Daily Love Forecast 29th November – Facing Your Darkest Side Will Bring Love Today!

daily love forecast 29th November

Another intense, karmically-loaded day coming our way, so take a few breaths!

As we are approaching the end of 2019, and getting ready to greet the New Year with new hopes, wishes, and aspirations, we only have about a month left to get rid of old karma, limiting behavioral patterns and beliefs to clear the space for that love and abundance we crave for!

And the Universe is wonderfully supporting us in this process with another fully charged day, asking us to live in full consciousness and awareness!

Number 7 – Spiritual Growth And Slaying Vice

Today’s date has two powerful messages for us – the number 7, which is strong angelic support, urging us to get in touch with our higher selves. And, facing the greatest darkness within in order to re-evaluate, release, and clear the way for new wonderful beginnings, coming our way! The number 7, working within a very intense and specific karmic combination is one of the main focuses of today’s energy!

You will be challenged to face the past mistakes you have made in love, to come to terms with them, correct, and move on – this is a crucial healing process, which will allow you to manifest your deepest desires today!

Embrace Your ‘Humanity’

We are all human. And we all make mistakes. No matter how hurt you’ve felt in the past by a an ex lover, partner or spouse, be prepared to take responsibility for YOUR weaknesses and your own destructive behaviors, too. Maybe you were manipulative? Maybe you were jealous? Or maybe you were unintentionally insincere with someone in your love life before? Embracing your own ‘humanity’ will help you get rid of old patterns that are not serving you any more in a non-judgmental way. While opening your heart to forgiveness through the understanding that the person who has hurt you is human, too, will help you unleash bad energies that are blocked in your aura, not allowing you to attract the love you truly deserve!

Access that darkness today and allow for it to let go and heal!

Angels are on your side!

This may all sound like a painful and scary process, but what is wonderful about life is that the Universe never gives us hardships we cannot overcome! We have another karmic combo in the energies today that are amazingly supportive of this process we are encouraged to go through! We have strong angelic support coming our way, and we should remember we have access to it throughout the day!

Get into the habit of saying a little prayer or a short affirmation every time you feel like your thoughts are derailed into a more negative thought pattern and remind yourself you are being guarded and guided, as this is especially prominent in today’s energies!

Lighter and Happier!

Despite the fact we might be urged to delve into our darker side and confront some of our weaknesses, there are a lot fewer obstacles we will have to face today. The day gives us an opportunity to take a breath of fresh air, as the next three days will be a bit more challenging in having to deal with a few bumps on the road.

Talk Less, Act More!

Astrologically, the day is highly productive and practical! You can bump into a new person of interest in your workplace, or someone who is more career-oriented may display interest in you. Don’t engage in pointless chit-chat, but rather impress them with practical wisdom and an action-oriented nature!

Planets are giving us signs

Be aware of all kinds of signs coming your way, especially in the morning! Pay attention to lightning-fast thoughts that may seem ‘random’, as they may bring important messages for you!

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