Moon in the 3rd House: Could You Be The Next Mark Zuckerberg?

moon in the 3rd house meaning

Why should you care about your Moon in the 3rd  House?

Imagine a sudden realization that instantly clarifies an intense emotional issue you’ve been dealing with for a while.

Imagine you instantly gaining clarity on your behavior, and therefore – the behavior of others.

Imagine all your relationships suddenly flowing with ease and mutual understanding of each other.

But right now, it may all seem like a blurry mess.

Fortunately, the Moon in astrology can offer the answers and relief you may have been seeking your whole life!

Just by gaining an in-depth understanding of your Moon, you can take your evolution to a whole new level of happiness and self-fulfillment, as it will help you gain real insight into your true needs and those of others!

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Moon in the 3rd House Summary

While the Sun in the 3rd house invades the stage and wants to create an impression in the immediate environment, the Moon in the 3rd house reflects the surroundings and is modeled by them.

When the Moon is in the 3rd house, there is an ability to “feel” what other people think, but those with this house placement may also find it difficult to distinguish between their own thoughts and the thoughts of those, closest to them.

At times, they may believe they were objective and rational, when in fact they reacted on the basis of some emotional complex. Thought patterns of those born with the Moon in the 3rd house will change according to their moods and sensitivities. If they are in a positive mood, then they will interpret everything positively. If they feel touchy and vulnerable, the same environment will be interpreted completely differently.

The mind of those born with the Moon in their 3rd house is resourceful and the memory is usually strong.

The Sun in the third house believes that knowledge is power; The Moon here craves knowledge because of the security that comes from understanding how things really work.

Because the Moon is associated with past influences, her position in the third house may suggest an interest in such subjects such as archeology, genealogy and history. This will of course be different, if the Moon makes an aspect with Uranus, when the interests will be more future-oriented and innovative.

The Moon in the third house gives a certain adaptability to changing environments, but the mind may wander or waver from one interest to another.


Relationship with relatives – especially females like sisters, aunts or cousins – is very important for people with this Moon placement.

They seek comfort and security through siblings or relatives, or they probably had to be “mothers” of relatives during the period of adolescence. They will probably communicate more with the real mother as an older sister, not a parent.

The Moon in the 3rd house may also be indicative of a writing talent, which will most certainly also be colored by emotion. 

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This is also a favorable position for public speaking, and speakers with the Moon in the 3rd house will be able to influence the feelings of the audience.

Moon in the 3rd House Natal Meaning

Moon in the 3rd House Natal Meaning

Because the third house is about speaking and communication, people born with this Moon placement feel a certain need to verbally express their feelings and experiences.

Communication is an integral part of the daily lives of Moon in the 3rd house people.

Nowadays, this is connected with the most diverse technical means of communication – messengers, Facebook groups, and all types of social platforms will be heavily used by those born with this Moon placement.

Chatting, taking part in discussions, and sharing their knowledge with others comes naturally and instinctively to them.

Those born with the Moon in the 3rd house are also keenly interested in the news presented on television, radio, and newspapers. This is because the third house also rules the media and all means of mass communication. One’s instinctive reaction (favored by the Moon) will be to receive knowledge (3rd house).

We must add, however, that both the Moon and the 3rd house are not particularly profound in thinking and reasoning. This means that people with this Moon placement may prefer to jump from topic to topic and know less about everything than to delve into a solid study of just a certain range of serious topics. This is of course only valid if there aren’t other aspects in the chart that give depth of thought (i.e Mercury trine Saturn).

In most cases, those born with the Moon in their 3rd house find studying the details and specific facts of a subject to be quite tedious.

In a way it can be said that they are guided much more by their need for information than by their desire for true knowledge. They are able to pay too much attention to what they have seen on television or have read on social media, instead of bothering to explore the topic in depth.

As a rule, they have a wide range of relatives and acquaintances.

Moon in the 3rd house Career and Talents

Moon in the 3rd house Career and Talents

Those, born with their Moon in the 3rd house are often distinguished by certain writing abilities, because the third house signifies both the written and spoken word.

The position of the Moon in the 3rd house is good for those who have decided to dedicate themselves to the teaching profession or teaching in general. They work especially well with the younger generation and younger children. This is because the third house has to do with siblings, and the Moon is definitely connected with the feminine, the maternal.

People with the Moon in their 3rd house are often attracted to teaching, journalism, publishing, or pedagogy activities.

They usually have a good ability to analyze well (3rd house) their own emotions and experiences, as well as those of others (Moon). This quality is even more emphasized when the Moon falls in a water or an earth sign. If it is in an air sign, it is possible in some cases to lead to too much intellectualization of feelings.

While the Sun in the third house builds its sense of strength, confidence and pride in itself through self- development and the use of our full mental and intellectual potential (because with the Sun we always put conscious efforts to develop our abilities in the areas of life, identified by the respective house), the opposite is true of the Moon: it makes no effort to build intellectual potential.

With the Moon in the 3rd house, this process takes place instinctively and naturally. In the typical style of the Moon, it shines with reflected light.

For the Sun knowledge is power and there is an aspiration to acquire this power, while the Moon in the 3rd house has completely different reasons for gaining knowledge – it gives emotional confidence and security.

While the Sun favors building its own system of intellectual beliefs and convictions, the Moon reflects the values ​​of others. People with this Moon placement have the ability to ‘feel’ the thoughts of others.

On the one hand, the advantage is that they can be tuned to the corresponding wavelength of those surrounding them and communicate with ease. On the other hand, they may never build their own system of intellectual beliefs, and always reflect the beliefs of others. In doing so, they do it with disarming ease and grace.

Overall, the Moon in the 3rd house is a very good position for those, who interact with large groups of people (i.e. for PR specialists).

It is also beneficial for different types of retailers, distributors of products and ideas, psychotherapists, psychologists, educators, teachers or journalists. People with the Moon in their 3rd house have a certain talent for communicating with children and young people.

Last but not least, those born with the Moon in their 3rd house have an instinctive talent for driving (unless the Moon is heavily afflicted), because this house also has to do with transport and traveling.

With good Moon aspects, the placement can make a great travel agent, travel blogger, or travel agency owner.

Moon in the 3rd House Mixes Rationality with Emotion

Moon in the 3rd house emotions

Sometimes people with their Moon in the 3rd house may think they are acting rationally and sensibly, when in fact they are led by subconscious emotional impulses.

They can see the same situation in a radically different way, depending on the emotional state they are in at the moment.

For example, when they feel confident and satisfied with life, a certain situation may seem wonderful to them. But if something drastically changes their mood, this same situation may seem awful just a few hours later.

Therefore, it would be good for Moon in the 3rd house people to realize that the way they think and reason is not always as rational and logical as they would like to believe.

Quite the opposite is true – their thought patterns are often strongly influenced by their emotional state.

Those, born with the Moon in the 3rd house usually benefit greatly from psychotherapy and share their mental problems relatively easily. Exceptions are people with the Moon in Scorpio, in whom feelings are often blocked. With the Moon in Pisces, on the other hand, forming the thoughts into logic can be quite challenging. Difficult aspects, especially to heavy planets or Saturn, also have a blocking effect.

However, in the presence of positive aspects, these people are born speakers, who are able to easily capture the attention of the audience. They could do so with the greatest ease, express their emotions and feelings in a meaningful and logically justified way.

Moon in the 3rd House Family and Relationships

Moon in the 3rd House Family and Relationships

People born with the Moon in their 3rd house may have been willing or forced to perform a certain educational, caring, or maternal function in relation to their siblings. Sometimes the mother is perceived as a bigger sister rather than a real mother.

The Moon in the 3rd house also predisposes one to often change schools and places of living, and this may give a reflection on one’s personality and behavior later in life. They would either have the constant need to move and go on short trips, or they would prefer to stay put and build long-term friendships, as they weren’t able to do so, due to constant travel in their childhood. In the best case scenario, those born with the Moon in their 3rd house would be able to find a balance between the two.

In addition, as far as the Moon is related to society as a whole, they are capable of giving socially oriented care or educational functions.

As parents, those born with the Moon in their 3rd house can be an inspiring example to their children. They are able to feel very well what the child is thinking and therefore predispose them to more freedom, openness and development of his or her potential.

Moon in the 3rd House Remedies

Since this position of the Moon can greatly agitate one’s mind, due to the fact that it needs constant feed of knowledge and information in order to provide the individual with a sense of security, people with the Moon in their 3rd house need to find a good outlet of this intense energy stream of mixed feelings and emotions.

Switching from one ‘3rd house activity’ to another might be a good idea, as they will both be providing an inner sense of security and comfort.

Taking short trips, and spending weekends in nearby destinations in nature that calm the mind and provide a short escape from the constant informational stream. This can have an amazingly healing influence to those born with their Moon in the 3rd house.

It is also a good idea to find an outlet of this vast supply of emotional energy, directed towards their mind through journaling, poetry writing, or simply sharing their experiences online.

Developing a good relationship with their brothers and sisters is also a step that will have a soothing effect on the mind, because subconsciously, those born with the Moon in the 3rd house can only feel good when they have a loving, nurturing relationship with their siblings.

Moon in the 3rd house people should also know that they may have digestive problems when travelling, and it would be good to take precautions for that – never leave for a trip without a packed meal or having planned where you will be able to source good, nourishing food for yourself.

Moon in the 3rd House Celebrities

Moon in the 3rd House Celebrities

Jennifer Aniston, Emmanuel Macron, Elvis Presley, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Mariah Carey, 14th Dalai Lama, Mark Zuckerberg, Carl Jung, Jack Nicholson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Meghan Marckle,  Gerard Butler, Dwayne Johnson, George Michael, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Meg Ryan

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