Beware Of Deceit And Harness THIS To Attract Love! (Daily Love Forecast 20th December)

daily love forecast 20th december

The energies that come to play today are extremely interesting! On the one hand, there is the Mercury – Neptune square; on the other, the number EIGHT of karma, trying to get the best of us.

In combination, this may mean that past karma may come your way in the form of lies and deceit if you are not careful.

It is not the best idea to start a new relationship today.

Trust actions, NOT words!

Be careful not to be misled by someone’s promises or kind words towards you today. If you have a cheating ex, trying to convince you he will stop and wants to get back to you, or simply if you are dating someone new, and they try to woe you with their charm, painting beautiful pictures with words – take it all with a grain of salt. Don’t be misled with what people have to say, rather be careful to watch their actions and make reasonable conclusions, based on that.

Harness Your Creative Energy to Attract Love Today

On the other side, today is a wonderful day to use your imagination and your creativity to become a powerful magnet for love and abundance! You ability to visualize and put your creative powers into play are immensely powerful tools that can help you attract the love and relationship your desire!

Engaging in activities like creative writing, photography, meditation, visualization, poetry, music, painting are all wonderful ways to align with the energies of the day and manifest love! It is also a very suitable day to do this in a group or share it with others.

Here is a creative manifestation practice that aligns with today’s vibe

You can do this on your own, or get together with a few like-minded friends, who would like to manifest more love and abundance into their lives as well.

You can create a vision board of what you like, but I am not a fan of vision boards with things and faces, cut from magazines, as you never know what energy exactly they carry – the person on the picture may be extremely unhappy without you even knowing it.

Instead, take a big carton for painting, and equip yourself with crayons, paints, and anything else you may need for a bright colorful painting.

Take a few moments before you start with closed eyes to breathe deeply and imagine the type of love and relationship that you would like to attract.

Then write with big letters each word that you associate with the type of love and relationship/man that you desire.

For example:





True Love


You don’t need to have these in any logical order, just write these down all over your painting space. You can use different colors, you can use paint, or crayons, or whatever you wish to write down these words. Just pour out of yourself every word that you associate with a loving relationship.

Once you do this, take the paint and crayons, and make a big colorful painting out of it. You can draw flowers around the words and letters, or you can simply put dots and spots of different colors to make it a big bright painting (especially if this is not your strength, as it is the case with me).

Don’t think how much of a professional painter you are, rather put a lot of joy in the process, and try to experience a good emotion while doing it. Really get into the emotion and feeling of how great you will feel when you have all these things in your life, and when you are able to share them with the love of your life.

Deeply experience this emotion of joy and happiness

While creating the painting. This energy will be in utter alignment with the vibration of today’s date and will be a powerful vehicle that drives TRUE LOVE towards you today!

Love and Light!

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