Daily Love Forecast 12th December – Powerful Portal + Time To Finally Put An End!

Daily Love Forecast 12th December

Today is a very special day, as it opens up a powerful portal that can help us connect to the energies of Universal Love, while at the same time helping us to put an end to everything old that does not serve us any more!

The date itself is ruled by the energies of the number NINE, which signifies the ending of things. It also signifies that a process is finished and complete. For those of you, who have been engaging in regular inner work, the day may give you a nice feeling of fulfillment and peace – you can experience the ending of a phase that you have been working on for a while.

At the same time, the day may be good to put an end to something that has already run its course. Here are a few ways this can play out:

Ending A Relationship

For some of you the day can cause the ending of a love affair or a relationship that hasn’t been serving you for a while. If you have been struggling in a relationship that you know you need to end, but haven’t found the courage to do it – the day will be supportive to finally do so. Don’t let into the feelings of sadness or defeat – you are supported by the universe to accept the new energies of Love and Abundance into your life, which will attract True Love for you very soon!

Ending of destructive thought patterns

You can take advantage of the day to put an end to destructive thought patterns that have been hindering you relationships, or have been stopping you from attracting true love into your life. As I mentioned above, it is a great day to finish a process you have been going though for a while, and set your intention that indeed you have reached a point of certain achievement or completion!

Ending of a Struggle

For some of you, the day may represent the ending of a struggle you have been going through! It may be the final straw, the final effort you need to put in in order to finally manifest your love desires and dreams! Don’t give up on any practices or manifestation rituals you have been doing until today! It is a key day, which may be the turning point for you, if you put that extra little bit of effort into your dreams!

Connect with Universal Love

Today there is a powerful energy portal opening up that gives us all the chance to connect to universal love! Entering this stream will greatly strengthen our manifestation powers, as letting Love through us makes us a magnet for the experiences we crave for! Take the time to do a heart-opening ritual or a heart healing ritual to be able to take advantage of this energy!

You can do this by simply sitting quietly, concentrating on your heart, and feeling the connection with all loving souls of the universe!

Or you can join a group or an online guided meditation, healing, etc. Here is a Light Worker I recently discovered, and I truly admire, who is doing something amazing for this day. Please note I am in no way affiliated with her, I just find her work truly empowering, uplifting, and healing.

Love and Light!

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