it is a completely instinctive emotional reaction to feel empathy for others.

Their attitude towards others is non-judgmental, compassionate and attentive.

Therefore, when in need, others seek their support. Especially in case of trouble, Moon in Pisces people immediately rush to the rescue and try to offer relief to those in need.

Moon in Pisces people’s moods change quickly. In one moment they are happy and smiling, and in the other, they are deeply saddened. At the same time, the change of mood happens so fast, as if someone presses some cosmic buttons in their soul. Sometimes they themselves do not know what exactly happened and what exactly caused the sudden change in their mood.

Those born with a Moon in Pisces react too emotionally in any situation.

It is enough to see disaster pictures on television, to witness someone’s suffering or to hear an emotional melody on the radio, and their eyes are filled with tears. Their initial reaction is a desire to help and alleviate the suffering of the needy. In the event of a natural disaster shown on television, for example, they are the first to lift the phone and try to send money or other assistance to those in need.

Moon in Pisces people prefer to work in the background without appearing in the spotlight.

They like to play supporting roles, caring for and assisting others. Because they quickly merge with others emotionally, their energy can also be drained relatively easily. They do not have particularly strong energy protection and are easy prey for all kinds of “energy vampires”. It is imperative that Moon in Pisces people are very much aware of their emotional state at all times, and that they monitor their energy levels in different life situations.

For example, if they notice that every time after a conversation with a certain person, they feel exhausted and with an outflow of energy, then they should know this person has consciously or unconsciously taken away their energy.

Music and art play a big role in the lives of those with Moon in Pisces.

Many of them like classical music. For them it is filled with voices coming from their true home. Through music and art, they can give a certain shape of what they feel instinctively and subconsciously. Indefinite and vague desires can acquire more distinct form by listening to appropriate music. However, they should not stumble too much in this direction. Moon in Pisces people do tend to daydream and this should be put into certain limits.

The biggest challenges Moon in Pisces need to overcome

moon in pisces meaning

Moon in Pisces people should learn to regularly ground themselves and take concrete steps to translate their plans into reality.

If the Sun or some of the other planets are located in earth signs, this will wonderfully balance the compassionate and dreamy Moon in Pisces person. Positive aspects to Saturn would also be helpful.

The biggest problem for Moon in Pisces people, however, is their inability to see the truth objectively.

Hence many secondary complications. The inability to see the real face of their partner leads to problems with relationships. In the same way, they either cannot or do not want to learn the truth about themselves.

Many of them are comfortable living in a fictional world of illusions and dreams, where they do not have to struggle with the difficult reality of the material world.

They do not want to hurt the feelings of others and therefore very often tell lies with amazing ease and spontaneity.

They need to understand that by cheating others, they do them much more harm in every way than if they were sincere from the beginning.

Eventually, Moon in Pisces people cause tremendous pain to themselves. The lie sooner or later comes to light. And then they can lose friends, partners, business connections, jobs, etc. Once almost all the doors close in front of them one after the other, Moon in Pisces people can finally understand the great harm they have done to others and to themselves through their habit of lying.

But then it would be too late. Then they have to bear on their shoulders the karmic consequences of their behavior.

In most cases, this means a chain of subsequent rebirths in which they will be deceived and lied to, so that they can experience the consequences of such behavior.

In order to avoid that, Moon in Pisces people should consciously begin to educate themselves in a spirit of openness and love of truth. The tendency to use lies is especially evident when they have to get out of a difficult situation quickly.

For example, they are asked a direct question and find it difficult to tell the truth. Then they immediately resort to their favorite trick – lying. However, in this way they trigger a karmic chain of events that will later fall on them with much greater weight than if they were to tell the truth from the very beginning.

It is important to build the habit of analyzing their behavior.

Those born with their Moon in Pisces react negatively to various medications prescribed by doctors.

However, they almost always respond positively to homeopathic or holistic healing methods. When under high pressure, their first reaction may be to pour a drink or light up a cigarette. This is incorrect, because the body of those born with a Moon in Pisces is extremely susceptible to becoming highly dependent on such harmful substances. For the same reason, other negative forms of escapism from reality should be avoided.

Their compassionate, sympathetic, and sacrificial nature would be of great benefit if their lives are dedicated to the poor, the deprived, the sick, the crippled, the mentally unstable and all who need mercy, pity, and help.

Moon in Pisces most positive personality traits

moon in pisces meaning

Moon in Pisces people have very strong intuition, they can often get in touch with the higher spiritual realms, and if they don’t subside to escapism through alcohol and drugs, they can become amazing healers, medicine workers, and provide service to others in different fields of life.

Moon in Pisces people are extremely delicate, compassionate, and if they have a strongly positioned Mars or a strong fire element in their chart, this will help them develop a better sense of self-identity and the ability to be more independent from other people’s energies and moods.

Moon in Pisces people can be truly inspirational, musical, gifted and artistic people, if they choose to live by the higher manifestation of their sign.

They are also extremely self-sacrificial, which is a wonderful quality if not taken to extremes.

Moon in Pisces people are extremely flexible and adaptive, which makes the wonderful partners both intimately and professionally.

Moon in Pisces love life

moon in pisces meaning

Moon in Pisces people are extremely romantic. Some of them have a tendency to fall in love with love itself. They can contemplate and adore their loved one to such an extent, forgetting that they may also have some weaknesses.

It’s as if they always wear pink glasses, but after a while, when they realize the truth, they may experience great disappointments and see their hopes and dreams collapse.

It is good to know, however, that the problem stems from the Moon in Pisces own unrealistic attitude towards the loved one, not the latter’s behavior. If they do not realize this fact, Moon in Pisces people are doomed to repeat the same mistakes in love over and over again.

Because they are extremely compassionate and even naive in their love relationships, Moon in Pisces people are easy prey for all kinds of crooks.

It is enough to tell them a heartbreaking story (real or imagined), and they are immediately ready to offer their help, time and money to help the needy. On the other hand, they never lose faith that it is suffering that helps them grow spiritually.

Moon in Pisces people are always filled with fantasies, illusions, and dreams when it comes to their love life. It’s almost like they are expecting to meet the knight on white horse, and project their image on every one of their partners.

They may also easily get into victim-savior relationships, where most often they start off as the savior, and end up as the victim of a partner with numerous psychological issues. This is also valid for people with Neptune aspects towards their personal planets.

Moon in Pisces people are able to completely forego their needs in order to help their partner and relief them of their burdens and pains. This applies even to those with a fire Sun sign like Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

The influence of a Moon in Pisces can strongly be felt in relationships.

If you have a partner with a Moon in Pisces, you need to really value their emotional world and try to preserve it. If this world becomes aggressive and filled with negative emotions, the Moon in Pisces person absorbs them, and sacrifices themselves for their partner. This will, however, only last for a while, because the emotionality of a Moon in Pisces person is extremely delicate.

Moon in Pisces people only feel well in a positive environment, when they are being emotionally stimulated. They need a lot of love and positivity in their daily life. This need can be compared to raising a child – unconditional love, and the expression of joy towards everything they do.

Moon in Pisces people bring in themselves the idea of emotional serving of others. If they receive positive feedback from their partner, this makes them very happy and willing to mirror these positive feelings, projecting them back to their partner.

Moon in Pisces compatibility

The Moon in Pisces can match well with others with a strong water influence in their chart (not necessarily their Moon sign).

There are a number of factors to be considered for compatibility, and compatibility by Moon signs only is not enough.

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