Daily Love Forecast 7th December – Never Give Up!

daily love forecast 7th December

Unlike the previous few days, today it may be a bit harder for you to keep your positive thought patterns. Never give up, though! It is just one of these little tests from the Universe that will be followed by a gift if you withstand!

The predominant number of the day is FOUR, which is a very materialistic number. It brings us back to earthly matters and gets our attention to mundane tasks and problems that may make it hard for us to find inspiration within ourselves today. This is backed up by an astrological aspect between Saturn and the Moon, which may make us feel a bit low.

Time to use your  will!

Today you may feel like all the odds are against you! You may be feeling low, experience depressive moods, or feelings of guilt and shattered self esteem. Use your will to fight those and intentionally replace them with good thoughts! Remember that even when the external energies and circumstances are no too supportive, you always have yourself. Now is the time to show the results of all this inner work you have been doing so far!

Stay positive and just keep believing! The moment an obstacle comes your way today, simply keep doing what you should and keep your positive mindset. Don’t let feelings of hopelessness get the best of you today!

A stronger character manifests Love faster and sooner!

Harder days are here for us to build a strength of character. They are blessings in disguise, because they make us more focused and help us build stronger intentions. Building strength of character also helps build our faith, which is the foundation of manifesting love and abundance into our life. We cannot attract anything unless we have a deeply-rooted belief that we can! Today is one of the days when our faith is tested, and if we pass – we will sooner or later get rewarded for that!

Two pillars that support us today!

Except for the hard aspects, we have two pillars that are strongly supportive of our ability to withstand days like these.

The first one is our own self! Today there are strong energies that support us in standing up for ourselves and really tap into our inner resources. It is also a wonderful opportunity to get to know yourself better and let your strong ‘self’ shine.

The support from angels and forces of the Light is also powerful today, and just one thought away from you. Never forget that you are always guided and looked after, and this is especially prominent today, even though it may not be too obvious to you.

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Love and Light!

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