Daily Love Forecast 15th December – Expect The Unexpected!

daily love forecast 15th december

Today is an intense and unusual day with a few prominent energies coming to play!

First of all, the day is ruled by the number THREE, which supports us with blessings from the universe. It is also here to remind us that we are often driven and directed by higher forces, which are much bigger and stronger than us!

At the same time, astrologically, we have a hard aspect between Uranus and the Moon. This is an aspect that can bring us sudden, uncontrollable emotions, a fight can burst out of nowhere with a family member, we can break something in our house, or any other sudden unexpected situation that will strongly affect us emotionally can happen, and it can ALL seem like out of our control!

Turning Hard Aspects Into Our Advantage

Whenever there are universal forces at play that seem to be out of our control, we have the choice to cooperate with them, and turn things into our advantage! For example, rather than attracting destructive energies, we can attract a situation that again gives us sudden, strong emotions, but positive ones! It is very important to know the remedy for every universal energy, and cooperate with it in order to receive gifts rather than punches from the Universe!

Today’s Remedy for Harsh Aspects

Today’s remedy for harsh aspects is using our mind and staying grounded!

Numerologically, we have a very strong number NINE, which is encouraging us to use our practical, earthly mind, and astrologically as well, we have a positive aspect between Mercury and the Moon! I love it how numerology and astrology ALWAYS agree with each other to give us the same guidance, and to point us in the right direction!

How To Do It

The first thing to do today, is to make sure to stay grounded. Staying grounded really helps keep your emotions on check, balances you inside-out, and helps you clear your mind.

This is a great thing to do daily, but today specifically it will be extremely beneficial for you!

Stand up, spine straight, breathing deeply and calmly. Eyes closed or open, as you feel more comfortable.

Legs shoulder-width apart.

Take a few seconds to concentrate and calm down, and then imagine a bright ray of light coming through the sky straight through your crown chakra and into your body. Imagine the light coming into you, filling every part of your body, and going through you straight out of your legs.

Imagine it turns into deep root branches as it goes out of your legs, deep into the ground. Imagine you are getting the support of higher beings through this ray of light, while at the same time you are stable, and have you roots into the ground, into Mother Earth, who is also supporting you.

Feel extremely stable and supported, both from the Heaven and from Mother earth.

Feel half of your body, reaching for the sky, and half of your body, feeling safe and stable on the ground.

Feel your mind clear, your heart calm – feel that you have a stable foundation that cannot be shaken. Feel that you are smart, rational, and you will make the best decisions today.

What does all this have to do with attracting Love or a Soulmate?

Staying aligned with the energies of the day, and dealing with the hard aspect helps you to enter the Universal stream of Love, which automatically makes you a magnet for Love.

If you follow my forecasts and do the short, but super effective practices and rituals every day, you will stay aligned with the energies long enough to finally attract the love you desire!

If you already have a partner, or a long-term relationship, these will help that the love between you grows stronger and fonder each day, because he will subconsciously feel your improved inner state, and will respond to it with more tenderness, kindness, and love. If not, he is not THE ONE for you, and you will easily and painlessly part ways, while attracting your true soulmates!

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Love and Light!

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