What Is The True Meaning Of Your Cancer Ascendant



Cancer rising have a Moon-type - oval face, smooth skin, wide smile, round eyes and childish expression. The body-type is curvy, and the eyes, skin, and hair are generally light. 

Cancer as a rising sign gives a strong sense of attachment to the home, family, parents, especially the mother.

The main psychological engine of Cancer rising is their need to feel protected, calm and confident in life. 

Common to most people born with the Cancer ascendant is the desire to form a stable family, as this gives them a sense of security and protection. 

Often Cancer risings tolerate relatively incompatible or even toxic partners for long periods of time, simply because they are horrified by the thought of spending their lives alone.

Cancer risings do not like to face their problems in life face to face. Rather, they attack them laterally and circumferentially in an indirect way. 

Cancer rising never want to face life in a straight-forward way and accept what awaits them. They prefer to look back and forth at the same time.

Cancer risings can spend years, accumulating grief, sadness, suffering, or developing a phobia, and they cannot easily part with that feeling.

Marriage is happy for Cancer risings when it happens in older age. Men with this ascendant are often attracted to older women or to women, who have a higher social status than them.