Moon in the 10th House – Naturally Driven and Loved By All, Don’t Let This One Thing Ruin You!

moon in the 10th house

Moon in the 10th House

Why delve into the depths of your Moon in the 10th house?

Imagine you gained a better understanding of what truly drives you in life.
Imagine this knowledge helps you succeed more easily and effortlessly.
Imagine better understanding of your needs automatically improves all your relationship, including the relationship with your own self.
Imagine discovering hidden talents that change your whole life perspective, shifting it in a more positive direction.

This is what true knowledge of your Moon can give you, and so much more!

The Moon in our natal chart is all that lies below the tip of the iceberg – it’s our unconscious desires, habits, and instincts that can be ruining or building the blocks of our life.

The Moon in astrology can offer the answers and relief you may have been seeking your whole life!

All you need to do is read on…

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Moon in the 10th House Summary

As children, our well-being depends on the love of our mother. People with the Moon in their 10th house project the “mother” in the world: their safety and security needs are related to the issues of profession and social status.

moon in the 10th house

Moon in the 10th house people are extremely sensitive about their reputation in society and are very concerned about what others think of them.

No matter how mature or self-sufficient they seem, there is a little boy or a girl inside them, looking for a mother-figure, craving for love.

The square aspects and oppositions to the Moon in the tenth house show other aspects of the personality that hinder or not necessarily coincide with what gaining approval requires.

An illustrative example is Richard Speck, born with their Moon in Cancer in the tenth house, but also with a square to it from Mars in Aries, who in June 1966 killed eight sisters, when the transiting Jupiter coincided with the moon and overamplified the squaring with Mars.

Moon in the 10th house people often show, through gestures and movements, a close identification with the mother. In childhood they are extremely sensitive to her physical and emotional life.

Later in life, some people with this Moon placement may even become ‘mothers’ to their own parents. At some point, they have to decide where exactly the mother ends and they begin, determining their own space and physical reality.

The career or profession of Moon in the 10th house people often reflects maternal qualities: service and catering the needs of others, feeding and sheltering them, providing all sorts of care and so on.

Career problems will cause great turbulences in their feelings and emotions. Boss or power figures can be a sign for unresolved issues with the mother and parents in general.

Some of those born with their Moon in the 10th house will probably expect the world to take care of them through social care. On the other hand, an individual with this placement is sensitive to the moods of society and has the potential to influence the feelings of the masses.

Moon in the 10th House Meaning

Moon in the 10th House Meaning

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This position of the Moon shows that the planet was extremely high in the sky at the birth time of the person.

This means that the Moon’s placement plays even a more significant role in their life. The moon has to do with the maternal and guardian functions, while the 10th house is connected to our attitude towards the world and the things we can achieve in it.

Therefore, people born with their Moon in the 10th house have more or less inherited the mission to perform a maternal and caring function in the surrounding world.

From a more ‘earthly’ perspective, this Moon placement suggests that the person can become very popular. Moon in the 10th house people are usually loved and respected.  

The potential to gain prominence in a certain area of life combines well with their ability to manage large groups of people. They can often hold high management roles and are often loved and even adored or sometimes idealized by their subordinates.

The emotional attachment of the Moon makes these people bosses and leaders, who actually show care and compassion for others, while also offering practical help to solve their problems.

The motto of the moon in this position is “I love the world”. Being placed in earth signs is more favorable in this respect. Moon in the 10th house people make a big effort to eliminate certain irregularities and injustices, leaving their own mark while trying to make the world a better place to live.

The moon is the fastest changing celestial body. Her cycle is only 28 days and during this period she causes many changes in the house she occupies. When it is in the 10th house, the changes will be in the realm of work and career.

Even if they have taken on an important leadership role, Moon in the 10th house people will have many interests outside of work.

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In other cases, frequent career changes may occur. A new beginning today may seem boring tomorrow and that may be the reason one is constantly looking for something new.

Other aspects of the natal chart will show if the individual has the ability to channel and purposefully manage the energy of the Moon in order to achieve a certain permanence. Otherwise, many valuable efforts can be wasted in all possible directions with minimal effect.

Moon in the 10th House Talents

Moon in the 10th House Talents

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Possibly the biggest strength of Moon in the 10th house people is their intuitive feeling, anticipating the right time to take a certain action or make a specific change in their life. This will be especially pronounced when the Moon is in a water sign. Of course, if any changes are made too often, they could have the negative effect, described above.

The most can be made out of this placement when there is a good balance achieved between the desire for change, a certain perseverance in a particular field, and instinctive knowledge of when the right time is to do something new.

Moon in the 10th house people are prone to completely changing their career orientation at least once in their lifetime.

Moon in the 10th house people also have an inherent ability to develop the habits and skills that are required in order to become successful in life. It feels like a second nature to them to be accomplished and goal-oriented. This is why they have a natural predisposition to stay focused even on the most burdensome of tasks. Their ambition comes from deep within, is driven by a subconscious motivation, colored by emotional attachment. This inevitably results in sheer determination to succeed.

Many of those born with this Moon placement intuitively perceive the desires and emotions of society and can in one way or another become catalysts for new social movements.

Moon in the 10th House Challenges

Moon in the 10th House Challenges

As we already mentioned, Moon in the 10th house people have a very strong sensitivity to public opinion, and this may play them a bad joke, especially considering the fact that they take it very much to heart.

It is not possible to be loved by everyone, and the sooner Moon in the 10th house people realize and accept that, the easier it will be for them to navigate through life.

Having something or someone spoil their reputation can not only jeopardize their mental and emotional health, but they can physically suffer, too.

Moon in the 10th house people also have an inborn desire to be recognized and appreciated for their accomplishments by society and the wide public. This desire, however, may not be satisfied in this lifetime. It would also be best if they try to accept that their professional journey may have its highs and lows, just like the Moon goes through cycles.

Moon in the 10th House and the Mother

Moon in the 10th House and the Mother

The house where the moon is located also describes the way we perceived our mother as children. When we grow up, we project our mother into the spheres, ruled by the respective house.

People born with their Moon in the 10th  house usually perceive their mother as an ambitious person, determined to build her career and leave a trace in the chosen field.

As they grow up, they continue to perceive the world around them as their mother. It doesn’t matter how confident and successful they seem in the eyes of others. Moon in the 10th house people have a little boy or a girl inside of them, who looks at the mother and seeks her approval for everything they do in their career.

The Moon in the 10th house can surely be an indicator that the mother was the more influential figure in this person’s family, and the one, who helped them gain a place in society. This is why her approval is always sought out, mostly unconsciously. As children, we always yearn for the approval of the mother, because we are being wired to believe this will ensure our survival.

This is why being successful in their career may feel like a life-or-death situation for those, born with their Moon in the 10th house.

Aspects of the Moon to other planets indicate areas of life where Moon in the 10th house people feel disapproved. In these areas they will experience dissatisfaction, boredom, and failure of their plans.

The profession of Moon in the 10th house people can also be related to maternal functions – for example, something related to dressing, eating, or caring for others in general.

Their relationships with their superiors or with other people in power can become an arena of disputes and unresolved issues, similar to the disputes with the mother from childhood.

It should also be mentioned that many people with this Moon placement decide to pursue a career, which they have inherited as a very distinct skill from their mother or father. For example, they may be the next one from a generation of lawyers, doctors, dentists, and other similar professions that were traditionally passed from father to son.

A third group of people may perceive the world as a mother, who is obliged to take care of them; often this is the category of people, who receive social unemployment benefits. A separate group can become mothers of their own mothers, etc. In all cases, there is a strong connection between the mother (the moon) and the realm of life which the person has devoted himself to as a career (10th house).

Moon in the 10th House and Relationships

Moon in the 10th House and Relationships

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Women born with their Moon in the 10th house are usually very self-driven and independent. They value their financial freedom, and will only stay with someone, who respects their ambitions and supports their career goals. It is not unusual that they merry men, who are financially dependent on them, at least the first time. Once they outgrow the subconscious patterns, driving such behavior, they would rather choose someone, who likes to progress with them, rather than serve as a grown-up child in the household.

Men with this position are often drawn to women, who are prone to ‘carry the pants’. Just like their mother, the wife will possess more drive and ambition for them than themselves. They will be instinctively attracted to strong-willed ladies, who know what they want from life and from them. Another possible scenario is that Moon in the 10th house men purposefully choose an older or more established woman as a life partner in order to advance in their career and society. In any case, it is best to first achieve their own goals, have their own accomplishments and career before they tie the knot.

Moon in the 10th House Remedies

Although ancient astrology considers this angular Moon placement a very positive one, you should try to bring the subconscious patterns driving you to your awareness and ask yourself questions what are the goals you truly wish to pursue.

Seeking constant approval from your mother, father, or the public as a whole can be extremely draining energetically, and can easily undermine one’s self-worth.

Furthermore, pursuing a career path simply for the sake of someone else will sooner or later leave you feeling unfulfilled. This is why it’s always a good idea to ask yourself: ‘Why am I doing this? What does this mean for ME?’

Moon in the 10th house people should try to find their value out of their career and  not identify so much with their accomplishments. Finding a balance between family and work life will help them find happiness in more areas of life!

Moon in the 10th House Celebrities

Kurt Cobain, Bill Gates, Mahatma Gandhi, Kylie Jenner, Céline Dion, Meryl Streep, Jake Gyllenhaal, Robert Downey Jr., Ashton Kutcher, Gisele Bündchen, David Beckham, Jude Law, Tyra Banks, Bradley Cooper, Sylvester Stallone, Anne Hathaway, Alicia Keys, Naomi Campbell, Tina Turner, Ricky Martin

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