One Thing to GIVE AWAY Today To Receive Back And Manifest Love! (Daily Love Astrology 23 Feb)

daily astrology forecst february 23

The positive aspects from yesterday are still at play, and we still have the heavenly influence of Neptune sextiling Jupiter, which you can read more about here.

Yesterday, we had the number ONE ruling the day, which suggested a powerful new beginning, which is not in contradiction with Mercury retrograde, as this is more of a psychological, an INTERNAL new beginning rather than anything else. In fact, I do not advise you to start any new relationships or projects during Mercury retrograde, as you are very likely to regret them later. I speak from experience, having done such a thing under the influence of strong impulses and then getting myself into a hot mess!

Numerologically, today we have a very strong influence to pursue our goals and dreams through SHARING. Today is a wonderful time to join a group setting, a guided meditation, a webinar, or a seminar, where you can do some healing and inner work with like-minded people.

In our efforts to manifest love and abundance into our lives, freeing space and time for individual work is crucial, but then going out and sharing some of the wisdom and experience we’ve gained with others is AS IMPORTANT!

Today is the time to open up and give something back to the world in order to receive!

Sharing your energy with others is your way of saying ‘thank you’ to the Universe for the gifts you have already received as well as the ones that are to come, and is a surefire way to attract more of what you desire sooner.

Actively seeking ways to connect with people, who are on the same path and the same wavelength as you is also helping you further build up your energy, your core confidence, and your ability to manifest. We, people learn from each other even on a subconscious, invisible level and seeking ways to exchange thoughts and energy with other today is the way to go!

By doing all this, you are powerfully aligning yourself with the energies of the day, which, if done regularly, will quickly become an utterly life-changing experience, with things manifesting much sooner than you expected them to! By following these simple, but crucial tips, you are becoming a co-creator rather than an observer of your destiny!

I would love to keep assisting you in this journey towards True Love, Happiness, and Abundance, and in order to receive FREE daily support, you can click the button below. You will be joining hundreds of like-minded women, whose energy will support and further inspire and empower you!????

Love and Light!

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