A Real Chance To Meet A Special Someone – Here’s How To Grab It! Daily Love and Spirit Guidance 4th February

daily love astrology forecast february

We have another harmonious, positive day coming our way and I hope you make the most of it today! Wow, hasn’t it been a great start of the month of Love? We really are given the opportunity to tune in with some amazing vibes that can bring us the love and relationship of our dreams!

Except for still being under the influence of Venus sextile Saturn (and I highly recommend repeating yesterday’s exercise), we have the Moon in Gemini trining the Sun, which is a positive, harmonious aspect, and a great one for making new friendships, starting up conversations, being bubbly, social, and generally in a good mood!

With the Sun in Aquarius, which is also an extremely social, idealistic sign, you definitely should grab any chance to chat someone up and impress them with your wits. Both men and women will be in the right mood to communicate and make informational exchanges, so it might be a good idea to have a few topics in mind, so that you can strike up a conversation when the opportunity arises!

This light, positive energy is further re-inforced by Mercury making a sextile with its higher manifestation – Uranus. This might cause an intellectual explosion in someone’s head, but is by all means a great influence for those with a curious, explorative nature.

Enjoy the day and the lighter, more carefree energies while they last!

As I have already mentioned, the whole 2020 will be under the influence of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, which by all means is a heavier energy, loaded with the responsibility to break old structures and make much-needed internal transformations. Luckily, we are also given days like this one, when we can relax, indulge in some intellectual chit-chat, and have the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals, if we put ourselves in the appropriate situation to do so (i.e. comment on Social Media, join a group, go to a group meditation, etc.).

To top it all, we have the number ONE, ruling the day!

This supports us in starting something new, and helps us in any new beginning.

Wow, this really can be a day when you meet a special someone! Or, simply have a great fun day with your loved one.

Catch the vibe and thrive!

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Love and light!

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