Daily Love Forecast 30th November – Your Roots Are Calling YOU To Do THIS And Attract Love Today!

daily love forecast 30th November

The theme from yesterday, inviting us to release old mistakes is continuing today, pushing us in a slightly different direction this time!

Again, it is all about dealing with old karma, but this time it has to do with our family and roots! The energies of the day are ruled by the number 8, which is a karmically-charged number that may bring out some old inhibitions that have been blocking True Love from us!

Family Karma And Your Love Life

It may sound like a crazy idea, but we were born in that exact family we were born in for a reason – we were somehow connected to these souls, with whom we were in this lifetime brought together again, to continue our evolution and grow together as a collective (whether we like it or not). Being part of this particular family tree means that we are carrying some of that karma ourselves, and today’s energies are inviting us to consciously release some of it today, because it affects our love life, too. (Or more precisely, the energy of that collective karma is blocking the way of true love coming towards us). For example, we had a grandma, who was particularly unhappy in her marriage, or an aunt – we carry this information in our subconsciousness, as it is part of the ‘Spiritual DNA’ of our family! Today is a great day to become conscious of this ‘DNA’ and release some of it!

Set the intention to heal past wounds and the intention to give peace to your belated relatives, who experienced pain in their love lives. This will have a massive healing effect on you, too! You can light a candle, breathe deeply and imagine the fire burning all past pains all women in your family tree (including you) ever experienced, or you can just let your soul guide you and come up with a ritual for yourself.

Face The Challenges And You Will Be Rewarded!

You might be faced with a situation, where someone from the family brings out a painful memory for you, or a friend of yours reminds you of a hurtful family issue, or even a total stranger does that with a gesture or a word. These are all invitations from the universe to release old karma, connected with your family in order to manifest love sooner!

Whether we realize it or not, we carry a lot of the fears and inhibitions from family members down our family tree, which we need to deal with. Be ready to be supportive of a family member today, and be prepared to share some of their burden, so that this collective karmic load can be easily released.

Heaps of Good Luck!

As I like to say, the Universe never forgets to give us a ‘gift’ when we are bound to be faced with a challenge. So, today, there is good luck behind every single corner of the street. So, no matter what happens – know that things will finally turn out OK! There is MASSIVE angelic supoprt even for people, who don’t believe in it, so don’t forget to look out for signs and opportunities to bump into an angel living on Earth, who might just turn out to be your soulmate!

Don’t focus on this too much, though – focus on all the soul-work that was meant for you today, and it will pave the way to the most amazing relationship of your life!

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Lots of light and love!

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