Moon in the 2nd House: Is This The Billionaire’s Placement?

moon in the 2nd house

Why should you care about your Moon in the 2nd House?

Imagine a light bulb moment that gives you the answer to something that has been bugging you for years.

Imagine you suddenly understood the subconscious patterns that have been undermining all your life pursuits.

Imagine a hidden talent you never realized you had suddenly surfaces and helps you become wealthier and a lot more self-fulfilled.

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Fortunately, the Moon in astrology can offer the answers and relief you may have been seeking your whole life!

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Moon in the 2nd House Natal Summary

While the Sun in the 2nd  house intensifies its sense of identity and power through money and possessions, the Moon in the 2nd  house gains satisfaction from the emotional security, provided by these things.

The Sun must find its own value system, however, people with the Moon in the 2nd house will probably accept the value system of their family, partner, or those, who have the greatest influence on them.

The Sun projects prestige on possessions; The Moon puts feelings into what she has. People with their Moon in the 2nd house  may have sentimental attachments to objects, especially those inherited from the family or related to the memory of key people or situations in life. With the Moon in the second house, there is often an interest in valuables and antiques – everything from the past.

Moon in the 2nd House Meaning

Moon in the 2nd House Meaning

We’ve already discussed that a key issue for the Moon is the need to feel confident and secure.

Since the 2nd astrological house is related to material possessions, finances and financial security, it is not difficult to guess that for people, born with their Moon in the 2nd house, money and possessions will be extremely important. While the Sun here wants to shine externally with its ability to make money, the Moon does so instinctively. The Sun in the second house makes great efforts to accumulate wealth – while with the Moon, this happens as if by itself.

This is because the Moon is by nature very intuitive – she knows instinctively where to turn her attention and quickly manages to get to the “golden mine”.

The Sun strengthens his sense of self-importance through the possessions he accumulates – but the Moon accumulates material wealth to feel happy.

It can be said that the emotional state of people with Moon in the 2nd house largely depends on their financial situation. As the phases of the Moon change constantly, so do the emotional states of these people vary constantly, depending on their perceived abundance.

At some point, for example after a good deal, they can feel on cloud number nine. In the next moment, however, some slight hesitation in the stock market ​​can plunge them into a deep depression.

Moreover, the tendency of the Moon to unwarranted worries is quite clear here. Even a slight change in real estate prices, for example, or interest rates, can undermine their confidence and throw them into panic.

So, whether their material condition is good or bad, people with their Moon in the 2nd house are constantly subjected to internal worries.

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From this it is possible to develop proverbial thrift, as well as propensity for deprivation and stinginess.

However, as the phases of the Moon change rapidly, the next moment they change again – they start spending money on all types of things, including presents, just to prove they are not greedy. So, they can stagger from one extreme of drastic limitation, to the other of generous and chaotic extravagance.

Aspects of the Moon and the sign in which it is located will indicate where the scales will be tilted in each particular case. Given that the Moon is in an Earth sign or makes mostly positive aspects (especially with planets located in Earth signs), the practical approach should prevail.

A positive aspect with Saturn will be especially helpful for those with the Moon in their 2nd house, while the negative aspects with Jupiter or Neptune would lead to pure waste.

Regardless of the specific aspects of the Moon, alternating phases of rising and falling should be expected in the material well-being.

Very much like in the sign of Taurus, the placement of the Moon in the second house clearly shows a special sentimental attachment to objects, property and possessions, especially inheritance or emotionally connected in some way with the history of the family. These people, for example, would find it very difficult to decide to sell an inherited house, land or other inherited property. Wedding photos or a wedding dress, engagement ring, and many similar items that have not so much material but rather sentimental value will be zealously guarded and preserved.

Moon in the 2nd House Career

Moon in the 2nd House Career

Furthermore, the Moon also has to do with society and with big social groups. Therefore, when this celestial body occupies the second house of the horoscope, the material resources of the people with this Moon placement are to some extent connected with the public interest.

For example, they may pursue occupations related to certain maternal or caring functions in relation to society. Or their material well-being can be brought to public attention.

People with the Moon in their 2nd house instinctively feel that their personal purpose is to satisfy some social need.

In Australia, for example, there are a number of small private businesses, mainly involved in food production, where the workshop is separated from the shop with just a glass wall. In this way, every buyer, who enters the bakery to get bread, for example, can see for himself how the baker kneads it in the next room and bakes it in the oven. The same is true in small production shops for yoghurt, cheese, sausages or chocolate products. Every visitor to the store can see for themselves the impeccable cleanliness and professionalism with which the respective products are prepared.

The Moon works in a similar way in the second house. Of course, people with this Moon placement may not be in direct contact with consumers, but their work may be brought to the attention of the public for a thorough and critical assessment.

It is possible that the profession of those born with the Moon in the 2nd house is under the control of the Moon – it can be, for example, work in the public sector, in restaurants, cafes, hotels or construction, buying and trading real estate, brokerage and any other activity that performs care functions of society as a whole.

The Moon in the 2nd house also suggests the ability for easy adaptability and sensitivity to societal needs.

Intuitively feeling what society needs at the moment, these people are able to immediately offer the service to the market. Of course, they also make pretty good money for themselves. As examples we can give the founder of world-famous fashion brand Gabrielle (Coco) Chanel, the famous writer of detective novels Agatha Christie, the English entrepreneur and owner of over 350 companies bearing the name “Virgin”, Richard Branson, and others.

Moon in the 2nd House Personal Energy and Self-Esteem

Moon in the 2nd House Personal Energy and Self Esteem


We must not forget that the second house also relates to one’s self-esteem and personal energy. The Moon placed here on the one hand signifies fertility (if not harmed by other aspects), and on the other – a constant ebb and flow of energy with alternating periods of lows and highs.

These are again due to the volatile nature of the Moon, and are again closely related to the sense of emotional security one feels in their life. The personal energy of those, born with the Moon in their 2nd house will be overflowing when they feel like they are well-off materially, when they are surrounded by subjects and people that make them feel good, and when they feel sexually satisfied. On the other hand, they will become energetically drained and exhausted when they start feeling like they are lacking in money, savings, possessions that they feel are valuable, and people who provide them with emotional comfort.

The same is valid for one’s self-esteem. The feeling of self-worth is strongly influenced by their moods and feelings, which are in turn dependent on the above-mentioned conditions.

Those, born with the Moon in their 2nd house should learn to find stability and build their sense of personal value from ‘resources’ that are not so material in nature.

They are challenged to strengthen their emotional stability by becoming less dependent on possessions and savings, but rather discovering the richness of their personality and soul.

Moon in the 2nd house people also find it energetically draining to follow diets and to have restrictions to their food intake. They love food, and perceive it as vital energy, which no one should deny them. This is why it’s good if they have factors in their horoscope that stimulate them to lead a more active lifestyle.

On the more positive side, they are excellent cooks, who find pleasure in tasting and preparing tasty, hearty meals that nourish the body and soul.

Moon in the 2nd House and the Mother

As we mentioned earlier, Moon in the 2nd house people build their value system through those, surrounding them, and mostly – the mother. With the Moon positioned in the 2nd house, the person finds a sense of stability and support from the mother, unless the Moon is very negatively afflicted.

Once the person grows up, they might feel challenged to find their own set of values and things that are important to them.

Moon in the 2nd House Talents

Moon in the 2nd House Talents

The 2nd house is also related to one’s talents, and with the Moon positioned there, the person can have various talents from cooking skills to lucid dreaming and clairvoyance.

The type of Moon-related talents the person will develop are highly dependent on their evolutionary level, Moon sign position and aspects, but they can certainly use this placement to enhance their intuition, imagination, and visualization skills. If you were born with the Moon in the 2nd house, you can use your vast supply of emotional energy and vivid imagination to attract more abundance in any form into your life. This New Moon Manifestation ritual can be greatly beneficial for you.

Moon in the 2nd House Relationships

The need for maternal care and stability is highly emphasized for those, born with the Moon in the 2nd house, and since it’s the 2nd-8th house axis of resources and sexuality, those born with this placement crave intimacy in their relationships.

They are sensual and can even get a bit possessive, but most of all they have heightened sexuality, which needs to be regularly fed through the act of making love, but also cuddling, touching, and sharing time and activities with their partner.

Moon in the 2nd House Remedies

What would be beneficial for those, born with their Moon in the second house is to remember that their self-worth is not tied to their financial possessions and bank account. They don’t need to be millionaires in order to feel valuable and worthy of love.

Those born with the Moon in the 2nd house should strive to nurture their sense of abundance by focusing on self-love and finding joy in their mere existence. Repeating affirmations like ‘I love myself and I value myself’ can be especially helpful.

Taking care of flowers and spending a lot of time in nature will also greatly contribute to improving their inner comfort and emotional well-being.

After 35th years of age, Moon in the 2nd house very much resembles Moon in Taurus, so reading about that placement can be very helpful, too.

Moon in the 2nd House Celebrities

Moon in the 2nd House Celebrities

Brad Pitt, Beyoncé , Nicole Kidman, Diana, Princess of Wales, Julia Roberts, Christina Aguilera, Demi Moore, Ryan Reynolds, Emma Stone, Russell Brand, Drew Barrymore, John Travolta, Sophia Loren, Pablo Escobar, Michael Douglas, Vin Diesel

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