Daily Love Forecast 17th December – Can You Take So Much Love, Blessings And Good Fortune?!

daily love forecast 17th december


I am absolutely speechless, and I truly don’t know where to start from, again!

Planets and astrology are 100% agreeing today that it will be a powerful, blessed day of Light, Love, sharing, expansion, and opportunities to experience Love and Personal growth!

You have all the conditions to meet someone truly special today, especially if you have been following my daily forecasts, aligning with the Universal stream of energy and love with the short rituals and practices. If you haven’t been doing so, make sure you Send a Message to my FB page, and once you subscribe, you will start receiving them daily straight into your inbox!

Back to today’s blessed day!

First of all, we have a shower of blessings from Heaven and strong angelic support, urging us to expand our hearts and extend the circle of love towards everyone and everything that we meet. We are urged to truly, deeply, and intentionally bring the vibration of love with us everywhere we go!

An incredible combination of energies

First of all, we have the number FIVE, ruling the day, which invites us to work on our virtues and show them to the world. At the same time, we have a very strong vibration of the number TWO, which is however derived from ELEVEN – and this invites us to communicate, exchange ideas, and selflessly give back to others whatever we have received.

It truly is a day to receive and give back love! 

Don’t be stingy, don’t be shy – spend time with friends, relatives, with your family. It is an amazing day to go out shopping for presents, to write Christmas cards, and to write down Christmas and New Year’s wishes from ALL YOUR HEART!

All this will really help you channel the powerful positive energies of the day and help you manifest the things YOU want a lot faster in your life! Today is a day to receive through giving, and to really open up your heart to give others blessings and to show them you care.

One amazing way to do that

Is by sitting down and writing a short list of wishes and blessings for your family and friends. For example:

I truly, deeply wish that my brother lands his dream job this New Year. I wish it from all my heart and I send my blessings towards him.

I truly, deeply wish that my best friend (name) has her dream wedding with her true soulmate this year. I wish it from all my heart and I send my blessings for her.

Do this for as many people as you can think of, and see the goodness come back to you! Don’t think that it will, just nurture the feeling of selfless love, and wish other people what you wish to receive yourself, without thinking whether it will come back to you or not. It surely will!

Finally, the planets have your back, too!

Finally, I wish to point out that we have a wonderful alignment of planets as well today. An amazing triangle between the Moon, Jupiter, and Uranus, which will help you feel love, expansion, joy, and also give you a shower of wonderful surprises throughout the day.

Tune in with the energy and feel blessed!

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Love and light!

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