How NOT To Allow Dark Forces Gain Power Over Your Subconscious Mind (Daily Love & Spirit Guidance 31st January 2020)

Daily Love Forecast 31st January

We have a mix of energies that complement each other today, with the number NINE ruling the day, and a square aspect between Pluto and the Moon.

The number nine symbolizes ending of things, but this also suggests of a seed for a new beginning. One of the meanings of Pluto is just that as well – death, destruction, and ending of something that no longer serves your higher self. The other meaning of Pluto, when making square aspects is the darkest corners of your subconscious mind – your greatest fears and your most destructive emotions like jealousy, anger, and possessiveness.

With Pluto making a square aspect to the Moon, combined with the influence from the previous few days, you must be striving to live in your most consciously elevated state, so as not to fall prey to forces that will not serve you at all!

You should strive to maintain full and total awareness of your thoughts, actions, and emotions today

One of the positive manifestations of Pluto is transformation, and this is the keyword that should stick in your mind today – strive to transform each and every negative thought, destructive emotion, or any other feeling or force that tries to drag you down. Hopefully, you have followed my advice from the previous days, which would have helped you stay in a more elevated state of mind.

You may notice fears surfacing, and rather than letting them drag you down, consider it as a healing process. Healing always occurs when we face and finally become aware of thought patterns and behaviors that have been stopping our progress.

In your love life

It is important to work on transforming the feelings of jealousy and possessiveness. Remember that true love can never exist between two people if they don’t fully experience an internal sense of freedom. True Love is all about complete, utter, ultimate trust between two souls, where they wish for the best of the other being with all their heart. And the best for each human being is to experience freedom of soul and mind in its fullness. If you have attracted possessive or jealous partners in the past, or have been prone to such behaviors yourself, now is a good day to perform a cleansing ritual that releases you of them.

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The key steps to take today

Are not let your mind wander to dark places, but rather keep that word transformation in your mind all day. Repeat in yourself that you are transforming dark into light, fear into bravery, jealousy into true love! Repeat this as a mantra as you go by your usual activities today and watch miracles happen in your life!

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Love and Light!

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