Daily Love Forecast 2nd January – Don’t Overlook The Small Things!

daily love forecast 2nd january

We are still under the influence of Jupiter Conjunct Mercury today, and if you haven’t had the chance to make yesterday’s powerful ritual to connect with your inner spiritual teacher, you can still do it today!

Again, I would like to remind you that the first 12 days of the year are decisive as to how 2020 will go for you!

It is imperative that you only think positive thoughts during this period, and that you take the time every day to write down positive affirmations, as well as whatever your wishes and desires are for the New Year.

Small things matter!

The Mercury-Jupiter conjunction can lead you to another road where you only see the big picture in your goals and dreams, and start ignoring the smaller ones. Don’t forget that a big dream is achieved step by step and it is the small things that matter the most!

For example, would it matter if your partner gave you huge, expensive presents on special dates, but showed lack of attention on a daily basis?

Sometimes, really breaking down your wish or desire into smaller pieces, and finding the little, unnoticeable obstacles along the way, which you need to overcome is what is actually stopping you from manifesting True Love quicker!

Today is a great day to repeat yesterday’s ritual in making this connection with your inner teacher, and asking them to show you the small, tiny details in your efforts you might be missing out on to finally manifest your dreams and desires!

Ask your inner voice and intuition what are the tiny details you are missing out on and you will get invaluable answers!

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Love and Light!

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