Moon in the 6th House – You’re A Natural Healer and Your Body Is Like A Human Radar!

moon in the 6th house meaning

Why delve into the depths of your Moon in the 6th house?

Imagine you had easy tools to manage your emotions and use their energy in a constructive way.

Imagine a few simple self-discoveries helped you massively improve your mental and physical health.

Imagine a few simple realizations helped you massively improve all of your relationships.

Gaining a true understanding of your Moon sign placement can give you all that.

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The Moon in astrology can offer the answers and relief you may have been seeking your whole life!

All you need to do is read on…

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Moon in the 6th House Summary

People with their Moon in the 6th house find security and comfort by following a daily routine and taking care of their body needs.

Daily rituals such as making breakfast, exercising every morning, doing an evening stretch routine and bathing before bed give them a sense of consistency and well-being.

Physical health and their ability to function and to deal with everyday emergencies will change according to their mood.

Aspects of the Moon in this house reveal how successfully a person can take care of worries, emerging day after day. A trine from Saturn, for example, indicates that the physical body is a durable reservoir remaining unwavering in situations in which others are likely to react in a more exaggerated manner.

A square to Mars, however, suggests that the individual strongly feels every little anxiety – the body is simply unable to endure stress. It is also possible to find a connection between the way the mother copes with daily tension and the way the person does it.

Diseases that can be inherited or “passed down in the family” should be noticed and it is worthwhile to take preventive measures.

People with the Moon in the 6th house should be careful with their diet – in the onset of emotional difficulties it is possible to have eating problems or alcohol abuse.

The body has its own instinctive wisdom, which they can learn to respect and acknowledge without too much effort. If they take the time to notice and register the sensations in their bodies when they enter a room or meet someone for the first time, they will understand how much they are able to grasp through the bodily senses.

There is a need for a sense of emotional engagement for those born with their Moon in the 6th house.

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Usually employment, which involves interacting with other people, is preferable to activities that may involve isolation.

On the other hand, Moon in the 6th house people may easily find themselves entangled in the personal life of colleagues or employees. They have an intrinsic skill at satisfying the practical and emotional needs of others and are quite suitable for a job, where they can play ‘the mother’.

Since the 6th house is also connected to pets, unresolved issues with the mother can be projected onto a dog or a cat. A pet to love and care for can greatly contribute to both their mental and physical health.

Moon in the 6th House Natal Meaning

moon in the 6th house meaning

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Since the 6th house signifies one’s health, this placement tells us that one’s health condition depends very much on their emotional balance (the Moon). The Moon is the fastest moving planet, therefore, the changes it causes can happen quickly and unexpectedly.

The ability of the Moon in the 6th house people to cope with their daily tasks and responsibilities largely depends on how they feel at the moment and the mood they are in.

Very often, when under stress, these people feel the urge to consume extra food. It is especially difficult for them to give up sweets in such moments. In general, Moon in the 6th house people experience fluctuations in their health, and these fluctuations will be related mainly to internal worries, insecurities, doubts about their own self-worth.

They have to be careful not to become addicted to cigarettes, alcohol and other similar stimulants.

At any rate, for Moon in the 6th house people, health is a major focus, and this can be mental, physical, spiritual, emotional or intellectual health. Other aspects of the chart will show in which area greatest emphasis is being put. No matter the precise focus, all types of health-related issues can take over their day, forcing them to make re-arrangements and re-prioritizing other areas of their life.

It’s also possible that the health of a female family member is the main source of concern for those born with their Moon in the 6th house

It’s also possible that their early childhood involved frequent visits to the doctor, or they experienced some setbacks in their intellectual or emotional development.

The Moon is also generally related to society. Therefore, the job of those born with their Moon in the 6th house could be related to serving society in one way or the other. Or, it could involve working with many women (the Moon).

Moon in the 6th house people generally feel comfortable helping others, particularly when it comes to health matters. They may also find themselves preferring to work in a position where they are in a subordinate rather than a leadership role.

Moon in the 6th House Strengths

moon in the 6th house meaning

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Moon in the 6th house people have the inborn potential to learn the mind-body connection from a very early age and to instinctively feel which healing method is best for them, and later on in life – for others, too.

The first step is of course to tune in with your own body, and Moon in the 6th house people instinctively know how to do that. The body of Moon in the 6th house people can give them very correct signals in different life situations, and it can literally ‘tell’ them through a pain or an ache when a certain person or environment is not good for them.

Later on, they can use their discoveries to help and offer unique healing methods for others, too.

Moon in the 6th house people will likely do better when working together with others rather than independently. Unemployment for those born with this Moon placement might be very intimidating, since they might require constant employment so as to feel protected. Because of the varying nature of the Moon, however, they can change tasks rather often or employment requirements may not be steady.

With the Moon in the 6th house there’s an immense hunger for importance, for rewarding work and assistance.

There’s a good potential for hard work; however, unless other placements and aspects demonstrate it, these individuals aren’t frequently self-starters. They generally require a person to work for, a person they admire. They have a powerful desire for achievement, but by somebody else’s lights, at least in childhood.

Unless other natal chart variables signify the opposite, they might lack the self-confidence to operate by themselves, setting their own criteria.

There’s an inherent need for a perfect boss, one who’ll set criteria and limitations, who enjoys hard work and rewards outcomes. Sadly, this is an ideal that cannot be so easily achieved, which causes Moon in the 6th house people a good deal of stress that could lead to disorders of the gut or the glands.

Frequently those born with the Moon in the Sixth House aren’t paid what they’re worth. There’s a selfless aspect, a desire to work for the love of it purely because of its outcomes rather than the private gain. Or any attempts to ask for increases in wages brings up problems of self-worth they find painful to manage. Therefore, they frequently end up working for non-profits, volunteering in charity associations, or perhaps entering religious orders.

Those born with their Moon in the 6th house need to feel mentally engaged in work.

Typically a project that involves interaction with others is far better than working in overly isolated environments. People that have the Moon in the 6th house are proficient in fulfilling the functional and psychological needs of others, and therefore are ideal for almost any occupation in which they can play  the’Mother’.

Moon in the 6th house people can be frequently found in careers associated with the Moon, for example food service or property.

To be able to express maternal/nurturing qualities, people who have their Moon in the Sixth House may also work in the healthcare profession or with kids, expressing their sixth-house Moon’s mothering instincts this way.

Moon in the 6th House Weaknesses

moon in the 6th house meaning

As they get older, Moon in the 6th house people can start experiencing stressful situations at work a lot more harshly.

On the one hand, they may eventually realize that no boss could ever meet the ideal they’ve been searching, and that if they are supposed to function as efficiently as they wish they must figure out some way to be their own boss and serve humankind in their own way. This might turn out to be a process that may involve a great deal of emotional suffering and debilitating self-understanding.

On the other hand, if they keep working for someone else, they will probably stop looking for perfection, but rather start treating their co-workers as family, striving to create a cozy, amicable atmosphere in the job, forgiving everyone’s flaws. They might start organizing workplace birthday parties and company picnics.

Another weakness to point out is that Moon in the 6th house people can be inwardly insecure, and this constant striving for psychological perfection may overpower them.

They could be convinced in their own worthlessness and lack of lovableness.

This may lead them to constantly seek out psychological comfort and attachment, but their fear of criticism and rejection can drive them to pull away from emotional commitment. They might find it hard to harmonize their emotions, but rather they attempt to control them and “perfect” them. The outcome is that they put themselves under intense emotional stress and strain and this leads to neurosis.

Moon in the 6th house people are very likely to be emotionally anxious, too protective and controlling of others, and generally fearful.

They intuitively know they have never been able to attain self-perfection and, so, they fluster their way through life, “sticking their nose” into everything and “behaving like a mother hen.” This way, their expectation is that nobody sees their personal imperfections.

Moon in the 6th House Health

moon in the 6th house meaning

A 6th house Moon also indicates a individual that is especially vulnerable to illness when emotionally upset.

This will probably be evident in a lot of individuals, but for those with this Moon placement, it is usually more apparent. As an example, a heavily afflicted Moon here will  predispose some individuals to being hypochondriacs. This, naturally, is very intense but it should offer a notion of how predisposed a 6th House Moon positioning is to disease when emotions become involved.

If negative psychological tendencies are permitted to grow and persist, you are very likely to suffer from emotional anxiety or a scattering type of neurosis.

You can also be vulnerable to emotional obsessive-compulsive ailments, especially if you’re in the custom of fixating emotionally on little details. If you’re emotionally healthy, you are able to create an ability for nurturing and caring for others, helping them toward improved health and well-being. If you are involved in serving others, you also need to make sure you look after yourself, particularly with respect to anxiety.

Moon in the 6th House Remedies

People with their Moon in the 6th house ought to be careful about diet – eating issues or overindulgence in alcohol may arise at the start of psychological issues.

Utilize the inner Knowledge of your own body to make good food choices and to work and live in environments that enhance your health and well-being.

Your body has an instinctual understanding of its own which you can learn how to admire and recognize.

Moon in the 6th House Celebrities

moon in the 6th house meaning

Johnny Depp, Miley Cyrus, Will Smith, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Adele, Jessica Alba, Nikola Tesla, Michael Jordan, Richard Gere, Enrique Iglesias, Liv Tyler, Serena Williams, Silvio Berlusconi, Lara Fabian, J.R.R. Tolkien

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