How to Liberate Your Spirit For A Powerful New Beginning Today! (Daily Love Astrology 22nd Feb)

daily astrology forecst february 22

In the last few days, I have massively stressed on the importance to use the time to re-evaluate past thought patterns, behaviors, and to do some serious soul healing that can act as the most powerful factor for manifesting your dreams as well as massively improving your love life.

Today we have another strong, supporting aspect that enables us to liberate our spirit and gain further intuitive insights into our soul healing!

It is as if the Universe can’t help but keep giving us gift after gift!

I truly hope you have followed the tips from the past few days, as this will enable you to really benefit and experience this aspect in a much more powerful way.

The positive aspect I am talking about is the Sun, which represents our core being, our center, our spirit, sextiling Uranus, which represents liberation, flashes of intuition, and unexpected outcomes. One of the key prerequisites for true happiness is the deep, complete, wholesome feeling of utter freedom – freedom from our fears, freedom from our desires to control everything, freedom from destructive thoughts and emotions like sadness, anger, bitterness, jealousy.

With Mercury retrograde, inviting us to re-evaluate all these things that might have hindered us in the past, today we are given the opportunity to experience the gains from our inner work, and feel this FREEDOM at a very deep, core level!

Reaching this transformative state of mind even just for a few minutes today can make miracles for you in the long term!

Often it takes only seconds to be in the right state of mind to attract something (like a dream relationship, a dream home etc.), and then even if this moment is gone forever, we see the result from it in just a few weeks or even days.

Today you have the chance to experience such a transformative moment!

Stay conscious, stay awake throughout the day, and do make sure to check out the tips and advice on what to do during this crucial time of the year here and here.

Also an amazing time to integrate the feminine energies within

as the Moon is making a sextile to Venus. This is such a wonderful influence for all us women, supporting us in embracing our feminine nature, feeling beautiful, and embracing all sides of our femininity – as lovers, as mothers, as sensual beings, who can be extremely magnetic and attract what they desire!

By doing all this, you are powerfully aligning yourself with the energies of the day, which, if done regularly, will quickly become an utterly life-changing experience, with things manifesting much sooner than you expected them to! By following these simple, but crucial tips, you are becoming a co-creator rather than an observer of your destiny!

I would love to keep assisting you in this journey towards True Love, Happiness, and Abundance, and in order to receive FREE daily support, you can click the button below. You will be joining hundreds of like-minded women, whose energy will support and further inspire and empower you!????

Love and Light!

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