Your Chance To Get An Answer To Your Burning Questions! (Daily Love & Spirit Guidance 22nd January)

Daily Love Forecasts 22nd Jan

Today we have a few intense aspects, related to Uranus, but rather I would like to concentrate on the birth of Jupiter – the planet of good luck, abundance, spirituality, and higher guidance!

After being hidden by the Sun for a few months, Jupiter is back on the sky, visible with the naked eye! This may not seem like a huge event, but in fact it is!

While being invisible, Jupiter was encouraging us to turn within, and was supporting our inner growth.

Now that it is becoming visible again, it is time we reap the fruits of our efforts!

Does this mean that we will receive everything we long for immediately? No, it doesn’t! But, we will still start seeing more visible, material, ‘touchable’ results in our daily life!

Tune in with Jupitarian energy!

If you would like to really benefit from the birth of Jupiter and the wonderful energies it brings, it is a good idea to tune in and ‘greet’ him today! Spending some time in prayer is a wonderful way to do that, whatever your religion. Jupiter loves rituals, so you can do a small ritual by lighting a candle, connecting with everything that Jupiter represents – expansion, abundance, good luck, and asking the God or the Universe to bring more of this to you, in a visible, obvious way.

Of course, never forget to express gratitude for everything you already have.

And in the end of the prayer, express gratitude as if you have already received everything you have asked for.

Jupiter is also a significator for a noble man, a man with status and good position in society. If you are looking to attract someone like that into your life, now after Jupiter becomes visible again, this vision can manifest, especially if you have been putting it out in the universe.

Jupiter also represents a teacher, someone who can guide you, or even your inner teacher. This is why it is a good idea to connect with your inner teacher today, as no one can better guide you to growing the love and abundance into your life, but your inner teacher!

Getting answers for burning questions from your inner teacher!

You can utilize the birth of Jupiter to get an answer to a burning question from your inner teacher! It can be about your love life, or anything that you feel like a blockage in your life. Sometimes we need to sort a blockage in another area of our life in order to have our love life flourish again!

To benefit from this exercise, it is most important that you have absolutely no doubt that you have all the questions within yourself!

Each and every one of us has an inner teacher, a guide that knows all the answers, and the challenge is simply to connect with them. Again, lighting a candle is a good idea, as this will also help you imagine the inner light that is always guiding you.

Spend some time and breathe deeply, looking at the candle, imagining that the fire burns out all false beliefs, false voices within you, and all untruthful teachers you may have met on your path.

After doing this for 3-5 mins, you are ready to close your eyes and first connect with the deep peace and calmness within yourself. Feeling peace will enable you to locate your inner voice, your inner teacher.

Don’t rush yourself, take your time even if you are not able to do it all at once.

Once you feel connected to your inner teacher, ask them your burning question in a clear, precise manner. It is a good idea to prepare the question beforehand, and try do make it precise rather than general in nature.

It can be a yes or no question, or it can be something like that:

Please guide me to the best way to heal my emotional wounds that are preventing me to experience the love I desire?

Put your question out there and leave it with the complete belief that you will receive the answer.

Important: Don’t expect to receive the answer immediately! Your subconsciousness will guide you to the answer in the following days or weeks and it may be through something you read, hear, or someone you meet. Leave the question there with complete and ultimate trust that you will receive the answer soon!

Do this today and see more miracles happen in your life every day!

Love and Light!

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