Don’t Miss Out On One Of the BEST Days To Manifest True Love And Anything Else You Desire! (Daily Love Forecast 27th December)

daily love forecast 27th december

I am absolutely struck by the alignment of planets and energies of the day!

This is ONE-OF-A-KIND day in the year, which you MUST NOT MISS OUT ON!

Make sure to do your morning meditation today, do your grounding, and stay conscious throughout the day.

We have the Sun, joining Jupiter – the planet of good luck, abundance, and expansion! This makes it not only a wonderful day for lucky circumstances, but a great one to do the following:

  • Sit down and write down your wishes and desires for the New Year.
  • Nurture optimism and positive thoughts throughout the day.
  • Be generous and giving, as it will all come back to you.

This  Sun-Jupiter conjunction is combined with a few other wonderful influences

The Moon is in Capricorn, which grounds us, takes us back down to earth, and helps us give a form and structure to our desires. This is very important, because the ruling number of the day is SIX – another earthly number, representing earthly love and physical attraction, is supporting our efforts, too.

The Moon is also in a positive aspect with Mars, which makes it a great day to be pro-active and start a new relationship!

Above all, give structure to your day, don’t waste it by being lazy or recovering after a huge holiday binge!

Rather, concentrate your energy to really give structure to what you want to manifest in 2020 and write it down.

Be active – go to the gym to get into shape for New Year’s Eve, clean your house (a great thing to do before you greet the New Year into your home), or just go out and about where you can bump into someone new and interesting.

Have a plan for today, stay conscious, stay optimistic, and believe that everything is working in your favor!

You might just as well have a wonderful new development in your love life before the New Year begins!

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Love and Light!

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I'm an evolutionary astrologer, focused on love, relationships and compatibility, helping you live your BEST life! Learn how to use the astrological forces at your advantage and manifest your dreams and desires with ease!

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