26th November 2019 Daily Love Forecast – The TWO Doors Through Which True Love May ‘Sneak’ Today

daily love forecast 26th November

Today is a great day to meet a special someone with the true potential of a long-term relationship if you are single. If you are already dating, and would like to have ‘the talk’ about where your relationship stands – now is a good time to do it as well!

The day’s energies are very supportive if your dreams and goals are to form a long-lasting union with someone!

The ONE thing that might stand in your way, though, is your ego!

Don’t let your pride, stubbornness, or inability to consider other people’s viewpoints step in the way of true love! Sometimes we are afraid to make the first step, because we feel like we might appear weak in front of the other person – today is not a good day to let your insecurities or feelings of self-importance stand in the way of open and sincere communication with a crush, a potential partner, or someone, who you’ve been dating for a while, and would like to take things to the next level!

Family Matters May Open The Way To That Special Someone

Today you might be summoned by a close family member to help them with a chore, or provide any other emotional or physical support. Don’t say you are too busy for that, as today’s energies call for you to provide that help or support, and this might be the good karma you need to finally meet your special someone!

It might also be that YOU are the one, who needs that family help and support, so don’t be weary of asking for that!

In both cases, dealing with your family or close relatives can somehow bring you closer to your true love – it might be that they introduce you to someone, or you bump into someone special while taking care of these family matters.

Pursuing your goals brings you closer to true love

Another important tendency of the day is that you need to concentrate on your goals, whatever they may be!

Whether it’s a creative project, your own business, or just your regular job – stay focused and disciplined on following through the daily and long-term goals you have set for yourself. This is another ‘door’ through which love may ‘sneak’ into your life! We always look more energized and attractive when we are truly enthusiastic about our goals! This exact energy of pure passion will be especially strong today, so don’t forget to read your affirmations in the morning and to truly fill yourself with joy, pride, and enthusiasm about your dreams – others will feel this on the subconscious levels, and this exact energy might help you manifest true love today! Make sure to take advantage of it!

Intuition or Reasoning?

Today is important to put equal weight on both your intuition and your logical mind. You will certainly have that gut feeling as to how to approach a person or a situation (or how to respond to them), but also make sure to involve your reasoning as well. Today intuition and reasoning help and complement each other to help you get closer to your dream soulmate!

Important Cycle For Finding Spiritual Soulmates!

Another important aspect of today is the New Moon in Sagittarius, which opens up a whole new cycle of opportunities to find a soulmate, who would share your spiritual pursuits, or your would share a relationship where you would help each other learn from each other, expand your horizons, and possibly take on a new spiritual path together. Don’t miss the opportunity to write down your dreams and wishes on paper to help manifest these dreams! Don’t forget that it brings bad karma to wish for someone specific – rather, write down the qualities you wish to find in your soulmate, and let the Universe decide who is the best person for you!

If you are a person of faith, you can also say a little prayer, asking God to teach you how to love in a way that will manifest true love in your life – as filling ourselves with love, brings more love into our lives!

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