Now You Can Receive Key Information From Your Spirit Guides! (Daily Love Astrology 17th Feb)

daily love astrology forecast 17th february

With Mercury going retrogate today, the time is just right to set our intentions on getting closure and completion on things from the past.

Although Mercury is usually not considered as one of the ‘Love’ planets, it actually rules our thought models and patterns, which are undoubtedly key in attracting what we desire in our life. Our thoughts are building our subconsciousness, which in turn acts as a powerful catalyst of the events in our life. With our subconscious thought patterns we are creating our reality! Our thoughts are also driving our emotions, and if we don’t gain the power over our thoughts, then we can become prey to destructive feelings and behaviors.

This is especially true when Mercury is in Pisces, as this sign is extremely intuitive, sensitive, and it is said that Pisces is the border between the physical and the spiritual world. During this time you can have things, coming from the past, not only in the form of situations and people, but also in the form of states of minds and emotional states. There is a positive manifestation of this aspect, however:

With Mercury going retrograde in Pisces, you can powerfully set an intention to connect with your spirit guides and get answers from them

The time is NOT suitable for starting a new relationship, but it is ideal for connecting with your inner wisdom, with your spirit guides, and receiving answers on what thoughts and behaviors have so far hindered your happiness in life and in love. Today, set an intention to use the next 20 days to re-evaluate past thought patterns and behaviors that have led to undesirable results in the past.

Now you have the opportunity to set things right and it might be a good time to start seeing a therapist if you feel like you need help in this process

Pisces is the ruler of the 12th house (psychology, meditation, inner trauma), and with Mercury going retrograde there, it is a suitable time to get help with digging deeper into what has blocked your happiness in the past. Remember, we are still just starting off with 2020, so now with this Mercury retrograde you have an amazing chance to get closure with things from the past and clear out the way for an amazing future! Find time and space for your daily meditation, journaling, rituals, etc. – they we count even more in this period!

The numerology chart of the day is also fully supporting the above!

We have the number five, ruling the day, which invites us to work on our virtues, and we have a number of karmic combinations that are connected to self-development, pushing through to achieve our goals, and overcome our weaknesses. Considering it’s Monday, too – what an amazing time to start a 20-day self-development challenge that can open the doors to new miracles in 2020!

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Love and Light!

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