What A Powerful New Beginning! Do THIS To Manifest True Love In 2020 – Daily Love Forecast 1st January

Happy New Year!

I can feel nothing but grateful, looking at the energies of the day! It does seem like the Universe wants to help us fulfill our greatest dreams, desires and goals – ALL we have to do is tune in and do our part of the puzzle!

And this is what my daily guidance articles are here for – to help you align with what the energy wishes to tell and give you today!

First of all, we have Mercury conjunct Jupiter, which helps us expand our minds, stay optimistic, find new perspectives, and even find a new teacher, coach, or spiritual guru, who can help us manifest our dreams. But NEVER EVER forget that YOU have your own spiritual teacher WITHIN YOU, and the start of the New Year is a great way to get in touch with them!

It is a wonderfully suitable day to do this, as it will EMPOWER you to make the best decisions in LOVE and in life as a whole in 2020!

Another important thing to note is that the first 12 days of the New Year are absolutely crucial as to how the year will go! Don’t waste them, and give absolutely no space for negative thoughts! Make sure you stay positive, do your daily practices, and write down short, positive affirmations every single day for at least twelve days to give yourself the best chance for a wonderful New Year!

Short Ritual To Get In Touch With Your Inner Teacher and Spiritual Guide

First of all, you need to develop deep, unconditional trust within yourself. In order to do this, you need to remember that you were made perfect by God (or the Universe, however you prefer), and you have the seed of Light, Abundance and Love planted deep within your soul.

Today you will get in touch with this seed, water it, and help it develop and grow!

Sit down with your spine straight, your body relaxed and comfortable. Put cushions around you if you need to.

Start breathing deeply, slowly and calmly. Really sink into the feeling of calmness, comfort, and bliss.

Once you have cleared your mind of all other thoughts, and you have calmed down your breath, visualize the seed of Light and Love, which also represents your inner guide, your inner teacher. Visualize the seed shining with a mild white-yellow light, and try to position it within your solar plexus.

Smile at the seed and thank God (or the Universe) for planting it within your soul, and for making you so perfect!

Sit for a while, observing the seed and when you are ready, start talking to it with your inner voice.

First of all, express gratitude, after which ask it to guide you in everything you do. Express your belief in it, express your belief in your inner teacher and guide.

Then visualize the seed growing healthy and strong. Visualize your connection with your inner spiritual teacher grow stronger.

Do this for at least 15 minutes to really establish this inner connection.

Once you feel ready, gently open your eyes and stay with the belief that your inner voice of TRUTH will guide you through the New Year, helping you to make the BEST decisions and manifest TRUE LOVE!

This is a simple, but truly powerful practice, and I do encourage you to take the time and try it today! There is no better person or spiritual teacher than your own voice of true intuition, and learning to get in touch with it will help you make miracles come true! Literally!

The Moon and Mars are assisting us in this powerful practice!

The other good news for today is that the Moon (in Pisces) is making a trine with Mars, which helps us to really put our feelings into this practice. The Moon in Pisces also makes visualization and meditation easier, which means we can make this short ritual truly strong and effective!

Finally, the day is ideal for goal-setting, too, so set yourself any other goals you wish to pursue in the New Year, visualize them, and put them down on paper!

Completing these short, easy steps will get you aligned with the stream of Universal Love and make you a magnet for Love and Abundance!

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Love and Light!

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