Time To Fire Up That Passion And See Some Dreams Manifesting This Leo Full Moon! (Daily Love & Spirit Guidance 9th February)

Daily Love Forecast 9th February

Today’s Leo Full Moon is all about fiery emotions, so get ready for two passionate and intensive weeks, coming your way!

The ruling number of the day is SIX, which is an earthly influence, and in combination with the Leo energy, it can spark up some very strong sexual desires! This is an extremely strong and positive influence if you have a partner, as you can experience some unforgettable moments during this Full Moon! Get in the mood, and plan a date to light up that emotion! Something that involves action and adrenaline is extremely suitable to fire up the passion and get you in an explorative mood in-between the sheets!

For those who are still waiting for their soulmate to manifest in your life, now that Venus is in a fire sign, too – Aries – be aware that you can be quite prone to experiencing ‘love at first sight’, but at the same time it might not be long-lasting. This will depend on individual circumstances, of course, but don’t get your hopes too high in the beginning – enjoy the moment, have fun, keep an open mind, and see what will come!

We also have Mars in Sagittarius, making a trine to the Moon, which even further supports the feelings of enthusiasm, confidence, optimism!

These positive emotions can also be due to the fact that something in your life has manifested or about to manifest!

Full Moons are all about the completion of things, and it is very likely that something you have longed to attract is finally materializing in your life! Even if you cannot see it yet, it is very close and may come to realization in the next two weeks! Anything connected to love, kids or having kids, creative projects, friendships is going to finally see completion and realization in your life, especially if you have worked towards such a goal!

Enjoy the vibe!

Love and light <3

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