Today’s Deep Healing Ritual To Attract True Love! (Daily Love&Spirit Guidance January 19th)

Wow, I guess that if you have landed here, you already know that deep inner work and transformation is what brings profound, positive changes into our lives, but today’s energies cannot be more inviting for you to do JUST THAT!

With the Moon in Scorpio, sextiling the Pluto and Saturn conjunction, today’s vibe is all about dynamically engaging in activities that help you reach the deep layers of your soul to clear, enlighten, transform them, and be ready for new beginnings into your life!

Pluto, sextiling the Moon in Scorpio is all about delving into the darkest layers of your subconscious mind!

This whole year, under the influence of Pluto and Saturn is about breaking down and transforming old structures, both at the individual, and the collective level, and the best thing you can do for yourself is to do this willingly! If you cling to your old patterns, the Universe will simply force you to make the changes in the hard way.

Pluto is also about darkness, fear, obsessiveness, poison

So, today is a wonderful day to spend extra time to discover the shadows within you that have been poisoning your life. The Pluto-Saturn conjunction may have brought some difficulties or even a physical disease surface into your life, and since it’s Pluto that’s involved, it is likely that some of the following has been lurking in your subconsciousness, wrecking havoc on your health and love life:

  • Insult
  • Anger
  • Jealousy
  • Fear
  • Obsessive behaviors
  • Possessiveness
  • Past engagement in dark practices or rituals

All of us have to deal with at least two of these, but only YOU can make the choice to transform your dark side into lightness.

The energies of the day are highly inviting to do just that, as numerologically, we also have a karmic combination that is telling us to practice DIVINE LOVE!

The number of the day is 6, which is the number of Venus, an earthly number, so we have the support of the Earth and the vibration of Love to help us undergo this process!

A Step-By-Step Ritual to Align With Today’s Energies And Powerfully Manifest True Love And Abundance

Before starting the ritual, spend some time in complete silence, and calm your breathing. As you do this, remind yourself that you have all the answers within you – your soul has all the answers you need for a happy, fulfilled life.

Then sitting calmly, with your back straight, think of the biggest difficulty you are facing right now. It can be anything – a physical ailment, a mental or emotional challenge, panic attacks, heartbreak, anything!

Don’t spend too much time thinking about it, but rather ask your soul – which is the darkness within that is fueling this problem? What is the deep, underlying reason that has brought this problem?

Is it a hidden fear of death?

Is it anger or insult you have been accumulating for years?

Is it your inability to grant true forgiveness?

Are you being obsessive or clinging to the past?

Don’t be ashamed to face this dark side of yours and simply acknowledge it. Once you have acknowledged it with honesty, you would be able to release it!

It may even be a few things, which you acknowledge, and it is important that you note and accept them without judging yourself.

After you acknowledge your dark shadows, simply set your intention to release them. This rarely happens overnight, but you can commit to a few minutes every day and here are two powerful methods to do that:

2. The first method is through stating I CAN. This is a little-known, simple, but truly powerful practice that can do miracles for you if you persist. Every day, repeat at least ten times as you wake up and before you go to bed, depending on what you wish to release. For example:

I can live without fear.

I can forgive with all my heart.

I can release all anger.

I can be brave.

I can be forgiving.

Etc. etc. You can make up your own sentence, starting with ‘I CAN’ and repeating it daily for at least ten times in the morning and ten times in the evening. I recommend sticking to one or two sentences only, otherwise it will get overwhelming.

2. The second method is through prayer. You can always pray to God, of course, and I hope you do this daily, but for the release of these dark shadows within, it is a wonderful idea to invite Archangel Rafael to take part in the healing process. You can turn to him, and ask him that he releases you from the fear/anger/jealousy etc. in all your bodies – physical, mental and emotional. Doing this with faith can bring almost instant results!

Both methods are near miraculous, and if you commit to them today, you will be making a HUGE step in your spiritual journey, manifesting the love you desire much quicker into your life!

Aligning with the Universe and with God’s will is one of the most powerful ways to transform your life and to see miracles daily, not only in your love life, but in all your endeavors!

Finally, I have a surprise fun thing to do today, as part of the daily energy alignment – Watch the movie Divergent! Even if you have already seen it, watch it again, as it is in great alignment with the Scorpio energy and the topic on conquering your fears is wonderfully unfolded there! YES, spiritual practices are not only in meditations, but in daily activities, too!

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Love and Light!

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