Do THIS If You Want Long-Lasting Love That’s Passionate and Stable At The Same Time (Daily Love Forecast 18th December)

daily love forecast 18th december

Today we have a very interesting and special vibe, which can help you attract (or build) a relationship that combines passion, stability and loyalty at the same time.

Who doesn’t want that!

We have the number SIX, ruling the vibration of the day, which is loving, sweet Venus energy, which is earthy and stable, but passionate at the same time. We have this same vibe, supported by a trine between Saturn and the Moon (stable, deep feelings), and a sextile between Mars and the Moon (passion), which is a combination to dream for! AND we have the number THREE as the second ruler of the day, which gives us good luck and angelic support.

What a wonderful continuation of yesterday’s exciting and truly special day!

What does this all mean?

Today’s vibe is truly special, and if you align your inner vibration with it, you can become a magnet for long-lasting love that is stable, complete, loyal, and passionate at the same time! It is basically the type of love 99% of women dream of.

Don’t miss the opportunity to do it, don’t be lazy, as the earthly energy is extremely consistent, too. The energies of Saturn and Venus are very very consistent, so in order to tap into this energy source, you need to show commitment and perseverance, too. You have already done so, if you have been following my 5-min daily practices, and if you are just landing here, send a message to my FB page, where you will receive them daily into your inbox (always for FREE).

How To align with the energies to attract loyal long-lasting love that’s passionate, too?

Earth and Saturn like structure, so a short, structured practice today will absolutely get you into the stream of energies that will help you manifest this type of love! I would like to note here that Jupiter, the planet that makes wishes come true is in Capricorn already, and the best way to manifest love and anything else this coming year is through this very same type of approach – consistent, structured, persistent, and reasonable. This WILL get your results!

Sit down today and write on a piece of paper:

I feel safe.

I feel secure.

I feel guarded.

I feel stable.

I feel grounded, secure, and complete.

Read this a few times and visualize how you are being surrounded by a safe bubble that protects you from all harm – both physical and emotional. Deeply experience the feeling of security and safety within you. Then write down:

I stay loyal to my soul and I follow my own path.

Repeat this a number of times and really feel how it sinks into your belief system.

This is a powerful exercise to do daily, especially if you are a water sign like Cancer, or you have a strong Cancer influence in your astrology chart!

Why does this help?

Feeling safe and secure WITHIN ourselves helps us attract more of it from the outside. Once we stop feeling like the world is out there to ‘get us’, we stop attracting unstable and insecure partners, who cannot be loyal and trustworthy. Part of being stable and secure is having the courage to follow your own path. Today is a wonderful day to nurture this energy within you and powerfully attract a relationship that provides both loyalty and passion.

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Love and Light!

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