Daily Love Forecast 21st December – Something Will Finally Manifest!

daily love forecast 21st december

Today is a very special day, as we have in a way an ending of a cycle and the beginning of a new one!

We have the number NINE, ruling the day, which signifies the ending of things, as well as completion of things.

At the same time, we have Saturn and Mars in a positive aspect – a sextile AND prominent energy of the number SIX.

The combination of the latter, gives us manifestation of something we have desired for a long time IF WE HAVE PUT UP THE EFFORT AND PASSION TOWARDS IT SO FAR.

I wrote this down in big letters, because it is extremely important to note that with Jupiter in Capricorn, and Mars and Saturn in a positive aspect, it is all about gaining things that we have deserved through hard, consistent, passionate work.

So, those of you, who have consistently and persistently set down for daily manifestation practices and rituals, have worked hard on self development and made consistent effort to manifest the love and relationship that you desire – this as well may be the day when something amazing happens to you!

Don’t get discouraged if this doesn’t happen, though, the result may also come as a sign from the Universe that your prayers have been heard, your efforts appreciated, and what you desire is getting ready for you. After all, everything happens right in the perfect time for us!

Greet Venus Into Aquarius To Manifest LOVE Today

Venus has just moved into a new sign, Aquarius, and sitting down for a short ritual to greet her into the new sign is a powerful technique for today’s date that will help you attract love and abundance into your life!

Clear the space where you want to make the ritual, take two red or pink candles, light them up, and sit down.

Breathe deeply and peacefully, and feel connected to the energies of Venus – love, harmony, beauty, friendship. Feel connected with the planet’s best energies and just sit there with them, feeling like you are exchanging energies with her.

Then write down on a piece of paper all your wishes, connected with love and relationships. Be careful not to mention a specific person in those wishes, as this will be very bad karma for you – we don’t have the right to influence someone else’s free will. We only have the right to wish what is for everyone’s higher good.

Write you wishes down in present tense, like they are already a reality, like this:

“I am in a loving relationship with my soulmate, the love of my life, who loves me unconditionally, like I love him. He is loyal, caring, faithful, attractive, and he wishes to have children and a family with me, as I do with him. Etc. etc. etc.”

Of course, you can write down everything that YOU envision in a relationship, and you can do this even if you have a partner already. You can just picture the relationship you wish to have, and let the Universe decide whether your partner will make positive changes, so your relationship becomes more loving and compassionate, or you will meet someone new.

This ritual on greeting Venus is extremely powerful if you do it every month, and I will notify you in my Daily forecasts when it is time to do it. Make sure you Follow my FB page and Send a Message to get these FREE readings and daily guidance straight into your Messenger Inbox.

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Love and Light

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