How To Catch The TRUE Intuitive Messages That Lead You To Your SOULMATE (Daily Love Forecast 25th December)

daily love forecast 25th december

Merry Christmas!

The positive vibes keep supporting us during this magical time of the year, and I do wish that you tune in with them!

We still have the positive influence of the Sun trine Uranus aspect, encouraging us to be true to our unique, quirky nature! Most importantly, we have sudden insights into how to improve and enlighten our life! Be sure to observe that silent voice inside of you, which is your intuition in order to detect the ‘signals’ that the universe is sending you.

How to know when your true intuition is talking

Sometimes, when we have a very strong wish or desire, we can easily mistake our intuition with our ‘monkey brain’ talk, which is also sending all sorts of messages and signals. On days like this one, when we can easily become a channel of higher energies, it is very important that we catch ‘the right’ message, which will lead us to our true path.

Here are a few ways to recognize the true voice of intuition:

  • It is silent – the voice of intuition is usually a lot more silent than the other voices in your head. It is not pushy, neither it is too repetitive. It gives you the message once or twice, and then it withdraws – this is why it is so important to stay conscious all the time.
  • It may not always be logical – sometimes an intuitive decision is the most illogical thing that you can think of. Very often an intuitive decision somehow feels right, but it doesn’t seem right. This is why it is so important to recognize these intuitive insights and follow them beyond any logic!
  • You will immediately know when you make an intuitive decision. This means that your body and your whole being immediately react – you feel calm, and you feel that you have done the right thing, no matter how ‘illogical’ or ‘against the norm’ this decision was. On the other hand, when you don’t listen to your intuition, you immediately know this was a mistake and that you just missed out on something great.

How to better align with your intuition

One of the energy streams that are very strong today, on the 25th of December is the stream of goal-setting, and pursuing your goals.

Pursuing the goal to be true to your intuition is an amazing one to set for today, as it perfectly aligns with the aspects in the sky!

Doing this will get you the LOVE you desire in no time, because your intuition is the best guidance towards the true desires of your soul!

The best way to better align with it is to strive for conscious living! I realize it has been talked A LOT about conscious living, but today specifically is a great time to make an effort and start observing yourself more.

A few things to start observing more throughout the day in order to powerfully strengthen your intuition:

  • Your breath – breathing is what connects us to God and the Universe, so taking deep, slow breaths and overall calming our breathing is  a powerful way to stay more conscious and help you feel more connected to your soul and intuition.
  • Your thoughts – we have thousands of thoughts going through our minds daily, and if you start observing them more, you will start recognizing repetitive patterns, and you will know these repetitive patterns are NOT you intuition. Once you consciously start directing you thoughts towards the things you desire, you will get to better know them and better know yourself, thus making a better distinction between regular thought patterns and your intuition.
  • Your body – striving to keep your spine straight, your body calm and relaxed throughout the day also helps you align with universal LOVE and your intuition. If you observe nature – everything it does is effortless. No flower seems to grow with great effort and pressure! It just grows. By aiming to feel this effortlessness with your body and be conscious about it really helps you be more aligned with your true self and intuition.

What does this all have to do with attracting love?

As I keep saying, making a tiny effort every day to align with the Universal energies, makes you AT ONE with the universal stream of LOVE, which immediately makes you a magnet for the true love you desire! No mantra or ritual will manifest your soulmate into your life than the ritual of better aligning yourself with the Universal Stream Of LOVE each and every day!

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Love and Light!

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