Attracting Love Through Acceptance – Practice + Powerful Mantra (Daily Love Forecast 14 December)

daily love forecast 14th december

As the holidays are approaching, the Universe seems to keep inviting us to expand the goodness in our hearts and practice more acceptance towards people and everything around us.

Today is an extremely interesting and expansive day, ruled by the number TWO, which is reduced from ELEVEN.

This is a very specific number, as it carries the energy of altruism, sharing, and mutual energy exchange.

The interesting thing about the number TWO is also to remember that it was made up of two ONES. It reminds us of the duality of the world we live in, but it also signifies that because of this duality, we are all drawn to look for another person in our life – the two ONES are drawn to each other like a magnet!

Finding Love Though Acceptance

A powerful practice you can do today in order to attract more Love, Abundance, and even a soulmate into your life is ACCEPTANCE! Accepting that ‘good’ and ‘bad’, dark and light are the two faces of one divine whole will help you align with today’s energies, make an inner transformation and become a magnet for love!

Astrologically, we are also invited to make an inner transformation of our values and the way we view love and relationships, as the planet Pluto, the powerful transformer is very close to Venus – the planet of love, harmony, and friendship.

Step ONE: Acceptance to Heal From Our Past

The first thing we need to accept is our past by gaining a deep, inner understanding that whatever seemed like a ‘bad’ or hurtful experience was actually for our higher good – the Universe never makes a mistake on this front! Here is a short exercise you can do in order to have this really ‘sink’ into your system.

  1. Think of a past relationship or any situation, which was a long time ago, and made you feel extremely hurt, hopeless, or frustrated at the time. Remember vividly exactly how you felt and what your thought was in the very moment of the ‘crisis’. Maybe you felt like it was the end of the world? Or you felt like everything was falling apart and you wouldn’t be able to move on with your life?
  2. Then come back to this moment and remind yourself that you are still breathing, living, and feel the ‘distance’ from this past experience. Just feel the joy of being alive and feel the joy how long you have come since this experience! You are most certainly a completely different person since then!
  3. Now that you have realized what a loong way you have come since this experience, remember the ‘good’ things that happened after it. Maybe, after the crisis you made a life change that really contributed to you inner growth? Maybe you started studying something? Or you took up an exercise plan? You started meditating? Or you met someone you wouldn’t have met if it wasn’t for this experience to ‘clear out the way’. Even if you’re thinking – no, nothing like that happened – dig deeper! You are certainly a completely different person since this experience, so concentrate and dig out all the small (and big) things that made you the person you are today.
  4. Then come back to the feeling of joy and ACCEPTANCE! Accept that that past experience was for the higher good! Accept that there is no black and white; no ‘good’ and ‘bad’. Accept that life is just as it should be!

Acceptance Mantra To Repeat Throughout The Day:

“I know that everything that happens in my life is for my higher Good.”

Step TWO – Accept The Other!

After we have come to the deep realization that there is no ‘good’ or ‘bad’, we can now extend this to accept that there is no ‘good’ and ‘bad’ in people as well. We all have strengths and weaknesses, and we all express our dark and our light side in different situations to help each other grow. Once you start practicing full acceptance of anyone you meet just as they are, you will immediately start attracting people, who will also accept you just as you are!

And isn’t this what love is all about? Acceptance!

Practice acceptance today to attract the soulmate, who will accept you fully, wholly and entirely!

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Love and Light!

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