Daily Love Forecast 16th December – Fire, Passion, and Fierce Emotions – Will You Burn Or Will You Play?

daily love forecast 16th december

Wow, we’re facing another fiery day that is promising an interesting outcome if we play our cards right!

The situation is somehow similar to yesterday’s square between Uranus and the Moon, but today it is between Mars and the Moon!

The Moon is still in Leo, and the energy is still super intense, fiery, and prone to get you super angry, frustrated, and impatient, or extra excited and happy! It all depends on you.

Make sure you complete yesterday’s grounding practice today as well – it will be extremely beneficial for today’s energies, too, especially with number FOUR ruling the day.

Fire And Earth Equals Passion!

Today we have an extremely potent mix of fire and earth energies, which makes it an exceptinoally passionate, physical day. If you have a crush, a date, or a partner, you may be finding it hard to keep your hands off them – don’t suppress your urges, let it out! For those of you, who have a partner, it is a great time to enjoy some mind-blowing play between the sheets!

If you are single, let your sexuality shine in a subtle, but playful way. Harness this energy within you, and it is a great idea to start the day, using your yoni egg or simply doing a short practice to power up your first and second chakras.

The number SIX is extremely prominent on this day, and again, aligning with what the planets have to tell us, it invites us to use our intuition, to follow our urges, and to be true to our inner instincts.

You can allow yourself to show your wild side a little bit today!

Put your hair down, feel sexy, playful, and ready for adventure. Make sure you channel this energy in the right way, rather than coming off as too aggressive and pushy! Venus, being in the earthly sign of Capricorn will help you strike the balance that you need.

Ritual to strengthen your sexuality in a gentle, feminine way

Do this before you go out today, and you will have all eyes turning onto you! It really is an extremely potent practice that strengthens a woman’s femininity and will make you absolutely irresistible in men’s eyes. Make sure you have self-control, too, as the temptation to do something you may regret later may be strong!

First of all, sit comfortably with your legs crossed and back straight. It is best to do it on a couch, as you really want to be comfortable and have your back supported.

Take 1-2mins to just calm your breath and start breathing deeply and calmly.

Take your attention to your second chakra (your womb), and visualize a light shining there with a bright yellow or pink color. Feel the light filling up your whole womb and stomach area and feel it getting brighter and stronger.

Focus on it for about 5 to 10 mins, and don’t let the light spread throughout your body. Rather just feel it getting brighter and stronger just in this area there. Feel the light clear the space from all your past sexual partners and your second chakra getting stronger and clearer.

This truly is a very very powerful practice that will make you super attractive to the opposite sex!

Just try it and you’ll see!

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Love and Light!

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