Moon in the 11th House: Meaning, Strengths, Challenges And Remedies!

moon in the 11th house meaning

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Moon in the 11th House Summary

Moon in the 11th house people are looking for security, comfort and a sense of belonging through friends, groups, and organizations.

They are often very impressionable and should therefore take care when making choices which people and circles they connect with.

As long as the Moon is not strongly influenced by a fixed sign, Moon in the 11th house people easily mix with all types of crowds.

They probably like to take maternal care of their friends and in return expect a fair degree of support and nourishment from others when they need it. Some may maintain many old friendships since childhood. If the Moon is in a variable sign, one can have many acquaintances that come and go and less lasting friendships.

It is worth exploring early wounds or frustrations from friends if the Moon has many difficult aspects, because it may all stem from early childhood relationships in the family that need to be looked into.

Women with difficult aspects to the Moon in the eleventh house often complain that they find it difficult to get along with members of their own sex. It is possible that there is “unfinished business” with the mother.

For both sexes, the well-aspected Moon in the 11th house usually is a sign of beneficial friendships with women. The mother may be perceived more as a friend than as a parent.

Many people with their Moon in the 11th  house join groups, activities and social gatherings as a way to relax and calm down from the battle of everyday life. They are usually quite emotionally involved in these groups and activities. Some may act as a “mother” in the community, making sure everyone else is well, and they even offer their home as a place for meetings and gatherings. It is also possible that Moon in the 11th house people are able to stimulate the feelings of large groups of people.

Goals and ambitions can change according to mood and are probably too easily influenced by other people’s opinions about what would be best for them.

As long as hot emotional circumstances do not cause too many problems with others, this placement is an indication of people, who are able to gather a “family of friends” with whom they share connections – as strong as blood.

Moon in the 11th House Meaning

moon in the 11th house meaning

The 11th house has to do with groups of people and our friends.

Hence the instinctive reaction (predetermined by the Moon) of people born with this Moon placement is to be part of a group, to belong to a certain society, to spend a significant part of their time with their friends.

Often the strong desire of Moon in the 11th house people to be part of a group is rooted in their early childhood experiences.

One possible scenario is that the individual was a child, who lived relatively distanced or in some sense different from other children. For this reason, they may not have been accepted by their classmates. Later on, these people have a strong need to be part of a team in order to compensate for their isolation from early childhood.

Another possible scenario is of a child, who has been trying hard to earn the trust and respect of their classmates. However, they are also being rejected, because of their excessive efforts. Love and recognition cannot be obtained by force. Later in life, they continue to feel an urgent need to feel part of a group. In both cases, it will be extremely useful for them to explore on a deeper psychological level the real reasons for their behavior.

Of course, they can look completely happy, being dependent on the group to which they belong. Ultimately, however, they are in danger of losing much of their own identity and right to free will.

In any case, a Moon placement in the 11th house in the birth chart is associated with the search for a sense of security, confidence, safety, comfort and belonging through friendly circles, groups and organizations.

Individuals with this astrological disposition are very impressionable and receptive to anything that happens in the group. For this reason, they must be especially careful and choose very well the people around them. For them, the saying goes, “Tell me who your friends are so I can tell you who you are.”

Moon in the 11th house people have the ability to merge with a variety of organizations and groups, even those, who they have conflicting interests and goals with.

Since the Moon is connected with our feelings and emotions, people with their Moon in the 11th house tend to have a very specific preference towards a group or organization, because this is where they feel calm, relaxed, and emotionally secure.

Others join groups that pursue specific causes, as they are loaded with a special emotional charge for them. These could be, for example, groups of environmentalists fighting for a greener planet, or for the preservation of rare animals and birds, or aiming to eliminate world poverty.

No matter what the exact idea of ​​the organization (11th house), it suggests a strong emotional connection (the Moon) with the individual. In almost all cases, the Moon in the 11th house favors the creation of a “family of friends” with whom a very strong emotional connection will be maintained. In many cases this emotional connection is even much stronger than the one with blood relatives.

Moon in the 11th House Strengths

moon in the 11th house strengths

Moon in the 11th House people have very strong dedication to the cause or ideal they have embraced. They are ready to lift mountains in order to raise awareness on something they feel passionate about.

Because of the Moon’s specific maternal functions, these people often play the role of mother in relation to the other members of the group: they are the ones who offer emotional support and understanding, help and assistance when needed and they generally care for, help and protect everyone.

On the other hand, they can expect the group as a whole to return their care, performing certain maternal functions personally to them. Often these are precisely the functions that they could not receive from their mothers as children and they are now trying to compensate by receiving care and attention from the groups to which they belong.

And because the Moon is related to the female half of humanity, usually everyone with this Moon placement is quite popular among women.

This is true for both sexes, and it is not necessary that these relationships have a sexual connotation (although sometimes there is).

With your Moon in the 11th house friends can be very supportive and helpful when you need to find a job.

Often at work they would also assist you to get out of a conflict situation. Or in case of job loss, they will again be the first to respond for assistance. Often Moon in the 11th house people trust the advice of their friends more than professionals – be it to find a job, to buy real estate, or to get married. The advice and opinion of parents, partners, or professional counselors is far less important than the opinion of their circle of friends.

Moon in the 11th House Challenges

Moon in the 11th house people’s desire to be part of a group can be so strong that it leads to certain problems. First, they may become so dependent on the opinions of other members of the group that they lose some of their identity. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what their own opinion and feelings on a certain topic is; they are more concerned about the general consensus on the issue of all other members of the group.

This loss of identity in fact happens in a completely natural, instinctive, and invisible to the individual way.

This is why when this fact is mentioned to Moon in the 11th house people for the first time, they may be completely shocked. After some time, however, they start realizing that indeed a lot of their important life decisions have been made under the influence of the group to which they belong.

The quality and quantity of friendships made by Moon in the 11th house people will largely depend on the sign in which the Moon is.

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If the Moon is in a fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius), friendships can last for years. Many of them will keep in touch with their comrades from the early days of their school years.

If the Moon is in a moving sign (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces), these people have many acquaintances, but as soon as they get to know them, the friendship falls apart. These separations don’t have to be accompanied by negative feelings, but these people have a very limited range of real feelings anyway.

If the Moon is in a cardinal sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), the friendships they form are largely determined by the attitude of others towards them; they manage to form long-lasting unions with some people, and with others – only temporary ones.

If the Moon is struck by negative aspects, any disappointments, insults, or pain caused by friends, dating back to early childhood is worth undergoing a deeper psychological analysis.

It is very likely that children’s emotions have projected a certain negative line of behavior that is worth studying and correcting. Often women with this Moon placement, in whose horoscope the lesser luminary makes negative aspects to other planets complain of having issues with other women.

Moon in the 11th House Remedies

Moon in the 11th House Remedies

Any issues and heartbreaks caused by friends can usually be linked to the relationship with the mother in the early years of childhood. Behavioral patterns from this part of their life are often projected to female friends in adulthood. All these behaviors and early experiences are worth analyzing and correcting in order to eliminate their negative effects in the present.

Moon in the 11th house people can try to be consciously aware of their own likes, dislikes and opinions, and try to preserve their own sense of identity.

Finding a partner, who they perceive as a very good friend, and who shares a cause or an ideal they feel very strongly about is also a good idea, because this will keep the relationship strong. Otherwise the partner may feel like the Moon in the 11th house person is ‘married’ to their friends or the groups they are participating in, and jealousy or other conflicts, relating to that matter may arise.

Moon in the 11th House Celebrities

moon in the 11th house celebrities

George Clooney, Martin Luther King, Justin Bieber, Keanu Reeves, Cameron Diaz, John Lennon, Natalie Portman, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Oprah Winfrey, Ryan Gosling, Pamela Anderson, Bruce Lee, Elizabeth Taylor, Paul McCartney, Lindsay Lohan, Mila Kunis, Tom Hanks, Kylie Minogue, Winston Churchill

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